Friday, August 1, 2014

WEEK 50...Monday, July 28, 2014

The Cell Phone

So... we got two great stories comin... well... ya know what i mean. We usually go and help out this hermana. (God bless the lady because she is just about the greatest woman that i have ever met in my whole life. ) we usually go to help her out deshacer queso. because she has her puesto of quesadillas. Because during the day we help her out to deshacer queso and usually one time en la semana we go and help her out with cooking all of her orders that she has coming in. and it was just yet another normal day here in the ghetto as people had the craves for their quesadillas. And so as master chef (haha lie) i took the first shift to cook the food. and to cook the food you prácticamente are deep frying with two spatulas. and i do have to say that it is the dopest thing that i have ever done here in mexico. and then i was the turn of my comp. and as a national chef he pretty much wreaks face with cooking these bad boys. But the reason why i am even sharing this message is because of what happened. Because he was cooking away and one of the quesadillas slipped from the spatula when he was trying to take it out of deep frying it. and it caught the oil perfectly and i would have to say that a small wave came out of that fryer and went  right on to his hand. and boy o boy do i tell you that he quemared himself pretty darn bad. and one of the hermanas clientes started to chew her out and i just told the man how it is. (take this out berks) Oiga carnal, no vendríamos si no quisimos ayudar a la hermana. entonces basta. gracias. Haha nah its just a joke. I said it a bit more kind than that. More like. hey bro... we only come here because we enjoy helping out the sister she does not make us stay here or anything so its really not necessary to get angry at her. but yeah that was pretty much this event. my comp has had to keep cleaning his hand because it was not to nice of a burn... 

but this next one is the winner of awesome things that have happened in the night time well... probably next to the man throwing a rock through the window but this was pretty awesome. Me and my comp were just about to enter into our house so we could rest for yet a whole nother day here. Right as we  we about to enter this man runs up to us and starts to talk and asks if we could prest him our phone. and i was like... HECK YES (because the phone that we have does not work work at all.) and when he was using it i want him to just take off with that phone and never come back with it. and that was a real let down when he gave the phone back to me after calling his girlfriend. but that is when this whole story gets freakin dope. because he started to talk to us about how he does not have a job and how what he does for a living. and ya know like all the people that i find myself getting to know he is a contract killer for a living haha what a joy. and so we kept talking to him and he kept throwing punches in the air to show us how he took down some people but don't worry he assured us that he was not carrying a gun. because he told us straight up and then he unzipped his jacket and lifted up his shirt and spun around to show us that he was not packin. And he turned to my comp and said... ya know.. you look like a tough man. the next time i get a job i will give you a call. hahaha and my comp tells the guy. Well... actually we don't kill in our religion. and that really surprised the man. and from there we continued to talk about what we do as missionaries and he pulled out his phone and asked if we could put our number in his phone so that we could visit some time and talk a bit more about what we do. so right when i got the phone in my hands he took off running! and i just thought to myself... man. this dude stole this phone and now just put it in my hands and there is probably another man that is coming for this phone thinking that i stole it... haha that is what when through my mind but the dude was just running to the store in the corner to buy some smokes. and then he came back to continue to talk to us about his adventures and how he wants to become like us and how... well yeah. and our whole chat with him ended when his girlfriend was calling us back and i looked at the phone and told him. the call is for you. that is when he took off running with our phone (i was practically in heaven because i thought he was stealing it... but then....) and at about 10 paces out his turned around and threw it back to us.... darn. and yeah we entered our house and ya know did what tired missionaries do. slept. 

and well... this is short but.... yeah. we had no one to go to church because everyone had bailed on us and we had yet a whole nother week of nothing to show for our work. but as we were walking in the street i had the feeling to touch the door of this man that we found in the street drunk. and when i touched it he opened the door really sober and i asked him if he would like to go to church. with a very sure response he went back on and pulled on a jacket and came with us. i'm not going to lie. that was awesome. but that is pretty much all that happened in this week. short and sweet and to the point right?  there were other things that passed this week but not as adventurous. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

WEEK 49...Monday, July 14, 2014

Taco Surprise!

so this week i have some things that were kinda funny. 

