Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Surprise

i just got something short n sweet. but this last sunday we had people who were going to go to church. and like they alway say. "first God" or "if God wants" which are mexican words for either no or i don't promise anything. and so my comp and i were walking to pick up our investigadors and.... none of them were home or none of them opened their doors. and we went to the last house that we honestly thought that they were going to be there and we knocked and knocked for quite a while and no one answered us.... so ya know a little sad and knocked down,  we walked back to the church and my ZL came up to me and asked me how i was and i told him that i was doing good but... that our investigadores didn't come... and in that moment my DL came downstairs and told me. "elder Anderson i think you have some people up stairs in the sacrament room." So i went on up to the sacrament room and....! there were those two guys that we thought that were going to come but were not in their house. they came early!!! it was freakin awesome!!! that was definitely the highlight of my week :D:D I think i am going to get my toe operated on this week or the next just so you know:D:D:D peace. 

Elder Anderson

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