Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Well.. i just got another quicky this week because not much time and each rhyme costs a dime. 

But this last week i met just about the coolest cop ever. We went to this house to give some English interviews and all of the sudden this massive man just walks into the room and starts to interrogate me (he was joking but i didn't know that). I personally thought that this guy was going to kill me but then he just started to laugh and we just started to chat about his work and what he likes to do (he is a freakin good cook). and I started to ask him about if some one was going to assault me in the street what could i do to stop them. and he was more than willing to show me how to do all sorts of moves... but with one exception... that he was going to demonstrate them with me as the test dummy. and as i thought it over.... i came to the conclusion that.. HECK YES I WAS GOING TO DO IT. and i would have to say that this guy can cause a whole lot of pain. but i learned some things and more than that had just a blast with this guy kickin my butt. He also said that he was going to get me a baston which is one of the things they use to hit people in the street (awesome!). After all that he invited us to eat and we talked with him about what we do down here in Mexico and why and how he can get to know more about what we do as misisonaries. so all in all it was a freakin solid visit.....and no i wont be 

um... i would love to say that all of our investigators are progressing and we are going to baptise un buen but... no one wants to go to church... and ... I HAVE CHANGES! I know so fast you might be saying and that is what i was thinking as well.  so my week just could not get any better :D:D:D I'm content. and don't know English :D:D that just about sums up my life :D:D

Elder Anderson Peace. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Hood

This last week was pretty cool. Birthday, torillas, chilaquiles with candles. yeah.

well... i turned 20 this last week. it was a pretty calm day. but we went to a house of a less acitve and she came out with a plate of chilaquiles with a candle and that was freakin dope! the chilaquiles kinda piqued but it was all cool. then we went with some other people and finally we went with an investigador and she has a tortillaria. we started to talk with her and her brother there and i asked her brother if i could help him with the work that he needed in the tortillaria. and so with  that i started my career as being a tortillero. we probably worked there for like an hour and then we went with others and taught some more... but yeah that day was pretty good. 
life is good and still here in the hood. for now. 

Elder Anderson

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

La Reta

We went to go and teach our investigators (which came to church again!!!!!). and we taught about testimonies (its not something that they tell us to teach at the beginning but i have found out that if the investigators know that if they want to know if the church is true or not and if they should get baptized or not that they need to know how to grow a testimony and how that will help them so that they know the answer when they receive it. (because many times we always try to have them find the answer and we explain testimony to late for it to work in time for the baptismal date) and then we explained about the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom. and at the end the dad spoke up and said... well.. personally, I really enjoy what you guys are teaching and i want to keep going to church because i feel something different when i am there and when you guys are teaching I feel something i havent felt in my whole life.) and then we ended with prayer and asked them to keep reading the book of mormon so that they can continue growing their  testimony and preparing themselves so that they can know if the church is true and if they should be baptized or no. 

and there is always something interesting here in mexico. because we always contact people in the street and like always no one wants us. but there are alway different groups of kids in the street playing futbol. and we have become friends with many of the kids that play in the street and we alway saque appointments with them so we can play them in a game or two. but one time we didn't show up because we had a meeting with the president. and now every time that we walk past the street 8 kids will just run to the windows and scream at us that we didn't show up and how they were totally going to kick our buts and all that jazz. and finally after like two whole days like that ( yeah i know i don't have much patience) i went up to the group of them after they had yelled at us about how we were wimps for not showing up. I told them that we didn't show up because we didn't want to make them feel bad with our awesome soccer skills cuz they wouldn't stand a chance against us (speaking total crap, they are way better than us). That if they want to we can have a tournament this wednesday if they are up to it. haha and that is when a kid said that it should be another day because he has school at that time on wednesday, but the rest of the kids said it was ok so we told them that we were going to be there ready to play. (and i think that kid is going to be ´´sick´´ on wednesday hahaha)

but that was our week. nothin crazy.

Elder Anderson 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015


Wellp. This week was one for the books. We finally found some cool investigadors. and we gave a blessing to a little boy in the intensive care place. 