I will just have to start with the most funny thing that happened. Well.... i'm not really sure if you could say it was funny or just plain not smart. So me and my comp we were finishin up a day down here in the land of tacos and undercooked meat and we thought to ourselves.... man we gots some good hunger right now. and right in that moment we passed this freakin sketchy taco truck :D and i thought to my self... that is just amazing!!! you just don't see a taco truck every day of your life. and me and my comp went and bought some "white girls" (gringas) which are so freakin delicious. and the salsa that this man put on this gringas was freakin amazing! and we thought we had won the lottery because not only had we just discovered this new location where we can buy this amazing little piece of food. but it also fed the beast that was inside of our stomaches :D and all of this joy came back to attack us the next day. Like my comp said... la comida entró bien. y después... salió bien mal. the food went in good and then... left really bad.. because me and my comp woke up the next day and that is when all the joy and when this wonderful discovery of the night before became a nightmare. because me and my comp were so extremely sick that we could not even leave our beds. and well.. i don't really want to express much more of how much joyful fun was that day but all i have to say is that a good old spicy salsa of habanero might peak a little bit and taste good on the way down but... as it comes up... goodness gracious. it just hurts :D so after that day we were able to get our selves on our feet and  got back down to the work load. so yeah thats just about what had happened this week. 

but the other story that i had was wellp.. kind of funny as well. so... for the last little bit i have had an ingrown toenail. and i had been going to this doctor near our house for so many many many months trying to get it taken care of when one of our members found out and saw my toe and told me that it looked absolutely horrible. and i told them that the doctor that i have been going to has been telling me every week that it is getting better. and that is when this man kind of made fun of me. and said. .. well... if that looks better i would have wanted to see it when it was "bad". and so he took me and my comp to a foot doctor  to have her check it out. and when i took off my sock she was just very very shocked of how bad my toe looked. and she asked me... how long have you had this like this? and when the member dude chirped in and said. well... he says that its getting better. and the foot doctor just laughed and said the same thing that the man told me in his house. and finally the lady took out the rest of the ingrown toenail and i have  been healing very nicely since then :D:D:D sometimes the right dr makes all the difference, at least I am hoping it does:D:D

i still haven't met the president and his wife officially:D:D i am hoping to soon cuz this mission has affected me big time and not in a positive kinda way all the time:D:D you said the new pres and his wife seem positive and it would be nice cuz it would be like being at home:D:D you just don't know what you got til you don't have it no more:D:D my new definition of home:D:D peace:D:D

Monday, July 7, 2014

WEEK 48...Monday, July 7, 2014

New Mission President

Okey smokey. Sometimes you think change is going to be hard and yet when you meet change it is surprisingly better than you ever imagined.  Could it really be possible that my new mission president is COOL.  I could tell he we the minute he walked in with his wife.  The peace they brought into the room made me think everything was going to be ok.  He is soo cool and she is so fun.  I never thought i would say that about a mission president.  I was sorry our time with them turned out to be so short:D:D   So probably the second coolest and the most fun thing this week that happened would have to be on Saturday.  Because Saturdays all we do from the time that we go work to the time that we go and eat lunch is teach English classes. First off we head to the church to teach some people that come by to learn for free and this week was awesome because there is this lady and her son that come and they are just so much of a joy to teach. And the last 2 weeks that I have taught English classes they were not there. And so this week was freaking awesome because no one came but these two :D so we just had a blast learning English and them making fun of my Spanish and all that good jazz :D and then we head over to this other English place and they invite us to do a club every week with people who have been studying English for a couple of years .  And this class I creaking love as well because they already speak English and all we do is talk to them and have just a good ol jolly time talking about soccer and work and stuff like that. (But in all the classes before they had not let us talk about our religion.) so the last class we had talked about the World Cup and lots of people went to the director and asked him if the two white boys can do a club on their religion. And so this week he let us talk about religion. And I do have to say. Man teaching in English is SO much more fun than in Spanish. (Maybe because it's just something different out of the overly repetitious things we do errr day) we started our our class to see if the people had any questions and that is where we went they had many many many questions. And at the end of it all they told us that they want to got visit the church and have a guided visit but in English. And we were like HECK YEAH that would be awesome! So we planned it out and for the next club we are going to try and take them to the church and teach them a bit more. :D so that was a pretty awesome thing that we did this last Saturday:D

