Monday, September 8, 2014

WEEK 56...Monday, September 8, 2014

Double Dunk?

This week it was just another day in the hood of Mexico. i thought that it was going to be a freaking hot day because it was 10 in the morning and already roastin the toast (yeah it was that hot) and there were no clouds in the sky. But I have learned that you can not tell what is going to happen in the afternoon by how the weather is in the morning (well... Duh right?) so we just went contacting away and 2 of the ten contacts that we did looked at me and told me. "Didn't you already talk to me?" And I just gave them the dumb look like I had no clue what he was talking about (even though I knew perfectly that I had already contacted this man and this other women back about 4 to 5 months ago) . When it was almost time to go for the food this huge storm just suddenly rolled in and started to down pour. I personally would call it a flash flood because you could practically see the wall of water coming toward you as you have just enough time to run to the nearest tienda to take cover. The rain probably fell for about 20 minutes and de repente it just stopped. And we continued on our way but... The only difference was that we were walking in like 2 to 3 inches of water. But it sure was a nice change from all the really hot days that are always here. 

The other experience that I would enjoy to share is when an elder tried to rebaptize himself (not really). But my comp and I were helping out another companionship with their baptism and I was talking with the people who were going to get baptized and all of the sudden we hear a splash from the baptismal font... As we walked over there I was thinking if some child had come into the church and had fallen in on accident. But when we got there we saw that it was the comp of our district leader :D he explained to us that he was checking the water temperature from the faucet when his feet slipped and he fell into the pila bautismal. When we heard the whole story and after we checked that he was alright I reminded him that baptism is an ordinance that in which we can only participate once in our life's. And by jumping into the baptismal font it won't clean us like it did the first time. But... Yeah... I can't lie it was a pretty funny experience because if you can imagine we are all there outside of the room of the baptismal font and we hear this splash ( when I heard the splash it reminded me of my first baptism as he tried to cannon ball back into the pila bautismal. So my first thoughts were that a child wanted to take a small dip in the warm water but it was not a small child but an elder :D) wondering who it could be because in a baptism a splash of that kind of force does not happen and then to walk over there to see this elder in the water was well... An experience :D needless to say it was a first in the mission :D 

The Flash Flood after a hot morning:D:D:D

And the calm after the storm.....

A tour of the apartment....

I paid for hot water this month so we are livin the dream:D:D

 The coolest microwave in the area:D:D:D and yes, mold in the corner grows well:D:D:D

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WEEK 55...Monday, September 1, 2014

Los Cambios
Its been a good week with a good companion having a good time when there aren't many good contacts to make but we are making a ton of them....i love to contact in the street even if they think i met them a couple months ago...maybe they have had a change of heart?:D:D You asked for a letter? cuz a few sentences isn't enough? 
The only thing that comes to mind would have to be the man that we are helping so that he can be ready for his baptism this 13 of september but the cool thing about this man would have to be his whole conversion story (well.. he is still not baptized but the changes that have happened are cool). so i was helping my broham juan in the carnitas stand (like normal) because i'm learning how to cook carnitas. and then we head to take off for another cita. and all of the sudden i hear this man behind us yelling for us to come back and talk to him. and when we turned around we see this man drunker than all get out walking toward (how in all the heavens do you spell that word in english) us and all i could think to my self was... oh goodness i really do not want to be kissed by another drunk.. i mean... believe me its just as fantastic as a drunk man kissing you... oh wait.. that is just about as bad as it gets here in mexico (kinda..)... and so he came up to us and we started to talk with him and the things that he was doing and what he wanted to change and all the jazz and finally he invited us to his house and so we went with him and taught the first lesson called the vision and we saqued another cita and we left him to read another chapter of the book of mormon and when we came back the other time he was just as drunk as before and so we tried teaching the vision otra vez and we asked him to read the book of mormon because it would give him strength to leave the alcohol cuz that was his whole point that he was trying to get across to us was that he needed to leave the acohol pero he just couldn't do it because of how bad his addiction is. so after that lesson we left him with the folleto of the palabra de sabiduria and after that we started to help him get off the drugs and the drinking and after like 2 months  of working with him he is completely off of it all now and we put a date with him for this 13 of september and that is where the coolest part of the story comes into place.. so we put the fecha with him and we took him to church and he really enjoys the messages that we share with him and all but he did not want to be baptized. so the first day that my son got here we went with him and he shared the first part of the plan of salvation and once we finished he just flat out told us no that he did not want to get baptized. and one thing that i have learned being here in the mission is that when someone says no to a baptism they are not only saying no because they don't want to there is always a reason so as we talked to him about why he was not so excited for his baptism he finally told us that he just did not feel worthy to be able to partake of a baptism because of all the things that he had done in his life. and with that we explained more and more about the baptism until he was able to feel and understand that we partake of a baptism when we are doing all that we can and want to follow Christ and return to his presence. and with that we left him with a chapter in the book of mormon and saqued out another cita. and the next time we came back to teach about the plan of salvation part 2 and he told us after that lesson that he still did not feel ready for his baptism but he wants to do everything he can so that he can be ready and then when he prayed at the end this time it was so tender and so awesome of a prayer that when he said amen we just sat there on our knees for like 4 minutes  in the stillness of the spirit until we felt ready to leave. and with that he told us afterwards that he is so very excited for his baptism and can't wait. so... we will see what happens with that. but this is the little letter that i wanted to write home da fam not too long but... enough right?  PS i will see what i can find to work with my toe:D:D sorry no pictures of that mom:D:D:D it would gross you out :D:D:D

