Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

#lifeisswelly #petecano:D

Sorry if this letter is short but... I was just typing for the last ever and it crashed so.... Yeah.... 

In the other letter I had written about my companion and how I am trying my best to serve him and it just is not working, but I guess it is best that the computer crashed because I don't want people to think that I just a complainer. :D:D But I do just want to say that I am trying my best and that I have learned so much spanish is the last week and life is... Gettin there:D:D I love this gospel and I am teaching way more:D:D:D

Um... so pretty much me and my companion were walking home from the church and we saw this drop of blood, like the kind you see while someone has their hands cupped over their nose:D So like regular human individuals we decided to continue and follow this trail of adventure:D:D And you won't believe what we found:D:D We saw this puddle of blood about a 1 foot circle that looked like someone had taken their hands away from their nose. But don't you worry ladies and gents, the trail of blood does not end there:D The trail of blood continued to head down the side walk and go around this corner:D:D SO.... Clearly.. Me and my companion crossed the street and didn't continue to follow this adventure just waiting to happen...HAHAHA NOT A CHANCE!!! Of course we continued to follow this trail of blood:D:D So as we came around the corner I beheld probably one of the largest puddles of blood I have ever seen in my life:D:D I was about to ask my companion if I could borrow his cell phone so I could call Peter Pan and tell him to go find the Lost Boys (Hahah I thought that was a good one... Haha right? Find the LOST BOYS? Hahahaaa..... yeah... umm.... cough.. :D) And to have peter pan tell them that they need to bring their swimming suits because ladys and gents we have a pool here that is just awaiting to be used:D:D No, but really, it was a huge amount of blood... I am just going to think that someone spilled their carton of grape juice and.. yeah:D:D

AH!!! And I have another story about guns and gun shots (I don't know why I always have a story about guns n stuff but... yeah here it is:D:D) SO me and my companion were walking to an appointment to an investigator and we needed to go down this other road and right as we turned this corner the guy just started to unload rounds into the dog that was sitting there... and I am not just saying like he unloaded one round into the dog, I am meaning he was unloading everything he had. And while he was just unloading he was screaming his guts out, and as far as I could tell he was not in the right mind. And so in the moment I was quite scared because 1-this man was just unloading into this dog and 2-I wasn't sure what he was going to do next.  So me and my companion just quickly and calmly... well... Kinda calmly:D chose a different route:D:D And that is my gun story for this week:D:D:D 

I got the opportunity to speak in church this week:D:D Hahah it was actually really funny. Like 10 minutes before church started the 1st counselor came up to me and said... Elder Anderson you are speakin on Missionary Work today in church. And my first response was just a laugh:D: Hahaha because I don't know that much spanish to go up and just speak with out any preparation:D:D And... Um.. Needless to say that my small laugh did not sit well with the 1st counselor. He just said... No. You are speaking elder anderson. This is not a joke.. So... needless to say after that I realized that this wasn't a joke and I found a couple of scriptures and thought of a experience that I could share.. I honestly was not scared at all:D I don't remember what I said, but people really did enjoy my talk. Maybe they enjoyed it because every scripture that I choose or experience that I shared was about how to help people have hope and learn about the blessings that they are able to receive if they follow things or do certain things:D while on the other hand my companion likes to just iron the negative into people. :D So.. that was my experience with having to give a talk in church:D My talk was almost 12 minutes and it really put into perspective of how much I have learned while I have been here. Needless to say, It really helped me receive a boost that I needed:D:D:D

Hahaha and I would just like to end this letter with how people, members, elders, and investigators are asking me all the time why I am always smiling. And I always tell them that this isn't my time. I am here to serve the Lord and if I am not feelin 100 percent that day I am still going to make sure that I change that before I leave our house, because I am not here to mope around and be mad, because if I am mad I may miss a opportunity to get a new investigator:D:D

So... This is my letter for this week:D:D I had almost 2 more paragraphs for this week.... but they were deleted when the computer crashed:D:D But.. Just remember missionary work is for everyone. If only people will live the principles of the Book of Mormon and the commandments of this gospel that is missionary work in and of itself:D:D

#lifeisswelly. :D #petecano:D

EXTRA PHOTOS:D...Monday, October 28, 2013

I don't have a photo of the week.... I have been working too hard with the language this week... yeah... :D Sorry....