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WEEK 47...Monday, June 30, 2014

Splish Splash?

This week was a pretty good week. To start off. My comp and I were walking in the rain like normal. And this time it was raining a whole lot. And we had to head to the church for an interview of another investigator of some other elders. When we got there did what needed to be done and then for the end of the day we had to walk all the way back to our house. I wasn't complaining in the slightest I find that walking in the rain really makes the day a WHOLE lot better.  So we are just strolling along my comp and I and like normal trying to throw each other in a puddle so they get soaked. And we finally arrive to... Well I think you could almost call it a highway. And to go to the church and to come back we always have to cross this road that is always packed of cars commin by. (I personally like to think of it like a little game of frogger) but this time was very very different because my comp went down the road a little but more and I was just thinking"what a crazy little man why are you going over there when here is the best place to cross?" And there was actually something that I had not paid enough attention to. Because there was a really really big puddle In front of me and I really didn't see how deep it actually was. and you might be thinking that I stepped in the puddle and got my knees wet, right? Hahaha wrong. I was thinking to myself...  "Right after this car I'm going to cross. " and right as the car passed... That huge puddle of water that was in the street suddenly was up and in my face and had drenched me from head to toe. And right after this moment my comp was just laughing up a storm and that is when I realized that i was going to walk down the road a little bit more so that we could cross with out getting more drenched than I already was. So I can honestly say that puddle water In Mexico... Does not smell or is very clean water to put all on your clothes. So probably stay away from the whole Mexico puddle water.  

Another thing that happened would have to be pretty a good experience would be making friends with some broham that works in un puesto de carnitas its like a taco stand but they sell all part of the pig. and this last week as we have made ourselves better and better friends with him he has started asking us if we have tried somethings and pretty much all of the things that are there in the taco stand i really have not tried. and ya know i thought that a good taco consisted of: some meat, some pig skin, and some bacon. but oh little did i know when he started to give us a little bit of kidney (i hope i never have to eat that again) and some NANA which i still don't know really what it is... it just had a weird texture and with a good salsa. MMM don't even get me started. but we have made friends with this man and we believe that he is going to progress really slow but ya know not everyone is going to be ready in the 4 weeks that we set like some people say :D but ya know we are doing the work of the Lord and not the work of man. 

and.... hm... we do have some of our investigators that are progressing we are trying to help a man to get divorced so that he can get married and baptize his son because that would be pretty cool to really help a whole family start the path to being sealed in the temple and having them continue in the path from which they can be not only a family here in the earth but forever so that is one thing that we are really pushing for right now. 

oh and i am going to send this picture that i also sent in another email that is of an elder in my district. we were coming back from the church and while i was paying for the ride he went back into the back and just sat like a man of success and i just thought to myself dang if there is a face of success it sure would darn be that one. so how could one pass up a moment like that to take a picture. and this is the picture that left out of this moment so that was pretty good if you are askin me. 

Haha so... That is pretty much everything awesome that happened this week:):) we did a ton of contacting this last week and not one of the accepted us and a whole bunch of other mission joy:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WEEK 46...Monday, June 23, 2014

The contacts?

