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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Beginning of the End and the Start of a New.

The last week has been full of so many fun things and many many experiences that I have really enjoyed learning from:D Today probably couldn't have been a better day so far. I mean we get the opportunity to go out and head to the temple at 6:50 and then eat the temple food (Which in itself is another blessing:D:D) We just had a group of missionaries leave... Gunna miss those brohams (oh dear... Excuse my language "Elders" :D:D) They were the ones that made me always want to push my self to be better in the beginning of the MTC. But after a while my drive to become better in teaching the gospel is the gift I am able to witness when you can see the change in someones eyes that they can feel that the gospel is true and us young humans aren't just spittin' crap. :D Because nothing is worse than when you get into a lesson and an investigator asks you a question that you do not know the answer because you didn't study that other part in preach my gospel.... So... Moral of the story is... Be prepared. :D 

I also just wanted to make a shout-out to Mama Butters:D I have not got the chance to see Jake (Elder Butters) because he was moved to west campus. I would love to hear from him but have not got the chance. 

In a week we leave for Mexico City... Sheesh. :D Like I always think and feel that once you get comfortable in a place and in what you are doing it is time to push yourself further and move into another area that is harder and has more opportunities for you to become what you ultimately want to be in the end. We were told that we won't understand any words that were said for atleast 2-3 weeks! Yay for being totally isolated:D:D But really. It reminded me of the time when Elder Butters and myself asked my mom to drop us off somewhere in utah and we would walk back. In the end it wasn't hard to find a land mark that guided you where you had to go (The slightly visible mountains). :D But down in mexico I won't know what people are saying there won't be any visible land marks and many other things. And I couldn't be anymore exicted to go down there and feel like "This is not the language they taught me in the MTC" - Best 2 years quote. :D Hahaha  so.... Life is SO good. I can't even express how good life is. I mean sitting in a classroom errrr day for 8 hours in a bit rough. But I doesn't even feel like we have been here a month because we learn so much every day and by the time you feel like you have learned the concept that they were teaching it has been 2 weeks and you have learned 20 other concepts:D :D

Oh!!! and recently I emailed about how my teacher was being a..... in the nicest words... Not the best individual he could be. :D And for a couple of days after he asked me why I was even here on a mission" I prayed every morning and everynight that he would die or catch some sickness and die or be hit by a car and die. (so pretty much the end out come of my prayers were that I wanted him to die....) Which probably was the wrong thing to be praying for. And I realized that about after 3 days of praying like this. And then after I thought a little bit more about why he was being so rude to us I found that I really didn't know why he was so unhappy. So then I decided that I would start to pray for him and pray that I may understand why he was so angry at some teenagers trying to learn a language in a month. After 3 days of praying like this he came into class one day and told us that he has a weakness that he does not show how much that he really does love us and how much he really does want us to suceed. He just continued on and apologized to us about things that he had done and that he is going to try and vocalize more compliments and help us a little more in learning the language as opposed to just scolding us about the things that we don't know. And after he had said this he has been SO kind!!! To bad I only decided to pray for an understanding now. Because If I had prayed for an understanding earlier maybe he would has said this sooner... Or maybe not... No one will ever know... 

But the MTC is amazing!!!! And everyone should come on a mission. Even if you are past 18 or 19 or 20 you should still come because it is honestly the most hard work I have ever done but I have never had so much fun learning and teaching of this truth. :D

Until next time...

Elder Anderson

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