Monday, April 21, 2014

WEEK 37...Monday, April 21, 2014


wellp... this week is going to be pretty short in the whole writing thing. . . . . but i'm just going to cover the unusual that happened this week and maybe some other things... ya know... if i feel like typing... :D:D but just a quick run down of the whole jammywham eh? so first the coolest thing that happened this week would have to be the earthquake that happened. and we got our first flash flood AND my comp had to go to hospital so yeah... that would have to be the unusual that passed this week. 

So.... i'm going to write about the flash flood that happened this week. So me and my comp were in the street just walkin (like always) and i had a feeling that i should stop to get my umbrella just in case it started to rain (it has not rained here in like. . . 4 months.) so i went and grabbed it. and not more than 15 minutes after started to rain. . yes, it started to RAIN!!! and ya know when it starts to rain all the people are in their houses so... you really can't contact. and because that this week is Easter week a lot of the members are out for vacations. but luckily we found a member that was in their house and right as we entered their building the rain stopped and we entered their house and shared a message. and when we finished right as we left not more than 2 minutes later it started to rain.... yet again.... and so as me and my comp are just walking in the streets with the water up to our ankles. my comp was wondering what in the world i was doing as i am just singing "i'm singin in the rain" but yeah it was a pretty good time. and i learned that the water that falls from the sky here tastes just as horrible as you would imagine. and this story i believe ties into another story of how my comp was in the hospital. 

SO.. then as me and my comp were just studying in the morning until 12 like we do everyday but this friday was a bit different. because in the morning we were just studying personally and at first i thought that my comp was shaking my table and trying to get my attention. and then all of the sudden i felt like i was going to fall over out of my seat. so my first thoughts were: man i need to drink more water so that i don't faint. and when i stood up i felt the ground move beneath my feet and just thinking... AM I DRUGGED? i looked at my comp and asked him.... is the ground moving? and that is when the ground started to move more and more and more and the tables started to shake as my comp told me" get in the door way its more safe!!!!!" and i just had to say "bro we have to get into the street if its anything like the movies some freakin sick things are going to happen. " so as we were going for the door of our apartment it was hard to put the key in the hole because the door was shaking and my hand was shaking and those two really aren't a good combination. :D  and when we got into the street you could only see everyone filing out of their buildings and into the streets and people running all over the place screaming and crying and telephone poles falling and us trying to stay on our feet (it wasn't insanely
strong but it was sufficient:D) yeah.. i gotta say that it was probably one of the coolest things that i have experienced in my life.  :D I can't really explain it cuz it's a feeling that i have never felt before in my life. and in the end of all the chaos and craziness only a few light and telephone poles fell down and no one was hurt. so thats good. :D hahah yeah... 

oh so the day after the earth quake my comp woke up feeling a little bit sick. but waking up and feeling sick here in mexico is just like waking up and you hair is a mess. it just happens.. and often. so we really didn't thing very much of it. but as the day went on he started to tell me that it is starting to hurt more and more with every hour just to breath. and that is when i just thought to myself.... um... this is not good... it should not hurt to breath. and so i called my DL and he came to my house and at this point elder Ovalle was in bed and could not move and every breath that he took was killing him. and so my DL called the ZL's and they came to our house and called president and told him that we were going to take my comp to the hospital. and just so this whole story is not like 10 and a half hours long.... we finally made it to the hospital and the got us in after like 2 hours of waiting. and me and my DL and one of the ZL's we were waiting out side as the doctors were doing the tests on my comp. A QUICK SIDE STORY. and while we were waiting for my comp a man on a bike came by us and started asking for money to see if we and help him out and one thing that i have learned from my mom that you should always listen to the spirit when someone asks for money. because he is the one that is going to tell you if they really need this help or not. and in this moment i just felt like i should not give him money. so i told him"sorry man... i got nothing right now" (which was kinda true... i only had 18 pesos.) and after i told him that i turned my back to him and started talking to my DL again and all of the sudden the face of my DL just turned to stone and he stopped talking to me... and i was just thinking what the heck is going on with him... so i started talkin with my ZL at that point. and like 15 seconds later the guy on the bike went away. and that is when my DL asked me.  "did you know that the dude on the bike pulled out a pistol when you turned your back to him?" and with just complete shock i responded "um... no? i really just didn't notice." and my DL told me and my ZL "are you serious he had the gun pointed at you and elder (ZL) for like 10 seconds and then all of the sudden he just packed up and left." and i was just thinking... man.... we have to be in mexico where a man can pull out a gun in front of a hospital and not have a whole swarm of police on him. SO that was a small miracle that i was not in the stretcher next to my comp:D:D:D:D:D:D hahah kinda funny eh? YEAH THAT WAS THE OTHER SMALL SIDE STORY it makes me wonder what angel he saw that scared him off. i would like to read the letter he wrote home to his mother that night. then we might know what made hime leave without shooting me in the head.:DD....angels?  has to be there certainly werent any police to help.