Something that happened this week that we have not seen in a really REALLY long time is that we received eight references today from the members... that was a pretty freakin sick moment. Because in this area I have a bit of time and almost the whole time that I have been here we do not receive support from the members,  but this week I feel like me and my comp were really able to connect with the spirit and be able to put the lesson that we were sharing with each member into their lives and they really felt that we care for them and I believe that is what really changed this week. Because as we show more love for the people and for the hard things that they are going through they are going to think that if we pay attention to them and that their preoccupations are our preoccupations then they are going to give us their friends that need that same blessing in their lives and I'm not just meaning two missionaries listening to some problems but really showing them how they can find peace through the gospel of Jesus Christ. So yeah... That was one cool thing that happened this week. 

And another thing that happened would have to be... When we contacted this lady who sells bread in her bread store. Because the first time that we contacted her she was not really interested and didn't want to come visit our church nor did she want to even own a copy of the Book of Mormon. But over the last 3 weeks we have been passing with her and getting to know her little by little and we didn't even try to talk to her about the gospel. We would just pass by and talk about how her sales were going and how many kids she had and all that jazz and one of the coolest things happened this week. So we pass with her just like any other day and we talk with her about the sales again and all of the sudden she just asks us... So. Where exactly is your church ? Because I would like to go and see what really is taught there and ya know... Just to get to know. And at that moment my comp took the opportunity to pull out a Book of Mormon and when she saw the Book of Mormon this time her eyes light up and she was so happy to take it into her hands and start to read it. So...  Until right now she still does not want us to come by to share a message but at least she has a Book of Mormon and is accepting little by little. So that was  just a  cool little experience or miracle that me and my comp saw this week. 

Another really cool experience that I was able to participate in this week would probably have to be when I did divisions with another elder in my area. And we were really going to focus on the contacting in the streets that day. And so we were going pretty good contacting and getting rejected (ya know the usual) but we were walking down a street and I just got that good feeling like... Hey yo bro I'm gunna bees talkin to ya. And so i saw this man and knew that I was going to contact him. So I started the contact and decided to take the Book of Mormon route in this contact and it just so happened that right where I contacted this man there was a group of people off to the side of the road (and you know like all good contacts in  Mexico you just so happened to start the contact right in the middle of the road) and when a car came we had to move off to the side of the road and we just so happened to come right into the group of the other people on the side of the road . And when we got over there I just was like "HEY HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD ABOUT THIS BOOK?" And clearly que no they had not. So I was like "come join in and listen a little bit about what the Book of Mormon is. " and so that changed my one person contact into a 4 person contact and right when they started to listen a guy just so happened to leave his house and we just so happened to be right out side of his door. So I just thought to myself ya know why not. And said to this bro. " hey come on over here and listen to a little bit of this" and that turned my 4 person contact to a 5 person contact. And you would think it stopped right there right? But HECK NO. And when I started to teach how Jesus was baptized in a specific way to put the example for us and we have to follow his example that is when the guy who came out of his house had his wife and little 10 year old girl come out looking and wondering what in the world is going on right now.  Having two white boys in the ghetto of Mexico and a crowd of people standing around listening to a message about the thats not normal:D:D:D  so when I finished my message that had started out as a simple one man contact but transformed to a 7 person contact. And I would love to say that everyone accepted us but.... Only like 4 accepted so.... which i would call a miracle in the streets of Mexico:D:D it was pretty awesome to see the spirit work inside of these people living in a non peaceful world........good time if you be askin me:D:D  almost like the story that we learned in fhe over and over and over and over

The baptism of this week.  i don't have much to say but... it was a great experience and that we were able to help this lady over come her difficulties and they are one step close to becoming an eternal family. we are now just focusing on the dad because he is the only one who has not be baptized......... yet.

and that is it for this week :D:D:D

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WEEK 45...Monday, June 16, 2014

Run n Gun...Right?

i have been sick for a long time and i am starting to improve. sickness and not being able to eat make for a pretty tired missionary but i have only eliminated exercise and not any of the work so i am not very behind.  you don't want to be sick as a missionary:D:D:D 

it hasn't been long since i was standing in front of the  hospital when a man put a gun to my head because i wouldn't give him any money. and my life was spared and we know missionaries are protected when they are doing what they are suppose to be doing and this last week goes to show the importance of me and my comp being at the meeting instead of at home at our apartment cuz the lord blesses those missionaries who are obedient:D:D