 headed to help with a baptism.....

       My cool companion!  I wanted to get a picture of him helping out at a baptism
    One of the hazards of doing a baptism.....slipping and falling in front of the new members:D:D:D
 We are starting my comp out on the "good" tacos first....then the ones you all cringe at:D:D:D:D
    He loved these and he will come to love all the mixed mystery meat ones:D:D:D 
                     You said dad bought you a hummer?
 It looks like someone just stole it from your driveway and drove it to mexico for his wife:D:D:D
      Krispy Kremes in Mexico!  Dont want my comp to miss too many things from the states:D:D:D
        I asked him to pose in front of the donuts:D:D:D

Monday, August 25, 2014

WEEK 54...Monday, August 25, 2014

I am happy to be back training.  My new companion is from Moses Lake Washington.  Yes, he is an American.  He doesn't like that I speak Spanish to him except for when I need to explain things to him, but it is how I learned and I liked it:D:D just like how you were with me, if it doesn't work i will try something new:D:D  
we found a man who was drunker than drunk who wanted us to teach him.  he has given up drinking and smoking and has come to church twice but didn't make it this last sunday, bummer:( 
i live for your letters every week, they are what keeps me going:D:D thanks for believing in me and sharing how the scriptures have helped you:D:D
it seems as though things are very much the same for me after being here for so long in this area. if i send you any more pictures they would be repeats:D:D have a great week and find peace:D:D:D 
i hope you don't mind if i took out more money. i have to get my ingrown toenail cut out three or four times a month and it takes almost all my allotted mission money. i didn't want to but after six months of this it is costing me a lot and doesn't get better:( what else can i do? what do they do in the states for this? help??????
as for the murders, they are the same. and so are the robberies. i never would have thought they would become mundane but it is just the way it is is, life threatened mundane but the times the Lord tells me what to say and what to do has never become mundane.  he is always there for me and keeps me from harm even in the last seconds.  and if He doesn't He tells me what to do:D  He is there for each of us:D:D
thanks for trying to turn my spanish back into letters so Grammy and Grandma can read them:D:D peace:D

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WEEK 53...Monday, August 18, 2014


So we don't really have much time today because we have to go say good bye to some members but... this will be the last monday that my comp has in this area. and then i will be going to train again:D haha as we have been going around with the members saying good bye they have started to tell me that i should look around to buy my house because i already have 7 and a half months here and after my child comes i will have 10 and a half months. but it should be quite a good experience because the last time i trained it was a whole blast fun of joy but the only problem i think there might be is... that i have already contacted the majority of the people that are in the 6 streets of my area. So i have decided that i will contact the people that i have already contacted and when they tell me that i have already have talked to them i will just have to act like that was another person. :D but it should be an adventure. 

oh... and this last week we have been in a trio. because some elder had to go home so president put us all together. and i'm not going to lie it has been a little hard trying to juggle 2 areas at once. but tomorrow everything is going to change and cool down a bit. :D Soooo. thats it. we gots to head out. :D See ya another time eh?

WEEK 52...Monday, August 11, 2014