when my comp left the hospital and they gave us a list of medication that he had to take and so we decided that we would call president so that he could send us more money so that we could afford this medication right? that sounds logical. right? so when we call him and tell him that we have no money because it didn't come 3 days ago like it should have and we asked him if he could send us more because no one has money. he told us "to go find money with the members or other missionaries because the money is not going to come before next thursday:" WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!  my comp has an infections in his throat that extends down to almost his plumones and we are going to wait for a whole week for the money to come? so finally i was just thought man... i am just going to pay for this medication from my home funds because my comp cant wait a week for this so i was going to need to get to a bank. and so by the time we got home and got my comp into his bed all the banks were closed and all of the places that sold this medicine were closed and the doctors told us that he has to start his medication as soon as possible and so me and my ZL went looking for a place and we looked for like... 1 hour and we found nothin... and when we were walking back to the house wondering what we were going to do we found the Hermana Irma Morales (my investigator) and she asked me why i looked so worried. and so i explained what had just happened and what kind of medication that we needed  and we were not sure where we would find it because all the places are closed right now.... and this is where the miracle happened:D:D:D she looks at the paper and looks at me and looks at the paper and just started to chuckle a little bit. and then looks up from the paper and tells me . well... its kinda funny... but back about a month ago remember when i was sick? yeah... well i didn't have the same thing that your comp has but they gave me these two medications that you need. would you like me to give them to you? I was just thinking to my self... you have got to be kidding me! how is it that our investigator has the medicine that we need in this moment. angels are watching out for me. so clearly i said SI and asked how much i would need to give her for these medications and she just told me that its all good you have helped me enough with your words and i don't need these anymore. so she gave them to us and we headed back home and gave the medication to my comp and yeah... He lives happily ever still. :D

today for pday we didnt get invited to play soccer with the rest of the district because my comp likes to tell the president things that are not whole truths.  he seems to like attention from trying to share information about other missionaries and what they are doing in a twisted way. because of this we try to keep him from only reporting me to the president and not the whole district. it works better that way so he only thinks i break rules (which i dont-and that drives my comp crazy) but i have come to see that people who are insecure like to say things bad about those who are really successful. last week he must have said something about me because the president asked me if i was lying about my numbers....I AM A HARD WORKER and it seems to shock people we are having so much success but if you work hard the lord really blesses you.......i knew for sure satan was using my comp and my pres to discourage me from working so hard but i just couldnt let it get to me. i may not be baptizing millions but each street contact and each lesson i teach..... i know the people feel the spirit.... and that is why satan wants to stop my success. i know it is important to always know where you stand with the Lord as you may never know who will question your integrity 

and the two photos are of my version of "Singing in the Rain" Mexico style:D 
ps....the rain tasted terrible:D:D

wellp.. that's all.. yeah.. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

WEEK 36...Monday, April 14, 2014

Slip n dip?

