Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Well.. i just got another quicky this week because not much time and each rhyme costs a dime. 

But this last week i met just about the coolest cop ever. We went to this house to give some English interviews and all of the sudden this massive man just walks into the room and starts to interrogate me (he was joking but i didn't know that). I personally thought that this guy was going to kill me but then he just started to laugh and we just started to chat about his work and what he likes to do (he is a freakin good cook). and I started to ask him about if some one was going to assault me in the street what could i do to stop them. and he was more than willing to show me how to do all sorts of moves... but with one exception... that he was going to demonstrate them with me as the test dummy. and as i thought it over.... i came to the conclusion that.. HECK YES I WAS GOING TO DO IT. and i would have to say that this guy can cause a whole lot of pain. but i learned some things and more than that had just a blast with this guy kickin my butt. He also said that he was going to get me a baston which is one of the things they use to hit people in the street (awesome!). After all that he invited us to eat and we talked with him about what we do down here in Mexico and why and how he can get to know more about what we do as misisonaries. so all in all it was a freakin solid visit.....and no i wont be 

um... i would love to say that all of our investigators are progressing and we are going to baptise un buen but... no one wants to go to church... and ... I HAVE CHANGES! I know so fast you might be saying and that is what i was thinking as well.  so my week just could not get any better :D:D:D I'm content. and don't know English :D:D that just about sums up my life :D:D

Elder Anderson Peace. 

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