Monday, August 25, 2014

WEEK 54...Monday, August 25, 2014

I am happy to be back training.  My new companion is from Moses Lake Washington.  Yes, he is an American.  He doesn't like that I speak Spanish to him except for when I need to explain things to him, but it is how I learned and I liked it:D:D just like how you were with me, if it doesn't work i will try something new:D:D  
we found a man who was drunker than drunk who wanted us to teach him.  he has given up drinking and smoking and has come to church twice but didn't make it this last sunday, bummer:( 
i live for your letters every week, they are what keeps me going:D:D thanks for believing in me and sharing how the scriptures have helped you:D:D
it seems as though things are very much the same for me after being here for so long in this area. if i send you any more pictures they would be repeats:D:D have a great week and find peace:D:D:D 
i hope you don't mind if i took out more money. i have to get my ingrown toenail cut out three or four times a month and it takes almost all my allotted mission money. i didn't want to but after six months of this it is costing me a lot and doesn't get better:( what else can i do? what do they do in the states for this? help??????
as for the murders, they are the same. and so are the robberies. i never would have thought they would become mundane but it is just the way it is is, life threatened mundane but the times the Lord tells me what to say and what to do has never become mundane.  he is always there for me and keeps me from harm even in the last seconds.  and if He doesn't He tells me what to do:D  He is there for each of us:D:D
thanks for trying to turn my spanish back into letters so Grammy and Grandma can read them:D:D peace:D

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WEEK 53...Monday, August 18, 2014


So we don't really have much time today because we have to go say good bye to some members but... this will be the last monday that my comp has in this area. and then i will be going to train again:D haha as we have been going around with the members saying good bye they have started to tell me that i should look around to buy my house because i already have 7 and a half months here and after my child comes i will have 10 and a half months. but it should be quite a good experience because the last time i trained it was a whole blast fun of joy but the only problem i think there might be is... that i have already contacted the majority of the people that are in the 6 streets of my area. So i have decided that i will contact the people that i have already contacted and when they tell me that i have already have talked to them i will just have to act like that was another person. :D but it should be an adventure. 

oh... and this last week we have been in a trio. because some elder had to go home so president put us all together. and i'm not going to lie it has been a little hard trying to juggle 2 areas at once. but tomorrow everything is going to change and cool down a bit. :D Soooo. thats it. we gots to head out. :D See ya another time eh?

WEEK 52...Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

WEEK 51...Monday, August 4, 2014

I wanted to give you a "view" of what I see on my ride back from the church...... all the way to my apartment......on sunday nights after I have reported my numbers:D:D:D I am blessed to to ride in a bus that mostly is safe:D:D:D i know you always want comments on photos but these photos say more than what I can write about speak louder than words:D:D:D peace:D:D