Monday, October 6, 2014

WEEK 60...Monday, October 5, 2014

This week some pretty good ol stuff happened. We did have the wonderful opportunity to help 3 people make some covenants. And some jolly joy at general conference. So I would first like to explain about the baptisms this week. The first two youngsters got baptized this last Tuesday and i do have to say that this baptism was probably one of the most funnest (is a word in English?) baptisms that I have ever be in attendance. Just because for this baptism we got the whole ward there and all the youth made like posters for the two that were getting baptized n... Yeah it was a blast. But with the actual ordinance was kinda interesting. The younger sister went in there and the cousin did the ordinance and she was out.  But when the older brother when in there so that he could be baptized it was a little bit more interesting if you ask me. Because right before every baptism I always promise the people that they just have to relax and everything will be alright. But when this youngster got in the water and his cousin did the prayer and started to put him underneath the water and he decided to throw his hand out of the water and then he cousin pulled him back out so he never went all the way under. And the next time he was almost under and he threw his leg up and out. So yet again we went back to the repetition. And for the next 3 times and the child just could not get his elbow underneath the water . But like they always teach us. Perseverance is the KEY! And so we got him underneath the water and he left a happy reciĆ©n baptized  child of God. But... That is the experience that I wanted to share about this baptism.

Hahaha ok. So this next baptism that I would like to talk about is another joven. But the funny thing about this baptism would have to be that after the others earlier in the week that the church ran out of gas... Yes i know... Here in Mexico your gas runs out?!?! Yes why yes it does. So during general conference we filled up the baptismal font and the bishop bought 4 electric heaters that we put in the water. And those babies were there in the baptismal font for 3 hours and let me tell you when I stepped into the water all I thought was... Goodness gracious I'm sure glad it's not me that's going underneath the water:D and I turned behind and told her that it's not that cold and she kinda got angry at me when she stepped in. Haha that look on her face as she stepped in was priceless. But we finished up the ordinance  and it will an experience that she will probably never forget. And after we got out I told her it was probably as cold as the canal over in chimalhuacan. (But there are quite a few big differences between the two. Because in the baptismal font they don't throw dead people into.) but those were the baptismal stories that we got from this week.

And the next two stories that happened were probably the weirdest and one of the funniest things that have happened here down in the ghetto.

The first one is when me and my comp we were coming home from the priesthood session In the stake center and everything was awesome because general conference are the only times of the year that we get to rest Saturday Sunday and Monday and pretty much it is a fiesta and a half for the mish dish down here in the pish of the posh.  And so we were walking in the streets of Mexico and we were almost to our house and all of the sudden this girl about of like fifteen or sixteen like came up right in front of me and just started talking to us. Her and her buddies just started chattin with us and I noticed that one of her buds had a huge star cut into his head and I told him that it was a pretty freakin dope star that he had there and the girl right I front of me was like "I can cut a star into your hair if you want" and I was like... "Hmmm... Tempting... I'm good but thanks though haha " and then I told them that we had to run to our house cuz it was time for us to be in. And then she asked me " could you accompany me to my house right now?" And I told her "nah we really have to go right now" and she just kept insisting and I just finally told her that we were going to peace out. And yeah we peaced out of that situation and got home nice safe n snug. Hahah the funny stuff that happens in the streets of the ghetto at night.