Hahaha ok.... so this week went pretty well. we found some new investigators and some new less actives and ya know some dunkin in the baptismal font, and..... yeah.... not to many cool things but ya know... whatever. 

Hahaha so i just want to write about an experience that was freakin cool this last week. so we are at this house of some new investigators and as we are teaching them about the 3 commandments first because they had a ton of questions and really we just felt like we should share the 3 commandments first so.... we did:D and one lady had a question of tithes and another had a question of the law of chastity and the other about why we don't drink. so ya know... teaching about the 3 commandments was just like... killing 3 birds with.... one stone? :D and as we were teaching the they accepted everything so well and the spirit was there and yeah the things that usually that go while we are sharing the things of God. so it turned out that this man was struggling with the word of wisdom and the same with one of the other ladies that was there. but the man told us that he would stop drinking if his mom would stop drinking coffee. and so they both agreed. but here is the catch. the lady well... has quite a bit of years here on the earth so... she was forgetting some of the things that we were saying to them. and so when we finished we gave them a commitment that they would not drink coffee or alcohol. and so we finished with a prayer and started to talk  a little bit just about life after the lesson and all of the sudden this man looked at me and my comp and gave us the be quite signal and then he went into the other part of the house and brought back a huge jar of coffee. and he put the jar of coffee in front of the sister and he asked her... hey mom do you want a cup of coffee. and she told him... well... no. (and then i was just thinking.... YEAH WHAT A CHAMP.) and then she continued... you know i dont drink coffee at night because i cant sleep. and so her son continued with the question... and so... would you like me to make you a cup of coffe tomorrow morning? and she told him "you would really do that for me son? yes that would be perfect". hahah and i just had to quickly jump in and ask the sister. "wait... hermana... i thought you just told us that you were going to stop drinking coffee so that you are more capable to receive the blessings that God has prepared for you?" and the look on her face was a look of surprise and meditation as she told me "yes i did just promise my God that i am not going to drink coffee now," then ya know i just had to follow up with "then why did you just tell your son that it would be perfect if he made you a cup of coffee tomorrow morning?" hahah and the shock that was on her face was priceless as she turned to her son and said "why would you trick me like that you know i want these blessings and that we are trying to stop drinking alcohol and coffee? get this coffee off of my table and out of my house!" haha we all had a pretty good laugh me and my comp and the children of the sister:D:D but yeah. she is pretty freakin cool sister.  