Like i had mentioned. my comp and i have finally found some new investigators and that was after like 2 months of searching and searching and contacting and have absolutely no success. but we came up to this lady in the street and after thousands of contacts and no one  listening to you... well... it stinks. but this lady was different. right when we started to talk to her she told us that she would like us to talk with her son so that he could get to know us and so that her husband could ask us some questions. so with that we got another appointment. and went off with high hopes. the next time that we went over there they were actually in their house(first surprise) and when we walked in they were already waiting for us in their living room (second surprise) and for final the dad said to us that he was so very interested (third and final surprise because no one is every interested in what we do). and  with that we taught them and they were so very excited to come to church on sunday. When they got there on sunday they were excited and I was.... nervous. Because the members down here are more catholic then they are mormon (in all of my areas they have been like that.). And... it was fast and testimony meeting. I was sure we were going to have someone stand up and say that Jehovah is our heavenly father or how the word of wisdom is an optional thing or a member from the seventy to go up and say that if we obey the commandments with exactness and do our best to serve people that we will only go to the terestial kingdom (actually happened in my last word). so... things went pretty well only two members said a fews things absolutely wrong so it was a solid testimony meeting (we will definitely be teaching about how the church is perfect and that the members are not, if they didn't already find that out). THen.... we went to the next class and they called on a lady to do the finally prayer and she stood up and started to recite a catholic prayer and all i could do was sit there and pray and pray and pray that our investigators could take the good of the church and just ignore the members. but.. yeah that was an experience for us. 

On saturday night we got a call that a lady needed a blessing for her child.  so when we got over to her house she told us that we would need to go to the hospital because her baby was in the intensive care. as we were driving over there she explained the situation to us. We arrived to the hospital and we went up to the right floor and they told us that we had to wash our hands like 4 times with different soaps and methods of how to wash. and once we got done they gave us some face masks and some other gear that we had to put on before they let us go in. When we got into the room... man. i have never seen such a small baby in my whole life. We gave the baby a blessing and it was a very very great experience. I don't remember the words of the blessing but the feeling that what there after we gave it was fantastic. The peace that was there was indescribable. the hermana thanked us and took us back to our area and we went back to work. 

What a solid week... got a few more to go so hold the horses.

Elder Anderson

Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Coca-Cola

I got to know a hard core gangster this last week. i had heard a lot about this man when i first got here to the area and how he is really cool with the elders but.... kinda unstable. oh and he speaks english... so this day we were looking for this house to see if a contact that we had done lived there. and once we turned on to the road that this contact lived on. I saw a group of about 12 people just sittin in the street all smokin weed. (almost more common than the regular cigarettes.) as we started to get closer and closer to the house that we needed to knock someone yelled out from the group of weed smokers. Elder Keller! and the broham stood up and came over to us and started to talk to us. then he offered to buy us something from the store. we really didn't want anything in that moment and thus told him that we were fine for the moment. right when we said that he just started walking away from us and said come on i'm buyin you guys something. so... we followed him, not much you can do if someone does not accept your no. as we were walking to the store, some how we got on the subject of how he was broke for the last couple of weeks. and... hahaha how he told us just made me laugh. "ya know... i was broke for a week or two but its all good. got money in da bank now" by now we had made it to the store, and he told us that we could buy anything that we wanted. I was shocked when he pulled out like 4,000 pesos out of his left front pocket and shoved it into his jacket, then proceeds to reach into his other front pocket and his back pockets pulling out stacks of money from each pocket and stuff them into his jacket. with that...  I just knew i had to ask him where in the world he got all that money. so with all the confidence that i could have formed with this man in the last 5 minutes it should have been enough for him to tell me where he got that money, He told me... "it was a long morning to say the least. went to dat teller (of a bank) stuff went down, but i'm here and got money in da bank". hahah i didn't know what went down but... that coke was pretty good, and having friends like these down here in mexico is the best thing you can find. cuz that is how its run down here.....rob a bank--feed the missionaries!

and... with our investigators is going rough to say the least. but.... you can't do more if you already doing everything but with that in mind we did have several cool experiences. one being able to play basketball as a district against a Mexican High School team.  The coach is a member of our ward and he put it together.  we gave them a run for their money and I am sure you can guess who won with who we had on our team:D:D:D

as for the lady who gave me the presents in the picture below, she is crazy about us:D:D hope she is becoming crazy about the church too:D:D as you can see in the picture behind us she is married:D:D whew!!