So this week me and my comp left for our meeting on Thursday and we left all fine and dandy and we went and prepared our selves for the next week. But the thing is when we were coming back from the church, right in front of our house there were a whole lot of police. and we were wondering what in the world was going on. and when we got in front of our house we saw what had happened. because there was a girl about 20 years old in front of our house and two guys came up to here and told her that she needed to give them her gold necklace and when she told them no they pulled out a gun and shot her 3 times through the ****. and while we were passing i'm assuming it had happened pretty recently because they had already gotten the body away but the ****** of ***** and all the blood was enough for me. but in that moment i didn't take a picture (believe me i wanted to) but i didn't want the police to think that i was part of it. and so i finally got a picture after everyone had gone and they had put a cross where she had died. so.... does that mean i should just stop dressin so darn classy? hahah yeah thats neva happenin. :D:D: but yeah here is my small story for this week :D:D i will write a lot more the next week :D:D but this was my adventure for this week :D:D so yeah right out side our house. in the picture you can see the wall of our house. 

We spent our p-day buying fruit so we can start our diet. the spots on the floor are not dirt, it's getto life.

        one of the elders in my district posing for the world cup that everyone is crazy about here

 These elders in my district don't want to do the diet so they were happy to get the treats from your package:D:D:D

Thursday, June 12, 2014

WEEK 44...Monday, June 9, 2014

This week had a good bye to my old companion and hello to a Wyoming boy.  it has been one of the best weeks of my entire mission:D:D:D this picture is of a lady who we have become good friends with and she lets us help her cook our lunch. my companions endurance for putting in a full days work and trying to be friendly to people he didn't know slowly started to improve near the end of our time together. he had a hard time understanding how important it was to show that the gospel makes us happy. people were always asking us why is elder anderson happy and your companion is not. smiling is one of the first steps of being a good missionary and it is hard to teach someone that:D:D:D but he is smiling in this picture and that is why this is such an important picture:D:D:D

Yes mom you can have a picture of me and my new companion!!:D:D i know you want it so you can find out who he is and stalk his parents sooooooo HERE WE ARE!  good luck mom:D:D:D

this is one of our favorite investigators kids:D:D we love her as much as she loves us:D:D

this is my new comp on the upper fence of our church:D:D free english classes from two americans:D

This trampoline picture is for my trampoline crazy family. some of the ward members brought this in to let everyone play on it after a baptism, i was going to show them all my tricks but the ceiling was a little low for someone over 6 feet but the "little" people had a blast. they love a good time:D:D:D

look close at this picture and you will see what fast food place is here too:D:D first guess doesn't count.

birthday with the elders

although it looks all fun i must admit that being sick makes it hard to have the energy to keep up the work:D:D eating less feels better. i have had to quit exercising so i can save my energy for the rest of the day:D:D for pday i exercised and didnt have anything left except to rest. i know there are elders are sicker than me so i cant complain but it makes everything harder but still good. i was made district leader and thats good because it causes me to rely on the lord even more as we are told our numbers as a district arent good enough. it use to be that as a senior comp my numbers werent good enough and now i get to carry the weight of the district not doing good enough. this is really hard for me but i know the lord is carrying me through this as not many positive things are said to us and so i need to be the positive change our district needs. i almost think i am not the same person because of it.  so i am going to have to fast and pray i will be able to get some confidence back.  my comp told me he can tell i have faith in god but not in myself.  he is right and i know what has caused it and i know who can heal that as i was a super confident over achiever before i got her and i knew nothing could stop me and i need to get back to that. good thing i have faith:D:D cuz when you arent liked cuz you are an american it stinks. but the lord heals hearts and that is what i can trust in. thanks for all your prayers:D:D