oh and i just wanted to share our experience with our baptism this week. so his name is miguel. and everything was flowin freakin awesome with him and he was progressing really well. but... we had a small problem.... we were teaching him with his aunt and his mom didn't really know that he was listening to us. its not that we were trying to hide the fact that we were teaching him but his mom is never home and miguel nor his aunt told his mom that they were listening to us. . . . yeah... since that miguel is a minor, we had to ask permission from his mom so that he could baptize himself. and so ya know it just to happened that we found ourself... or.. excuse me... i found myself in front of miguels door because my comp nor miguel wanted to talk to his mom... and i was just like... yeah this is cool guys you push the dude who cant talk this language to try and convince this lady to let you get baptized. so i knocked on the door and his mom came out and i just asked her... hello i'm elder anderson and we have been sharing our messages with your son and he has decided that he wants to get baptized. but since his is a minor we have to make sure that it is all good for you if he baptizes himself. and then she looked at me... waited for a few moments and.... her response was quite a shocker. she told me... "NO. absolutely not. i will not even consider it for one moment. " and ya know.... usually i would be a little freaked like... we are going to loose all of the work that we have just done but this time it really hit me. that this church is so true for the fact that this lady is not going to allow him to be baptized and its not the work that we have done but its the work of the Lord. and so after like 3 minutes of spirit filled talk the mom of miguel invited us into her house because as she told me "we really cant be talking about this kind of thing in the door." so we passed into her house and we got talking again and she was still very against him getting baptized. and thats when i just decided it was all or nothing right? I just told the mom of miguel that the message that we share is true and i'm and 100 percent sure that miguel has seen changes in his life for the better and the fact that i am here i'm mexico is a sure fact that what i am saying is what i know is true because if i was just spitting crap i would most definitely not be here in mexico and that i know that this date for this saturday is the date that God has chosen for miguel. and then she asked me " this saturday... miguel has to be baptized this saturday?" and i just told her  "hermana... it's not my choice of what day that miguel can be baptized. me and my comp have prayed and meditated, and we have fasted for miguel so that we can find the date that he should be baptized. hermana this date is not a date of man. it is a date directly from God." (and as i was saying this her facial expression changed from a hard direct look to really interested in what i was saying) (( and i just felt that i should directly jump into talking about the book of mormon.)) and i know that of what that we share is true because of the miracles that i have seen in my life. and hermana as a representative of Jesus Christ i promise you that you could find the same type of joy that your son has found through this message that we share. and all of this starts with the wants and desires that you have in your life hermana. and here in my hands i have a record of what we share and while you read it (yeah notice that i use while ;D) you will feel something that you have never felt before in your life. and i would like to give you a copy of this book of mormon along with a brochure of the Restoration..... (i explained a little more).... but hermana will you read this book if i leave it here with you? and she told me "yes i really will". and just to make sure that she really had the desires to read it... "well.. hermana i want to leave these things here with you but if you don't read this book its going to really kill me because i know of the blessings that come in this book and this brochure. but i don't want to force you to receive these blessings... i'm just here as a representative of Christ to tell you the truth but hermana. do you really have the desire to read this book and this brochure?" (and her response was so sincere it almost shocked me....) "yeah i would really like to read this book so that i can really find out how i can find this eternal family that you talked about and what do i need to do so that miguel can be baptized this saturday?" and yeah... that was a pretty cool time with the power of the spirit. my spanish is horrible but the spirit is powerful... :D:D 
have a great week :D

PHOTO OF THE MONTH...Monday, April 14, 2014

Foto de la semana (mas como.. foto del mes) (Photo of the week (more like .. photo of the month))


Here I have this photo of the month: D

hopefully you like this picture ...: D and do not judge me by my Spanish: D

Monday, April 7, 2014

WEEK 35...Monday, April 7, 2014


hmmmm...... not much to say about this last week but... ya know some powerful stuff. not a lot of cool things but sufficient to write about:D:D:D

so..... i would just like to start out with telling a story that just about killed me with laughter (laughter is with a t right?) so me and my comp were passing by this ladies house and after we got done teaching her she asked us to give her a blessing and clearly because i am training my son i am going to give him the chance to anoint this lady with the oil right? so my son takes his oil and parts the hair of this lady and starts to pour the oil so slowly and so care fully so that so little will leave and so that so very little will leave the aceitero and right as just one little drop is going to leave i don't know if he had a small hand spasm or... who knows, but right as a small drop was going to come out his hand twitched and he dumped the WHOLE ACEITERO ON THIS LADY!!!! i wish someone had a camera in this moment because if someone took a picture of my face i would have probably won the award of the most shocked and disbelief face in this world in this moment because i just have never heard of someone dumping the whole aceitero on someone.... and then after 5 seconds (the time it took me to process what in the world just happened) i looked up at the face of my comp and hahah i just can't explain how fantastically unique that this moment was:D:D:D and after he had anointed this lady it was my turn to give her the blessing. and as i put my hands on her head that was just drenched with oil i gave her a blessing that was to her needs and then she thanked us for the blessing (and for the extra oil that my comp gave her that she was now going to use to cook her dinner after she rung out all of the oil from her hair) and we left. and when we got out side i just had to ask my comp what in the world happened in there:D and as he explained to me.... that as he was preparing himself to pour the oil he had such a strong feeling of the spirit that his hand went numb and the spirit took hold of his body and dumped the entire bottle of oil on this lady. hahah i just had to give this moment a good laugh and tell my comp that i don't think that the oil works in amount. hahah i told him that the one drop is just as powerful at the whole bottle and that it's probably a bit more comfortable for the person if they don't have a head full of oil:D:D and then i just told him not to worry that these are the things that he is going to remember after his mission:D:D:D and that he is doing great and not to worry :D:D but yeah..... it was a pretty good moment that i honestly have not seen yet in my mission:D:D but yeah... :D 

