Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015


Wellp. This week was one for the books. We finally found some cool investigadors. and we gave a blessing to a little boy in the intensive care place. 

Like i had mentioned. my comp and i have finally found some new investigators and that was after like 2 months of searching and searching and contacting and have absolutely no success. but we came up to this lady in the street and after thousands of contacts and no one  listening to you... well... it stinks. but this lady was different. right when we started to talk to her she told us that she would like us to talk with her son so that he could get to know us and so that her husband could ask us some questions. so with that we got another appointment. and went off with high hopes. the next time that we went over there they were actually in their house(first surprise) and when we walked in they were already waiting for us in their living room (second surprise) and for final the dad said to us that he was so very interested (third and final surprise because no one is every interested in what we do). and  with that we taught them and they were so very excited to come to church on sunday. When they got there on sunday they were excited and I was.... nervous. Because the members down here are more catholic then they are mormon (in all of my areas they have been like that.). And... it was fast and testimony meeting. I was sure we were going to have someone stand up and say that Jehovah is our heavenly father or how the word of wisdom is an optional thing or a member from the seventy to go up and say that if we obey the commandments with exactness and do our best to serve people that we will only go to the terestial kingdom (actually happened in my last word). so... things went pretty well only two members said a fews things absolutely wrong so it was a solid testimony meeting (we will definitely be teaching about how the church is perfect and that the members are not, if they didn't already find that out). THen.... we went to the next class and they called on a lady to do the finally prayer and she stood up and started to recite a catholic prayer and all i could do was sit there and pray and pray and pray that our investigators could take the good of the church and just ignore the members. but.. yeah that was an experience for us. 

On saturday night we got a call that a lady needed a blessing for her child.  so when we got over to her house she told us that we would need to go to the hospital because her baby was in the intensive care. as we were driving over there she explained the situation to us. We arrived to the hospital and we went up to the right floor and they told us that we had to wash our hands like 4 times with different soaps and methods of how to wash. and once we got done they gave us some face masks and some other gear that we had to put on before they let us go in. When we got into the room... man. i have never seen such a small baby in my whole life. We gave the baby a blessing and it was a very very great experience. I don't remember the words of the blessing but the feeling that what there after we gave it was fantastic. The peace that was there was indescribable. the hermana thanked us and took us back to our area and we went back to work. 

What a solid week... got a few more to go so hold the horses.

Elder Anderson

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