Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

run n gun

So the first thing that i would like to write about would have to be the fact that someone was shot in our area last week. My comp and i were sitting in a less actives house and her daughter ran in and sounded a little worried when she told us that some one had just been shot in street 3. so when me and my comp got done with that lesson we decided to head on down to street three to see if everything was ok. but when we got there..  well... there was only a car with some bullet holes in it and no person and just a whole bunch of police. we were glad to find it wasn't anyone we knew. its always fun to know that you can have something interesting happen every day.  

we went and helped some members clean out there shack on pday. they live along the railroad tracks not far from the river where they throw the bodies after they kill them. when i say shack i mean a place like a wood fort we would build back in the trees with old sheets of ply wood and we would lay carpet on the dirt for our floor. it was just like that except they didn't have any carpet. the family we were helping took us to a pile of dirt that i would have thought there might be a body buried under it but no! after digging for quite a while in this big pile of dirt we found some rugs that had been buried.  i didn't ask why they were buried i just kept digging until all the rugs were uncovered and they were in her shack. the mormons here are not like utah mormons. i call them Mexican Mormons because they are active and yet they do a few things that we wouldn't do in Utah. we were helping her clean out her shack when i lifted up a board in the corner of this members shack and there was marijuana growing behind the boards. i could tell she was trying to keep me away from that corner so when she went outside i got a couple shots of it.  i am sure it is for medical purposes....or so i'd like to think. 

Playing futball with my zone 

            The river where they throw the dead asked, so here it is!

                         Headed to help clean out the shack for a member

             Yes!  people tell me my face is fat! but why is it when my pants are soooo big?

                           Yes! we found a rabbit in their shack too!

                   Morning on my street

                     Like a walmart?

This angle makes all the train tracks no matter what country look beautiful!

                          District buddies:D:D

                       DIGGING OUT THE RUGS:D:D:D

How did they get all that dirt on top of the rugs anyway? but we found the rugs:D:D

                Finishing up

Headed home.....

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