Here are some photos from this week:D:D 2 of them are of the uniforms that we have bought (15 bucks here in mexico for everything. Name engraved on the back, personal number, and name of our mission :D)

And the one of the motorcycle is how we travel around here:D:D Mother you asked for more pictures so... Here they are:D:D:D And... yeah:D:D Have a great week folks:D:D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013


This week was probably the hardest week that I have ever had here in this mission.... But... Ya know... Its what a mission is right?? :D So.. I really cant complain because this is what I knew I was coming down here to do:D:D  No... but first I would just like to start with that if anyone wants any Jerseys or movies or shoes or any thing I can buy it for ya:D Because Hudson I know how much you like your futsol shoes so if you want a pair just send me the type and color and size and I can get it for ya:D Because here shoes are like $30. Yeah:D:D I just wanted to start out with that:D

But this week I got the opportunity to teach english to 2 new people. And every time I teach english I am able to explain a little bit better because I have learned just a little bit more in spanish:D So that is always a fun experience when I get the chance to teach some one a little bit about english:D:D:D

Haha this week I got to work with Elder Ball and Elder Lopez (I know right 2 cambios?) But Elder Ball was a freakin blast to work with!!! I have never met some one so negative with every thing around him:D:D Hahaha so it was quite fun to get to work with him:D He helped me so much with my spanish and how to teach certain lessons. Hahah and just real quick I dont know if there are just freakin crazy moms and random girls here in mexico or I just look desperate. But while I was with elder ball this random mom asked me if I would return after I finished my mission. I understood every word that she said and I didnt just want to say sorry lady. So.... I pulled the No entiendo disculpe no entiendo. Hahaha I thought that was a pretty good way to handle that situation:D:D Yeah... but thats what happened. Oh... And with elder ball we heard a machine gun yeah the only reason why I bring it up is because single round gun shots are normal but this was a first:D:D So i thought I would write about it:D But while we were walking we werent scared because the gun fire was coming from the next street so we had some houses in between us:D:D Yeah. so Needless to say it was quite a fun day with elder Ball:D:D

And... haha this is also something new:D I got the opportunity to each sheep brain this week... I wrote in my book of blessings that I hope that I am blessed to never receive that opportunity again... Because... as much as I enjoyed eating brain... I think I will pass the next time:D:D I included a photo of the skull of the animal with Angel holding the skull... Yeah... Please no more brain... :D

HAHAH this sunday was the primary concert and I had such a good laugh this sunday because primary concerts in the USA and here in mexico are the same:D Because while they were singing you always have that one strong voiced kid in the group and it just made me think of Mitchel:D Haha How are his singing skills now?;D

Oh and this week we decided to go see cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 man that movie was AWESOME!!! I really loved the part when they were going down the river of food:D:D Hahah just kidding:D:D We didnt go see that   movie we were just walking by a Theater and I thought that it would be a funny thing to include in this letter:D:D 

Well.. This week was rough and I am not going to write about all of the horrible times because I dont want to sound like I am complaining. So... Yeah:D We had spiritual experiences this week and every day I feel like its going to be impossible to get my companion motivated to work with that day but ya just got to keep goin because "Something worse has always happened to someone better." I like that quote because it reminds me that I have nothing to complain about:D 

Hasta luego ladies y Gents.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Monday, October 21, 2013



Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

#starvationnation:D:D (Not literally) (maybe...?)

This week.... 