hahah and another good story that happened back a couple of days.:D:D so we were going to this house of an investigator to eat because she invited us:D:D and when we get there she gave us some of the most delicious taquitos that i have eaten here in mexico and then she comes up to me and says "elder anderson you HAVE to try this food. it's one of my favorites and i'm sure that you will like it." Do you want me to tell you what it is now or after you have eaten it? ( i have learned if the people tell me that it is better that they tell me afterwards what i am eating just so that i am not imagining this pig intestines or stomach or heart or brains or... who knows what it could be.) and so she puts this piece of chicken looking lump cooked in bread crumbs or something and tells me to eat up. and as i took a bite into this lump (i really can't describe it any other way...) i got a mouth full of bread crumbs and crumbled up bone with a whole lot of pig fat. and as i am trying to eat this with a smile on my face this lady looks at me and asks... "how is it?" and having this thing work its way down my throat i told the lady... "this probably hast to be one of the most delicious things that i have ever eating in my whole mission. it is just so rich i have never tried anything like it before. what is in it exactly?" and she explained to me that she really loves the fat of the pig so she just buys that and cooked it with the bone because there is more flavor. and i'm not saying that i just lied to her. but i was just trying to compliment her with something that she has made and that she enjoys. :D but yeah... that was an interesting moment. i have never eaten straight up pig fat before:D:D:D

well yeah... that's really all that happened this week. but probably the coolest thing that happened would have to be general conference. because after 6 months in the mission i finally understood a little bit more of conference than the last time:D:D:D so it was more of a spiritual uplifter than just a session of six hours of learning spanish words. i really enjoyed conference. Because when you teach the gospel all day everyday to be able to watch conference is like... six hours at the movies:D:D ps i loved the movies as you know:D:D

and... things are moving pretty well here. we have quite a few people that are listening to us and are progressing pretty well:D:D:D  i especially love the two people we found on the street while we were out doing our "contacting" the one lady is an older woman who has turned missionaries down many times over the years as I approached her she told me that she wasnt sure why, after all these year, she was going to let us come and teach her. she has come to church three times now and loves it :D:D street contacting is the greatest:D:D i wish I could let all the other elders know she is coming to church that she turned down so many times before.  they would be thrilled to know:D:D so we will see how things go this week and the weeks to come:D:D:D well... that is all. yeah... 

Monday, March 31, 2014

WEEK 34...Monday, March 31, 2014


well... this week was.... interesting.... hahah so ya know when you are training and its like raising a child. (hahah like... really...) I love my "son" so much i'm not going to lie... but... ya know... we have our difficulties... like i would just like to say an example that i am trying to teach my comp what he should not do while we are teaching... so we are in a lesson with some less actives and things are flowin so suave and the power of the spirit was there and my comp goes and tells these less actives "well... all of the blessings that my comp promised are true and that you all should really come to church, (this is where it gets a little... interesting...) I know that the church can help you guys so much but remember that the devil is working against you and it will be so hard to come back after years of bad habits and that you guys probably wont be successful to come back to the church because the devil is so strong but... good luck. " oh man... i was so shocked after he said that i tried so hard to come back after that and well... luckily after some time and a few motivating scriptures they were back smiling and all pumped up for going to church (they came to church this week:D:D:D). and then after we left i just told him... dude.... ya gotta focus more on the positive we are trying to encourage them to come to church not condemn them. so yeah... we are getting better errr day. :D but i just thought that was a funny story that passed:D:D:D 