 And then the absolute funniest thing that happened this last week would be during the Sunday session of general conference. And usually if you guys can imagine every general conference that all the Americans go into another room with another computer so that we can watch the conference in English and just enjoy a little bit of the good ol red white n blue. And we had the wonderful opportunity to watch the first 4 sessions in English and now it all came down to the last Sunday session. And so we arrived after the food and were preparing to watch yet another fantastic session of the conference and all of the sudden we find out that there will be no wifi.... WHAT!? No wifi? And as my brain calculated over what that meant it hit me... No general conference in English... That just couldn't be. And so we just kept trying and trying and trying to get the computer to connect to some other internet so that we could watch the conference in the wonderful language of English. And after all of our hard efforts we well... Had to accept defeat.. And so we walked back over to the room where the stake was watching the Spanish translation of conference. So as my comp, my DL , and I were sitting in the room listening to the speakers talk it occurred to us that... If we turn on the modem for the other side of the church we can watch the conference in ENGLISH! What a great idea that was. So we head back over to the other side of the church and find the modem. We found the little stinker on the curling And it was flashing red. And putting all of out brains together we decided so that every one could help out so that we could get this modem up and running as fast as possible that my comp would lift up my DL so that he could reset the modem and I would take the hard job of standing by and supervising. ( I know I know I like to take one for the team) and now this is when the story gets interesting because we were trying to get the modem on and right in that moment our stake president walks around the corner. And if you can only imagine the sight that he saw. That an elder up by the modem hitting it around a little bit with another big red headed elder holding him up and another elder standing by the side not advising them that of which they were doing was absolutely dumb and strange but he was there encouraging them on. And that is when he gave us THE LOOK and asked us what in the world we were doing. And we told him exactly what we were doing. " we are trying to turn on the modem so that we can watch the conference in English " (and you have to understand that our stake president is a very VERY serious man and he scares me quite a bit) and when we told him that he just continued to stare at us with disapproval and it just made me think. It's because he has never had the true joy experience to watch conference in English that is why he is not helping us right now to reset the modem. But.... With that he told us that there would not be internet over here for this last session of conference.... And with those piercing horrible words he destroyed our last chances to hear conference in English. And so.... We walked back into the other room and finished the last part of the session of conference in Spanish. It was good. But it's just not the same.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WEEK 59...Monday, September 29, 2014

yet the days keep rollin...

I would like to share one thing though. Or. Two... But we will see how much time I have to write. We have been looking for people so that we don't find ourselves in a problem with no one to teach. And that is when God blessed us with the opportunity to teach this teenage girl and her mother. But there is something really interesting about this girl and her mother. So the girl has been assisting the church for just over and month before we even knew that she lived in our area. But she had been going to another ward during all that time. And one day we got a call that there was someone who wanted to hear more about the gospel. But the mother of this girl has not been able to go to the church because she works in the hospital and for some reason she is really not able to change her day of rest. So right now she is not able to go to church. And the girl had already told us that she would already like to he baptized so that she could prepare herself so that she could go on a mission. And well... All of that hunk of junk that I just got done explaining is kind of a background story. So then we saqued a cita and headed on over to their house. And we started to teach the restoration and the mom loved every word that we said and we thought that everything was going perfectly. And once we finished we invited the daughter that she could prepare herself for this 4th of October. The mother then went on to explain for about 15-20 minutes for all the reasons why she could not be ready for that baptism so soon and that how she would like to go to the church herself as well before her daughter got baptized. And that how it would be a lot more probable that she would be ready in 2 to 3 months. And that is when me and my comp we explained that the baptism is not something that is so difficult to reach that few people are able to participate in a baptism. But it mainly depends on our willingness to follow the commandments to God and the faith and need to want to be baptized. And she still was not all thrilled out of her mind that her daughter was going to participate in a baptism. And I promised her that she would know that this is this right thing for her child. And that is when I explained to her that I could be there all night talking about how great a baptism is and how many blessing that you are going to receive if you participate in one but.... What good does that do? Because I am just another regular human being and I am just giving you personal experiences that I have lived. But the things that help us know which path or decision we should take is through the experiences that we live in our lives. That is when the mother asked me, how is it possible to know if we should participate in a baptism with such little time to prepare ourselves. With such a great question came a great answer. Prayer. And as we asked her mother to open her heart and really really ask God to see if she should let her daughter be baptized on the 4th of October that she WOULD recorded an answer in this moment. But ONLY if she REALLY wanted to know the answer. And as we kneeled down to pray I told the mother and the daughter that after the prayer we were going to keep out eyes closed and not talk for a few moments so that the Holy Spirit could make is feel the answer that if your daughter should get baptized or not. And this women probably offered one of the most sincere prayers that I have heard in a good long while. I could honestly feel her longing to know an answer. And once she ended we sat there. And this few moments turned into a few minutes. And those minutes that we were there on our knees, silent, and waiting for this answer that this mother wanted were so very very powerful. And in one moment she looked up at is and then looked over at her daughter and asked. "Child, you want to baptized yourself?" And her daughter told her mother "yes, I would really like to" and then so... She looked at us and told us that there was the answer. If her daughter wanted to get baptized and with the feeling that she just had felt... She could not detain her daughter from baptizing herself if it was the will of God. And with that we left then with a chapter in the boom of Mormon and left. Andthis Saturday this jovencita will have the opportunity to baptize herself. And um... Er... I think that is all that happened this week. 