Man where do I begin. Ok what ev. I guess I will start with our splits this week. I got sent to this other area with Elder Evans. Man and this was probably one of the best times I have ever had. :D Because... He has only been out three months and does not know how to say everything in spanish and I had only been out 3 weeks so we were practically in the same place right? :D Hahah so we woke up and literally we split up the teaching half and half I had to learn how to teach some things that I had not even heard of yet. (Which was an awesome experience:D:D) And then after we had got done planning and doing outlines of our lessons we went out to our first cita. And!!!... They werent home... and the story just gets better after that. So... after our cita was not there we... got... LOST. Yeah thats right. Two weros en mexico who dont know where they are. Yeah so needless to say that we walked probably every calle that there was for 5 hours looking for a house that our citas were at. (And yes we asked people on the street and they very kindly guided us to the next calle where we found nothing.) So... Luckily after we had walked all day my companion remembered how to explain to a taxi moto how to take us back to his house. So... I did not do very much teaching that day but... It was an adventure:D:D Oh!!! and if you look at the pictures that are attached to this email you will find out that we had found the MYSTERY MACHINE:D:D Haha the things you find while you are two white boys lost in mexico city looking for the houses of your citas:D

Oh... As well as this week we got the opprotunity to baptize Jonathan David Hernández Delgado. And he chose me to baptize him. That was quite a fun experience. :D So me and Jonathan walk down into the font for the ordination and everything goes smoothly and here in mexico they close the doors to the font before you leave. (did that make sense??) And after they closed the doors I started to leave the font and clearly a 10 year old boy who has not had it explained to him that we do not canon ball back into the font would just follow me to go change right?? Ya.... no. Good ol Jonathan used the steps to give him enough force to jump out of the water and canon ball back into the font. I honestly didnt know what to do... :D Hahah because I thought that it was just common sense that you dont do that. So... Trying to hold in my laughter (not meant to be sacreligious) because I have never heard of someone canonballing back into the font. I quickly went over to Jonathan and told him that this is not meant to swim in and do canonballs. But I guess that was just a different way that he was expressing how he was feeling. Hahaha:D So after this we go and change our clothes and yeah... I dont know how many people heard what happened or maybe they heard nothing because I hope they had already started singing:D:D

and.... hmm... oh yeah. My companion got sick and lost his voice so... Haha funny thing. Guess who has been teaching our lessons for the last 3 days. Yeah you guessed it. The Holy Ghost. Haha no but really. When he lost his voice I just had to learn what I needed to say and yeah it is true what I said didnt have the smooth flowyness to it as when my compañero says it. But... Needless to say that our lessons are much shorter and we have been teaching more and I have learned so much more spanish in the last 3 days.  #baptismbyfire. :D 

Oh hahah and I just wanted to add in real fast that I dont know why people pay for really expensive protein shakes and weight loss products. Because all I got to say is that I should start selling the diet and exercise plan that we are on:D:D Let me explain how I would sell my product:D:D:D First... eat a piece of bread in the morning after you have worked out for 20 minutes (wont explain specific workout because each person may vary:D:D) and then go and walk all day eating one fantastically delicious meal with a member of your community (but not eating to much because they still need to feed their family) and then continuing to walk all day teaching lessons and being filled with the food of the scriptures:D:D and then repeat for about a month and ya know what. #nofat #sixpack(not) #starvationnation:D:D (Hahah #starvationnation that one made me laugh:D:D:D) No but really like today I have not eaten in since yesterday at 3. So I am curious of what we are going to do when fast sunday comes along:D:D Because we fast everyday:D (Berkeley... Dont show this paragraph to mom. and mom when you probably already read this dont send a box of food. Or... Yeah. We are alive and doin just fine:D:D:D)

And to end I just want to say my advice for anyone that is going to be learning a language. 1. eat as much food in the mtc as you can because you only have that luxury for about six weeks and if you are going to mexico or some other place you will lose what ever weight you gained. guaranteed. And. 2. Be fluent now. yupp.. those are my two points of advice :D:D 

So... Good luck and see ya next week:D:D

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Monday, October 14, 2013

This weeks photo is called....... yupp you guessed it.

J O N A T H A N . 

Creative eh? 

Nah this bro deserves this photo of the week because he is just so darn cool right? :D

#swag (is twitter even still around?)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

We be rollin'

Just wanted to type back home real fast... 

