Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Coca-Cola

I got to know a hard core gangster this last week. i had heard a lot about this man when i first got here to the area and how he is really cool with the elders but.... kinda unstable. oh and he speaks english... so this day we were looking for this house to see if a contact that we had done lived there. and once we turned on to the road that this contact lived on. I saw a group of about 12 people just sittin in the street all smokin weed. (almost more common than the regular cigarettes.) as we started to get closer and closer to the house that we needed to knock someone yelled out from the group of weed smokers. Elder Keller! and the broham stood up and came over to us and started to talk to us. then he offered to buy us something from the store. we really didn't want anything in that moment and thus told him that we were fine for the moment. right when we said that he just started walking away from us and said come on i'm buyin you guys something. so... we followed him, not much you can do if someone does not accept your no. as we were walking to the store, some how we got on the subject of how he was broke for the last couple of weeks. and... hahaha how he told us just made me laugh. "ya know... i was broke for a week or two but its all good. got money in da bank now" by now we had made it to the store, and he told us that we could buy anything that we wanted. I was shocked when he pulled out like 4,000 pesos out of his left front pocket and shoved it into his jacket, then proceeds to reach into his other front pocket and his back pockets pulling out stacks of money from each pocket and stuff them into his jacket. with that...  I just knew i had to ask him where in the world he got all that money. so with all the confidence that i could have formed with this man in the last 5 minutes it should have been enough for him to tell me where he got that money, He told me... "it was a long morning to say the least. went to dat teller (of a bank) stuff went down, but i'm here and got money in da bank". hahah i didn't know what went down but... that coke was pretty good, and having friends like these down here in mexico is the best thing you can find. cuz that is how its run down here.....rob a bank--feed the missionaries!

and... with our investigators is going rough to say the least. but.... you can't do more if you already doing everything but with that in mind we did have several cool experiences. one being able to play basketball as a district against a Mexican High School team.  The coach is a member of our ward and he put it together.  we gave them a run for their money and I am sure you can guess who won with who we had on our team:D:D:D

as for the lady who gave me the presents in the picture below, she is crazy about us:D:D hope she is becoming crazy about the church too:D:D as you can see in the picture behind us she is married:D:D whew!!

Elder Anderson

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