WEEK 58...Monday, September 22, 2014

The drowning Y the miracle

This week was a good one. Because it we got the work necessary done and God gave us the chance to baptize. But the thing I want to talk about is when the daughter was in her interview and I got the opportunity to talk with the mother. And she is so glad that her daughter is getting baptized because this lady was baptized when she was a child and then withdrew from the church for 30 years. So she wants her daughter to get baptized and have another type of life than like the one she had. And so... I talked with this woman about how it's never too late to come back to the church. And we talked about this because she was worried that it was too late and that she couldn't come back to the church. And as we continued to talk to me and my comp explained to her that what she was doing right now (helping her daughter prepared to be baptized.) is a very good thing. And that life is like the dream of Lehi and the rod of iron. The best thing is to find the rod of iron grab onto it and never let it go. But if we do it let go of the rod of iron it will still always be there but we might have to fight against the mist so that we can grab onto it again. It was a great opportunity to be able to talk with this woman and she really wants to be active in the church and in the Gospel. So.... Yah that would be todo.

And I would love to share an experience about the baptism that we had this week. And what makes this baptism interesting is that this little girl was a little bit terrified of water. And we thought that we would help her out a little bit by passing by her house the day before the baptism so that we could practice with her what was going to happen.  And so we practiced and we assured the little girl that nothing was going to happen that she was not going to drown. And so. When the day of the baptism came she was still really really really really really really scared. And so as my cock did the ordinance of the baptism everything went great. And as she left she was saying that she thought she was going to drown. But my comp  did the baptism or did the ordinance very very well and she had nothing to fear. But when she came out she kept telling her mother that she thought she was going to die that she was not going to leave the water alive. I just left and thought to myself that's funny. But that's normal if someone is going to be baptized and they have a fear of water they normally feel like they are going to drown into the abyss. But after all is said and done. She got baptized and is happy. And didn't drown.

And the other thing that I would like to share is a freaking awesome experience that me and my comp had the opportunity to experience. So me and my Comp we're at the church after the baptism of the young girl had just ended. And our leader called us and told us that we had to find some new people that wanted to hear the missionary lessons. And honestly me and  my comp we were tired and we wanted to sit there and just empty out the baptismal font and we decided that our leader was giving us good revelation  and so we left the church and went to find some new people who wanted to listen to us. Our district leader had told us that we should go back and talk to the people that were not in their house the first time that we had passed by. And so me and my comp we're thinking who we would go and visit. And an idea came into our minds and we thought of a woman who we had already passed by her house like four times and she had never been there. So with this direction of the Spirit we went to this house for the last time and we knocked on the door. And me being tired and really wanting to go to sleep I thought this woman is not going to be here we are wasting our time. And right in that moment an old man who could not hear very well opened the door and there was that woman who we had a contacted in the street back two weeks ago and not only her, but her mother and her two kids. And when she saw us she told us that we should come on in and sit down and share our message with them (and really this moment was like one of those moments that you hear in the MTC because normally no one ever was you to share your message.). So we sat down and we shared a absolutely beautiful message and they loved it and except the old man (he is just old and very grumpy) but the rest of the family love the message and the all the want to keep preparing themselves to be baptized. And so we invited them to church and they said that they would do everything possible to get there tomorrow. But. They never came. But it was a great experience because the whole family was there sat upon the couches and was ready to hear our message and it was a great testimony builder and a great mission experience yes. It was great. That's the story. But that is the experience that I had this last week.

Oh. Another cool awesome thing that me and my companion are going to do it tomorrow is we are going to take the bomb pill. Because we have some major infestation of bugs in the stomach. So... This should be a great experience for us tomorrow.