This last week I have learned alot... My main thing that I want to write about is an experience that I had the opportunity to live in. It was when we went to pick up our laundry and we decided to just give the family a little message. And that is when we found out that the mom of the family really wants to go through the temple with her husband and her children but the husband has picked up smoking and drinking since they were all baptized... and the sad part is the fact that the husband now no longer has a testimony in the church or if the Book of Mormon is true or if Jose Smith es un profeta de Dios. And while we were talking to him I just got the vibe (more like promptings from the Holy Ghost) that now in this moment all he cares about is the money to buy his next beer or next smoke with his brohams. And this is what I learned from this experience. If I ever decide to get married or even if I dont get married I am never smoking because 1. I have now seen in many families how it literally tears families apart and 2. If you decided to mary a girl I just feel like it is down right wrong to push away your love for her and for your family as well as now not wanting to put away your worldy wantings so you can be sealed with you family for now and all eternity... Yeah... Needless to say... Im never drinking and... its not like I ever wanted to drink before but now i have seen to many sad families because of people not wanting to give up what their worldly happiness so they could be with their family and wife forever... yupp... es t-t-todo amigos. 

Oh... and I just wanted to write about another experience where we switched companions for a day and I was with another Elder named..... El mismo Elder Hernandez:D Haha I know it is kinda funny two Elders with the same name from the same place. Guatamala. But That day literally was amazing!!! We only taught 3 lessons that day but we walked all day trying to find someone else to teach:D:D I loved it because it litterally felt like we were working and not just mooching off other peoples time wasting our day away:D:D:D 

I am just learning as much from my companion as I can and doing my part and following all the rules as I know that they should be (with out making my companion feel like he still isnt in charge) and yupp.. You can only do your best right:D:D:D? (oh and ps... My companion is all about the girls. He wears so much colone... I almost die. and when I ask him why he says. Por la Piñas. Hahah yeah right bro. Because thats why we are here:D:D Por la piñas :D 

And another thing. We were coming home from another meeting and when we hopped off of the combi that we were riding in we saw this card with one man pushing it downt the road and the other steering. I looked and my companion and say wanna help (in my broken spanish). So we walked over there and helped them push the car. But the funny thing was that it was a way busy time in the day and when we got to parts in the avenido where it was only wide enough for one car we held up traffic pretty far:D:D Jajaja it was kinda funny:D BUt we pushed that car for about.... 2 or 3 miles? Maybe more I dont know distances. We just help until the job is done:D:D BUt that was another experience that we have gone through:D Kinda funny and fun:D:D 

As well with conference:D:D I really enjoyed the priesthood session. (The only sessions that I got to watch in english:D:D) And the other sessions the only parts that I really understood where. Brothers and sisters we... and that where the translater kicked in and it changed into spanish:D As well as I understood Amen. :D:D:D So... besides the fact that I didnt really get the full mesages that were being said I did get about 4 pages front and back full of words that I didnt understand that I now do:D:D So maybe I didnt get the full message spiritually from conference but I was blessed with a increase in knowledge in my spanish(if ya know what I mean:D:D:D:D) 

And...Hahaha well.. thats all:D:D Not very much today:D Because we had a meeting today for our zona and that took all day so we dont have as much time today as we would normally:D So.. :D:D Hasta luego:D

Oh and ps. Hudson... The kids down here in mexico are so freaking good at soccer. I mean so freakin good. Like they will just be walking down the road in a group and juggling the ball and passing it to eachother like it is nothing:D:D 

And jensen... I just wanted to say that there are so many dogs and cats down here its crazy. (cough cough.... not to mention half of them are dead cough cough dont read that part to Jensen:D:D:D:D) 

And kiko... The shopping so so cheap down here. You would love it:D:D:D 

Berkeley.... Still dont miss you. Nuff said. (Hahaha just kidding just thought that would be funny to say:D:D:D)

This is the broham that made my week by helping me realize how much fun and how we should be working in a mission:D:D:D

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Monday, October 7, 2013

foto de la semana

This weeks photo is....

House at the End of the Street.

Simple I know but.. I like it because you will never find a house at the end of a street because the roads just keep flowin´:D:D