Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Just another week in the Hood.

This last week has been so much harder than the last... Freakin heck you know when you play to many rounds of monopoly it just gets old after a while? Well... Yeah that is how it is right now. I am kinda sick after 2 weeks of trying to act out what I want to tell my companion. I have come very very far in the language but it is not easy at all. All I can really say are simple things and like dinner table small talk. Hahaha but things are going great. Once you get over the fact that you know nothing then things here are not bad at all. Oh!!! I want to quickly tell a story about my experience with the shower in the first week that I forgot to tell last Pday. So... It was my first day in our hour and we have warm showers!! (Well... We did...) And I go into the shower and there are two knobs. One says F and one says C. Clearly anyone with sense would make the assumption that the one that had the C was cold and the one that had the F was just Freakin hot RIght? Hahaha wrong because I forgot that I was in mexico. So the F was freezing and the C was warm. So needless to say that my first shower here in mexico I used the american knowledge that I had and used the knob that I thought was Freakin hot. (F) Yeah... All I have to say is that I learned really fast that Frío es cold (F) and Caliente is hot (C). 

Oh!! as well I would just like to tell everyone that there is a huge spider that lives in our bathroom and me and him have been in a on going war. I try to kill him but he is of the devil and will never die. (like really) I almost want to cast him out in the name of  christ. (Berkeley feel free to edit that out if you think it is sacreligious. Because it was not intendend to be.)  And to make things just that much better... It just had babies like 2 days ago... Hahah so now they are running all around our house... Great.... :D 

And here is another story.. man I am just full of stories this week. Just bear with me. Me and my companion we returning to our house when we stopped by to apologize to the lady that lives below us. And right now here in mexico when I don´t know what is going on and my companion askes me a yes or no question I just say yes right? Isnt that the logical thing to do? Hahah I will answer that for you. NO. Because we are talking to this lady and I am kindof understanding what is going on right?  So so says. I like your last name. I respond. Thank you very much, I like yours as well. As well as she says. I like your tie that you are wearing right now. I respond. Thank you very much. Then she askes me. I want to have your tie and your name tag when you leave this mission. Now I am confused. I respond. Um... Sure... If you want my tie you can have it but I need my name tag. This convorsation continued for about ten minutes with then trying to explain to me what they were trying to say. Finally we left and I asked my companion to explain to me what in the world the lady was talking about. He then explained to me that missionaries will leave a tie and their name tag with a girl promising them that they will return and take their hand in marriage. BAH!!!!!!!!!! Freakin heck!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! SHESH!!!! I need to learn more spanish so I dont blindly get myself into some unwanted marraige with some random mexican girl. Yeah that was really awkward... Because we go down to their house and talk to them all the time and.... Hahahaha.... Yeah... Needless to say... I am not marrying a mexican. Truth. fact. statement. nuff said. They can have my ties but its only a gift. not a promise for anything. Hahah so that was the story that happending to me this week with some lady wanting me to promise to return to marry her daughter. No thanks. 

Things with my companion have been good... I guess... I mean he is a fantastic teacher in showing me the rules of spanish and how I can improve. But when it comes down to teaching lessons and following the rules... Nope. Because Yes it is the truth we teach lessons to people. But the missioin goal is to teach 55 lessons a week. And right now we are sitting around with about 15 lessons a week? Yup thats about right. Its not because we are sitting in our house. Its because we are spending about 3 hours in each lesson and about 2 hours at the house of the member that we eat our meal of the day at. Ok... So here is an example... it is 8 o clock at night and we need to return around nine. And my companion refuses to. Because he is determined to gain that 55 lessons a week. But I explain to him that we can not break other rules like returning at 11 to gain more lessons we just need to make our current lessons shorter. And he responds. You are just lazy and need to work harder... Ok... Thats not what I was getting at but ok:D And then we go into the house of a less active and ask them if they read the chapters that we had given them. They say no and my companion decides to real the whole chapter of alma 5 which is around 60 verses. And before we start to read the family had a relative over and they did not want to read with us because they believed in another faith. And do you know what my companion said? Yupp.. Clearly you would tell that person "Your church is of the apostasy and is wrong, read with us". So.... That is not how I would have tackled that but... ok and so... Great.... And so we read and read and read and he explained after each verse... When we finished it was 9:20 just enough time for us to get back to our house but no....  he then continued to lecture the parents on how they should not be using their phones while we are in their house because we are their on divine inspiration... All of this is happening while I have helped their kids with their english homework. Finally we got home around 10:15 and planned and all the other things we had to do and got to bed yet again... Late. 