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014


as my comp and i came up to this really old man to see if he needed any help carrying his bags and so that we would be able to contact this brohommie. and so i started out by asking him if there was anything we could help him with. and to our surprise he just kept on walking. ya know.... sitting there a little puzzled as to why he didn't ever answer back (even a no. or a i'm busy would be nice), I decided to ask him again but a little louder this time. and with that little bit more strength he looked at us a little shocked as to if we just snuck up on him. with that look he told us no and i snagged that opener to start to contact this man. but.... he either was not interested or just could not hear :D:D:D and i did not even matter what i said he just kept on walking absolutely oblivious to the world. :D I sure hope that the intention counts and that the man will be able to find some elders somewhere someday.... cuz i don't know how many more days he will have. (kinda an old fellow)

This last wednesday was awesome. I remember that last year during this time really was not so great (pres. morales). but this year president stutzenegger made it a freakin awesome time. He started the day out by having a devotional and watching a video about how El es la dadiva and then we had a talent show. there were some freakin awesome talents. like a kid who made this amazing rap about the mission i would pay for that song on itunes. Then we had some lunch and president gave us some time to play basketball, soccer, football or... watch frozen! and i had all the intentions to go outside and play some basketball but as i was passing the room where they were just starting to watch the moving i decided to sit on down and just watch a little bit. and the next thing ya know the movie was over. but my favorite part would have to be when she sang let it go. yeah that definitely was a favorite. and then after the movie ended we headed on back to our areas and worked. so... yeah. that was this last week. :D:DD fun and .... missionary like. 

sleeping on a combi :D:D:D

where i got my blood drawn...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

run n gun

So the first thing that i would like to write about would have to be the fact that someone was shot in our area last week. My comp and i were sitting in a less actives house and her daughter ran in and sounded a little worried when she told us that some one had just been shot in street 3. so when me and my comp got done with that lesson we decided to head on down to street three to see if everything was ok. but when we got there..  well... there was only a car with some bullet holes in it and no person and just a whole bunch of police. we were glad to find it wasn't anyone we knew. its always fun to know that you can have something interesting happen every day.  

we went and helped some members clean out there shack on pday. they live along the railroad tracks not far from the river where they throw the bodies after they kill them. when i say shack i mean a place like a wood fort we would build back in the trees with old sheets of ply wood and we would lay carpet on the dirt for our floor. it was just like that except they didn't have any carpet. the family we were helping took us to a pile of dirt that i would have thought there might be a body buried under it but no! after digging for quite a while in this big pile of dirt we found some rugs that had been buried.  i didn't ask why they were buried i just kept digging until all the rugs were uncovered and they were in her shack. the mormons here are not like utah mormons. i call them Mexican Mormons because they are active and yet they do a few things that we wouldn't do in Utah. we were helping her clean out her shack when i lifted up a board in the corner of this members shack and there was marijuana growing behind the boards. i could tell she was trying to keep me away from that corner so when she went outside i got a couple shots of it.  i am sure it is for medical purposes....or so i'd like to think. 

Playing futball with my zone 

            The river where they throw the dead asked, so here it is!

                         Headed to help clean out the shack for a member

             Yes!  people tell me my face is fat! but why is it when my pants are soooo big?

                           Yes! we found a rabbit in their shack too!

                   Morning on my street

                     Like a walmart?

This angle makes all the train tracks no matter what country look beautiful!

                          District buddies:D:D

                       DIGGING OUT THE RUGS:D:D:D

How did they get all that dirt on top of the rugs anyway? but we found the rugs:D:D

                Finishing up

Headed home.....