Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Hood

This last week was pretty cool. Birthday, torillas, chilaquiles with candles. yeah.

well... i turned 20 this last week. it was a pretty calm day. but we went to a house of a less acitve and she came out with a plate of chilaquiles with a candle and that was freakin dope! the chilaquiles kinda piqued but it was all cool. then we went with some other people and finally we went with an investigador and she has a tortillaria. we started to talk with her and her brother there and i asked her brother if i could help him with the work that he needed in the tortillaria. and so with  that i started my career as being a tortillero. we probably worked there for like an hour and then we went with others and taught some more... but yeah that day was pretty good. 
life is good and still here in the hood. for now. 

Elder Anderson

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