Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

The primero semana in la estaca de mexico.

Hahahah soo... I guess this is where people usually say this has been the hardest week of their entire life... :D um... well this is going to be awkward when I say that I have just had one of the most unique and fun weeks of my entire life:D Yes I didn´t understand anything when I first got here. Yes I still can not understand everything:D But... Its alls good:D I just like to think of it as I have just been able to recieve the blessing to have a whole week of me time:D Hahahaha. No but really I feel bad for my companion (elder Hernandez) because I am always asking him for what things mean and continually asking him how to say something as well as what does this specific thing mean. But I am so glad to have a companion as Elder Hernandez. He is about half my height and his one of the chillest dudes I have ever met (excuse my language. I meant one of the chillest elders). We have taught alot (thats a given) and ever where we go people enjoy talking to me until they find out that I could´t say a word.... awkward.... But as I see it every bad thing can be thought as something that is good. :D Like how I can`t understand anyone (well I am starting to now...:D). I could have thought that as a bad thing. but Instead I just thought it as I have assigned me time where I get to ponder my thoughts. But now that time has turned into me trying to put full sentences that will teach people about the gospel to their needs.Oh! and I have about 13 people that I am teaching english to. I know right? Kinda weird. But It should be quite fun. Because they want to learn english and I want to learn spanish. So pretty much we are just switching languages. :D:D  Um.... So practically the last week here has been a blast. The food is the best I have ever tasted in my entire life. I have never had a taco or a tortilla that has tasted so good in my life!!!! :D So.... Once I learn the language Im not sure if I am going to come back.... :D:D Just kiddin. No but over the last week I have been able to sucessfully teach a lesson on the plan of salvation as well as a thought on albedrio. Its all about going little by little eh? Um....  Yeah... I give people a good laugh everywhere I go when I try to speak the language as well as... I am having the time of my life!! I love mexico city because there are people everywhere and everyone is always doing something. I don´t know why people think mexico city is so dangerous I have only heard like 1 gunshot in the last week. (LIke... thats a truth.) And... Hm... I don´t know all what else to say. I am trying to type as fast as i can because yes I have only an hour as well as this is my only time of the week that I get to say this many english words in a row:D:D:D Um... I guess I will end with... Hi my name is Elder Anderson. I am a gringo in mexico city, can´t speak the language. Having the time of my life. and Im a mormon :D:D

Ps. All hard things in life can be changed into good ones. Like yes it is hard here but it is all about how you think of it. RIght? Yeah thats what I think as well. :D Hasta luego. 

OH!!! and as well. One thing that is really helping me get through the days is I started a journal that every night I write all the blessings that I have recieved for that day. And let me say. After I have finished that... I really cant complain. because when I look back yes there were hard times and yes I cant understand most of the time (i can understand a lot more now) but the good things out way the bad things a million to 1:D:D:D

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  1. Thank you for posting this Berkely! Zac just spent his first week in Oaxaca, Mexico, It sounds like they sent Zac to a very remote area but I am not really sure?? It was helpful to read Grey's experience and think of how they are in similar circumstance. Living in a third world country has it's own unique challenges! I hope Zac will get some of that food Grey is talking about. In his first letter he said he is living on cereal and there is nothing to eat! I don't think he is as close to the city as Grey, but maybe someone will feed him this next week! :)