hahah so every month we have the money that is to come this next week , our DL had a baptism on saturday and my comp wanted to see how much water was in the cisterna(the underground water storage ) so he opened up this hatch to see how much water was down there. ok.. well.. let me explain first. this water storage has this opening at the top that is like 3 feet by 3 feet and then it drops down for like 15 feet until the water starts and then who know how deep it is from there. so with that said you know the pocket that we have on our shirts as missionaries- things can fall out right? so as my comp went to bend over to see how deep the water was....... his credit card, mission manual, cards that we made to hand out, and his gafete (i have no idea what gafete would be in english...(badge)) ... oh man... it would not be such a big deal about all the other things fell into this huge underwater storage tank, but... HIS CREDIT CARD°?°?° awww crap.... the money comes this coming monday and we really need the cash flow.... and let me tell ya i was not mad with my comp in the slightest. right after it happened he was already taking off his socks and shoes so that he could get him self into the water tank to get his things. oh man... i just told him. BRO YOU CANT GO IN THERE. I CANT BE EMAILING PRESIDENT THIS WEEK AND HAVE TO TELL HIM.... SOOO... MY COMP DIED? YEAH..... NO BIGGY RIGHT? so after a 15 minute discussion i finally got him to put back on his shoes and socks. but still i am dying inside because to get a new card from the mission is like... a month wait and they don't give us sufficient money as it is. so i was wondering what in the world i was going to do . so when today came around we had just woken up and i thought.... man... before the mission i went skydiving, jumping train car to train car, breaking into places to get sick instagram pictures, and now? i have not done anything crazy in like.... 7 months!!! sheesh! what is this life with out a little of adventure. so i turned to my comp and was like... get ready bro we are going to the church. and when we got there my comp finally found out that i was going down this hole of death to get his  credit card. and my son asked me "why cant i go down?" and i just told him..... "well.... my son.... to tell ya the truth... the president is in love with native spanish speakers and frankly... i don't fall well with him... so if i die... it will probably be a relief to him:D:D" hahah and with that i put myself in and worked my way down the 3 by 3 foot walls down to the water and when i got down there i dropped myself into the water (which came up to my neck, good thing my short comp didnt go down.) and i could not see a thing for the life of me. haha so i just yelled up to my comp drop me the cell phone bro!!! and as he tossed me down the phone i used the flashlight to see this small cavern that i have just entered... and i just yelled back to my son. "The things i do for you son!" and if there are spiders down here i'm going to kill you!!! so i found the card and didn't drown and got my self back out after a heck of a lot of time of almost slipping back down. and yeah... my comp now has money! hahah heck yeah... thats the way we do p-days here in mexico. 

but yeah... we worked really hard this week and ..... still tryin to work harder, we are hitting all the numbers but not the baptisms so we are happy but in Mexico they planched us from the top on down  so yeah... have a great week. peace.

Monday, March 24, 2014

WEEK 33...Monday, March 24, 2014

E. N. G. L. I. S. H.

phew!!! throw me a towel cuz i'm sweatin.... hahah not really but... really. we are only getting started into the season of heat and roasted chickens and i'm already dyin (bah darn english.... why is it so hard to spell in english.... i still can't speak spanish but to spell spanish is a heck of a lot easier than english let me tell ya...) but this week man... i thought it was going to be a week of just sitting at home drinkin iced tea but... ya know... then i realized that... 1. i'm mormon and we don't drink tea and 2.... that i'm in the mission and sitting at home really isn't an option.... but this week was sick:D like my comp... well not really he is doin just fine. 