The things I say about my companion are not to complain or anything. Honestly I am just telling everyone at home how things are here. I am just stating facts and relating stories. 

Besides for those few small things that my companion has... (or big things) things are honestly going fantastic!!! If I dont mess with his igo or anything then everything is awesome!!! I dont know what I need to learn from him but... Needless to say I am learning 101 ways how not to be a missionary. :D:D:D ;D 

But our investigators are doing awesome!!! well... sorta... My companion has no mercy he does not cherry coat anything if they are sinning he just tell them to read the book of mormon and how they need to repent.. and how they are on the wrong path of life.. So with the one investigator that has had the guts to come to church with us... Things are going awesome!!! He should be getting baptized on the 12 of october. :D:D:D 

But really things are going awesome down here. Like I read in DyC God only gives us hard times that we may learn and grow from them. Well.. Thats not it exactly but thats what I took from it:D:D:D

Thats the events of the last week :D:D I hope to relate more about how our investigators are doing once I can really talk to them more about their needs and stuff. But I have never felt to close to the savior here because right now he is my only friend in many many miles. I am having the time of my life besides the trials and hard times right now... So I love what I am doing and Only hope that things will get better in the near future. 

I hope that no one is offended that I wrote many stories and experiences that were not spiritual this week. Because believe me there are many many many many spiritual experiences that happend this week I just dont have the time to write them. :D 

Until next week. :D

Elder Anderson:D

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Monday, September 30, 2013

Here is this photo of the week:D:D:D I hope you enjoy it:D:D We were chased after this because they saw that I had my camera. So... :D:D Its nothing to amazing but... Its what I quickly took as we were walking down the road:D:D

The photo of the week is called: P A T H W A Y S 

Yes... The photo is upside down... I do know this:D:D:D 

:D Until next week:D:D Adiós:D

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Monday, September 23, 2013

Hahah so this photo of the week is called.

Cell Service.

Because if you didnt know that is a BOM in my hand and I am trying to search for service from god. Hahah cheesy I know but I found it funny:D:D:D 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Our first few pictures from Mexico!!

Just some photos other than the photo of the week:D:D

And the top photo is from the roof of our house:D:D

As well this is where we wash our dishes.

And always keep lookin up when things feel down:D:D:D

My companion holding a wine bottle because he thougt that It would be funny to have the contrast in the Gospel to the alcohol. :D:D (Or atleast I think that what he said)

Monday, September 23, 2013

The primero semana in la estaca de mexico.

