Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014


well... this week was.... interesting.... hahah so ya know when you are training and its like raising a child. (hahah like... really...) I love my "son" so much i'm not going to lie... but... ya know... we have our difficulties... like i would just like to say an example that i am trying to teach my comp what he should not do while we are teaching... so we are in a lesson with some less actives and things are flowin so suave and the power of the spirit was there and my comp goes and tells these less actives "well... all of the blessings that my comp promised are true and that you all should really come to church, (this is where it gets a little... interesting...) I know that the church can help you guys so much but remember that the devil is working against you and it will be so hard to come back after years of bad habits and that you guys probably wont be successful to come back to the church because the devil is so strong but... good luck. " oh man... i was so shocked after he said that i tried so hard to come back after that and well... luckily after some time and a few motivating scriptures they were back smiling and all pumped up for going to church (they came to church this week:D:D:D). and then after we left i just told him... dude.... ya gotta focus more on the positive we are trying to encourage them to come to church not condemn them. so yeah... we are getting better errr day. :D but i just thought that was a funny story that passed:D:D:D 

hahah so every month we have the money that is to come this next week , our DL had a baptism on saturday and my comp wanted to see how much water was in the cisterna(the underground water storage ) so he opened up this hatch to see how much water was down there. ok.. well.. let me explain first. this water storage has this opening at the top that is like 3 feet by 3 feet and then it drops down for like 15 feet until the water starts and then who know how deep it is from there. so with that said you know the pocket that we have on our shirts as missionaries- things can fall out right? so as my comp went to bend over to see how deep the water was....... his credit card, mission manual, cards that we made to hand out, and his gafete (i have no idea what gafete would be in english...(badge)) ... oh man... it would not be such a big deal about all the other things fell into this huge underwater storage tank, but... HIS CREDIT CARD°?°?° awww crap.... the money comes this coming monday and we really need the cash flow.... and let me tell ya i was not mad with my comp in the slightest. right after it happened he was already taking off his socks and shoes so that he could get him self into the water tank to get his things. oh man... i just told him. BRO YOU CANT GO IN THERE. I CANT BE EMAILING PRESIDENT THIS WEEK AND HAVE TO TELL HIM.... SOOO... MY COMP DIED? YEAH..... NO BIGGY RIGHT? so after a 15 minute discussion i finally got him to put back on his shoes and socks. but still i am dying inside because to get a new card from the mission is like... a month wait and they don't give us sufficient money as it is. so i was wondering what in the world i was going to do . so when today came around we had just woken up and i thought.... man... before the mission i went skydiving, jumping train car to train car, breaking into places to get sick instagram pictures, and now? i have not done anything crazy in like.... 7 months!!! sheesh! what is this life with out a little of adventure. so i turned to my comp and was like... get ready bro we are going to the church. and when we got there my comp finally found out that i was going down this hole of death to get his  credit card. and my son asked me "why cant i go down?" and i just told him..... "well.... my son.... to tell ya the truth... the president is in love with native spanish speakers and frankly... i don't fall well with him... so if i die... it will probably be a relief to him:D:D" hahah and with that i put myself in and worked my way down the 3 by 3 foot walls down to the water and when i got down there i dropped myself into the water (which came up to my neck, good thing my short comp didnt go down.) and i could not see a thing for the life of me. haha so i just yelled up to my comp drop me the cell phone bro!!! and as he tossed me down the phone i used the flashlight to see this small cavern that i have just entered... and i just yelled back to my son. "The things i do for you son!" and if there are spiders down here i'm going to kill you!!! so i found the card and didn't drown and got my self back out after a heck of a lot of time of almost slipping back down. and yeah... my comp now has money! hahah heck yeah... thats the way we do p-days here in mexico. 

but yeah... we worked really hard this week and ..... still tryin to work harder, we are hitting all the numbers but not the baptisms so we are happy but in Mexico they planched us from the top on down  so yeah... have a great week. peace.

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