Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013


This week was probably the hardest week that I have ever had here in this mission.... But... Ya know... Its what a mission is right?? :D So.. I really cant complain because this is what I knew I was coming down here to do:D:D  No... but first I would just like to start with that if anyone wants any Jerseys or movies or shoes or any thing I can buy it for ya:D Because Hudson I know how much you like your futsol shoes so if you want a pair just send me the type and color and size and I can get it for ya:D Because here shoes are like $30. Yeah:D:D I just wanted to start out with that:D

But this week I got the opportunity to teach english to 2 new people. And every time I teach english I am able to explain a little bit better because I have learned just a little bit more in spanish:D So that is always a fun experience when I get the chance to teach some one a little bit about english:D:D:D

Haha this week I got to work with Elder Ball and Elder Lopez (I know right 2 cambios?) But Elder Ball was a freakin blast to work with!!! I have never met some one so negative with every thing around him:D:D Hahaha so it was quite fun to get to work with him:D He helped me so much with my spanish and how to teach certain lessons. Hahah and just real quick I dont know if there are just freakin crazy moms and random girls here in mexico or I just look desperate. But while I was with elder ball this random mom asked me if I would return after I finished my mission. I understood every word that she said and I didnt just want to say sorry lady. So.... I pulled the No entiendo disculpe no entiendo. Hahaha I thought that was a pretty good way to handle that situation:D:D Yeah... but thats what happened. Oh... And with elder ball we heard a machine gun yeah the only reason why I bring it up is because single round gun shots are normal but this was a first:D:D So i thought I would write about it:D But while we were walking we werent scared because the gun fire was coming from the next street so we had some houses in between us:D:D Yeah. so Needless to say it was quite a fun day with elder Ball:D:D

And... haha this is also something new:D I got the opportunity to each sheep brain this week... I wrote in my book of blessings that I hope that I am blessed to never receive that opportunity again... Because... as much as I enjoyed eating brain... I think I will pass the next time:D:D I included a photo of the skull of the animal with Angel holding the skull... Yeah... Please no more brain... :D

HAHAH this sunday was the primary concert and I had such a good laugh this sunday because primary concerts in the USA and here in mexico are the same:D Because while they were singing you always have that one strong voiced kid in the group and it just made me think of Mitchel:D Haha How are his singing skills now?;D

Oh and this week we decided to go see cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 man that movie was AWESOME!!! I really loved the part when they were going down the river of food:D:D Hahah just kidding:D:D We didnt go see that   movie we were just walking by a Theater and I thought that it would be a funny thing to include in this letter:D:D 

Well.. This week was rough and I am not going to write about all of the horrible times because I dont want to sound like I am complaining. So... Yeah:D We had spiritual experiences this week and every day I feel like its going to be impossible to get my companion motivated to work with that day but ya just got to keep goin because "Something worse has always happened to someone better." I like that quote because it reminds me that I have nothing to complain about:D 

Hasta luego ladies y Gents.

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