Hahahah soo... I guess this is where people usually say this has been the hardest week of their entire life... :D um... well this is going to be awkward when I say that I have just had one of the most unique and fun weeks of my entire life:D Yes I didn´t understand anything when I first got here. Yes I still can not understand everything:D But... Its alls good:D I just like to think of it as I have just been able to recieve the blessing to have a whole week of me time:D Hahahaha. No but really I feel bad for my companion (elder Hernandez) because I am always asking him for what things mean and continually asking him how to say something as well as what does this specific thing mean. But I am so glad to have a companion as Elder Hernandez. He is about half my height and his one of the chillest dudes I have ever met (excuse my language. I meant one of the chillest elders). We have taught alot (thats a given) and ever where we go people enjoy talking to me until they find out that I could´t say a word.... awkward.... But as I see it every bad thing can be thought as something that is good. :D Like how I can`t understand anyone (well I am starting to now...:D). I could have thought that as a bad thing. but Instead I just thought it as I have assigned me time where I get to ponder my thoughts. But now that time has turned into me trying to put full sentences that will teach people about the gospel to their needs.Oh! and I have about 13 people that I am teaching english to. I know right? Kinda weird. But It should be quite fun. Because they want to learn english and I want to learn spanish. So pretty much we are just switching languages. :D:D  Um.... So practically the last week here has been a blast. The food is the best I have ever tasted in my entire life. I have never had a taco or a tortilla that has tasted so good in my life!!!! :D So.... Once I learn the language Im not sure if I am going to come back.... :D:D Just kiddin. No but over the last week I have been able to sucessfully teach a lesson on the plan of salvation as well as a thought on albedrio. Its all about going little by little eh? Um....  Yeah... I give people a good laugh everywhere I go when I try to speak the language as well as... I am having the time of my life!! I love mexico city because there are people everywhere and everyone is always doing something. I don´t know why people think mexico city is so dangerous I have only heard like 1 gunshot in the last week. (LIke... thats a truth.) And... Hm... I don´t know all what else to say. I am trying to type as fast as i can because yes I have only an hour as well as this is my only time of the week that I get to say this many english words in a row:D:D:D Um... I guess I will end with... Hi my name is Elder Anderson. I am a gringo in mexico city, can´t speak the language. Having the time of my life. and Im a mormon :D:D

Ps. All hard things in life can be changed into good ones. Like yes it is hard here but it is all about how you think of it. RIght? Yeah thats what I think as well. :D Hasta luego. 

OH!!! and as well. One thing that is really helping me get through the days is I started a journal that every night I write all the blessings that I have recieved for that day. And let me say. After I have finished that... I really cant complain. because when I look back yes there were hard times and yes I cant understand most of the time (i can understand a lot more now) but the good things out way the bad things a million to 1:D:D:D

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013


Hahaha i finally know what week it is!!! Its the last week we have here in the MTC!:D This last week has literally been a dream. I could not have asked for a better week in my entire life. Between the fact of feeling the spirit more than i have ever felt it in my life and the fact of knowing that when we go down into mexico we will know nothing about what is being said for about 2 months!!! Yay for total isolation:D But really i am so excited for the opportunity to go down and experience these trials and try my best to bring something that maybe some people are missing in their lives. I do know for a fact that i am not going down to mexico to find someone who is not looking for a faith and tell them that what they are doing is wrong. i am going down to mexico to hopefully find people who are in need of a way or a direction to go. and maybe what i teach will be something that speaks to their heart and they can find the same joy that i have found or maybe it is just not their time to accept the truth. (hope that made sense.) :D But... The things that I have learned and the testimonies that have been shared with me have made me really want to work to be the tool in the lords hands that i hope i can be.

i don't know what else to share about here in the MTC because in my other letters i have explained how life is here and what we do. Its not like just because we are here in the last week of the MTC we went ravin' at some crazy college party. We still studied and taught:D:D:D 

I so happy to be headed out and to continue to learn more about how to bring people closer to Christ and at the same time to continue my understanding of the language of Spanish I really can't put into words how excited I am to head out. Kinda scared... But... It can't be any different than the first day in the grade school right? (Duh its different). 

Have a great 2 weeks because that is the soonest that i will get my first P-day. :D
Elder Anderson. 

PHOTO OF THE WEEK...Friday, September 13, 2013

Hahah so.... I know that all I used to take were jumping pictures and I do wish that I had my 'merica flag and different asortments SO :D I decided why not take a #mishdagram but... Here is the last american photo for all of you kind individuals. :D

Sorry this photo is un-edited so... Don't hate:D Haters Gon Hate.