but to start i just want to tell about a story that happened this week that really was freakin crazy!!!!! so we have been contacting in the street like donkeys and ya know we have been seeing some of the fruits of our labors. so we were going to teach this family and when we entered they offered us something fast to eat before we began our teaching. so we got to know these people that are so fantastic and so welcoming i was so sure that they were going to progress so well!!! and so when i usually start i ask the family what i can ask for them in the prayer (what every missionary does right? ) and when i asked this man what i could ask for him in this prayer he told me that i could ask for the health of his wife and that she always would have the best that would be for her. and that really just shocked me straight up... because they have been married for like 20 years and usually more marriages here that i have seen the husband is like... make me a sandwich woman and don't have respect. so when he told me to ask for his wife i was like dude... i respect you so much what a man (thinkin this in my mind of course...) but what a man right?!?!?! and that is only the beginning of this adventure. so we started with the prayer and right when i ended the prayer the spirit just came in so strong and i just thought to my self... man if they cant feel this i don't know how much more God can do to show them that this is the truth... but oh boy was i wrong... me and my comp were just about finished with the lesson and usually i find myself praying that the spirit will be able to stay with us the entire time in this lesson i found my self praying that if God could take away a little bit of the power of the spirit that was there because i don't know if it was the reaction with all the spicy that i have been eating but really i was feeling pain of how strong the spirit was there in the room and the faces of the man, his son, and his wife we of complete shock or awe with what we were saying and the power that was in the room and when we finished and i did the baptismal invitation the power and feelings of the spirit were only even more! it was awesome to say the truth. and ya know after i did everything probably the most smooth that i have every done an invitation baptismal ya know what he said..... a solid... no. oh man... that took me back.. and threw me for a loop because i have never felt the spirit work so hard with someone before in my mission. but he was solidly set on his no and normally we try to convince the people to say yes but this time i just felt like i should respect his no and when we were leaving he was like... but i really do respect what you guys are doing. i would like to invite you guys back to eat barbacoa. hahah heck yeah we are headed back with this brohomeie!!! :D so yeah... that was my experience with the most powerful lesson with the spirit that i have felt in my life. and about half way through the lesson the son who has like 10 years of age left the room and can back out when we were leaving and gave me a photo that he drew that had me and my comp with the words; my best friends; oh man... can this family get any smoother? or could this day be any better? but we still had one more lesson to go to.

so while we were going to our last lesson after this family i got a call from the lady that who we were going to go visit that she is going to have a family home evening with some new investigators and if it's all good if i teach the lesson and the activity... and i was like.... um.... sure? so in the 5 minutes that we had walking to her house i came up with a lesson in what i was going to teach. and you know what that lesson was? yeah you guessed it... it was the paper cross story:D:D hahah how funny that i thought that i was never going to use this story in my life and here i am using it for a family home evening. and while i was finally ripping the airplane to make the paper cross the suspense was so much in the room and with each piece that i unfolded was a little bit more pressure to see if the missionaries would be able to stay if they could find this paper cross with one straight rip. and finally when i unfolded the paper cross every ones mouths just dropped open hahah i'm sorry but i kinda laughed a little because the shock in the faces of the people was priceless!!! :D and then i finished up and we set an appointment with these 3 investigators for tomorrow and things should flow well with themD:D:D: but yeah that  is what i wanted to share with you guys bout the paper cross story:D:D:D 

and... well... i received my first job offer here in mexico. who would have guessed. but we got his call from an investigator and she told me that in her work they don't have people to teach english and so we went when we had a free hour (which was weird because we never have a free hour) and i went and taught english hahah how funny and when we finished the boss of this english company came up to me and was like... so when can you come back. .. we will pay you. hahah i just told him that i would love to come back but i wont accept money. and as long as i can invite the people to listen to our message that we bring, i will teach english:D haha he said yes and so i am now teaching classes of english in the church and in a business. as they say..... finding investigators in unexpected places. :D

and.... we ate pig intestines.... whoa! there is another blessing to not eat that again:D that did not sit well in my stomach... to say the least... but yeah... oh and nancy the mom of johnathan, the first person that i got the opportunity to baptize? yeah... she finally decided to get baptized!!! yay!!!! my dl couldnt get after me too much this week cuz i out taught him. I taught 50 discussions gave 5 church tours, had 60 street contacts, added 7 new investigators, and had three previous ones and had 4 less actives at church:D:D i am exhausted but glad to be working harder than ever:D:D

Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK 32...Monday, March 17, 2014


Well... this last week was an interesting one:D:D we worked and worked and worked until  it felt like I was living a scene in the Best Two Years. it is good to be a trainer so you can set the pace:D:D So probably the coolest thing that happened would have to be the two baptisms that we had the opportunity to participate in :D The first baptism is of a young man that is 20 years old and he probably is the bees knees. we found him because he was going to seminary and he was already reading a crap load in the book of mormon and he practically already knew everything that we were teaching him so all we really had to do is wait for the 4 church sundays that people have to go to before they can get baptized:D hahah but something funny or.... ironic... i don't know but its... something:D:D so we were at his house the day before his baptism and he is telling us that he has a cold. a really bad cold so he does not think that he will be able to baptize himself tomorrow. and i was like... uh... crap... this is not good... so we just started to chat and finally he was like alrighty i will baptize myself tomorrow. and when we arrived for the baptism i found another missionary putting blue dye in the water (ya know.. ya do what ya gotta do so the water can look appealing for the people who are baptizing themselves. right? because who wants to get baptized in water green) and that is when i was SO surprised. because i put my hand in the water.... and um.... yeah.... it was freakin cold!!! oh man... i felt so bad for Miguel when i felt the water... cuz he is sick and this could only make it worse... but... then i just thought that maybe he might be a bit more sick but the ordinance that he is going to make with God is something that is going to last with him forever:D:D so that was pretty awesome. and yeah... the baptism went great. I had my son baptize him so that he could have his first baptism. :D:D 

hahah and the other baptism that we had the opportunity was with an absolutely fantastic lady :D:D her name is maria and this was probably one of the most fantastic moments i have ever had here in mexico :D because after so much time working with her and her doubting and telling us no to what we are saying she finally received the answer that we have been telling her that she would receive if she just continued on. :D:D oh man... i don't even know how to express how happy i was for this lady:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!! like when she left her interview with our DL she just came up to me and was just bawling (with joy) and was like can you just please give me a hug? BAH THAT FREAKIN KILLED ME!!!! Cuz I was as happy as she was.  I just told her that i really cant. . . . but yeah... it was a fantastic moment:D:D and at her baptism she called me her angel for everything that i had done for her (well... i really didn't do much... really... it was all the Lord.) and the patience that we had with her and yeah.. it was such a fantastic moment i really cant tell you how awesome it was. Because i have never really felt so happy for someone to make this covenant. yeah.. it was a sick experience :D

haha and i just have one more thing that was freaking funny that happened. so... during the nights my comp sleeps really light and he wakes up really easily. and last night (i do not remember what happened at all.) apparently i woke up in bed and sat up and started talking with my comp. and apparently as he told me we just had like a 10 minute conversation about the mission to what is life like in Guatemala. and at the end i just told him... ok thats cool... night:D hahah sorry that just freaking killed me to hear that i just woke up in the night and started talking to my comp. but yeah... so...... cool story bro. right? 

well that is the hi light of what happened this week... we worked fechin hard this week. had 17 new investigators, a couple baptisms and a crap load of lessons, 47 to be exact, sixty contacts, 7 less actives at church........almost as good as  "The Best Two Years".......and i still got told to do better or go home?  what? is that the south american way? i hope to get up the guts to tell my DL that the Lord is pleased so why doesnt he go home:D :D so i hope things will get better for my DL's sake but as for Me and the Lord.... I think we are doing just fine :D I love feeling the spirit and the satisfying feelings it brings here in good ole mexico. remember to always check with the lord to find out where you stand with him or life could destroy you:D:D