Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

#starvationnation:D:D (Not literally) (maybe...?)

This week.... 

Man where do I begin. Ok what ev. I guess I will start with our splits this week. I got sent to this other area with Elder Evans. Man and this was probably one of the best times I have ever had. :D Because... He has only been out three months and does not know how to say everything in spanish and I had only been out 3 weeks so we were practically in the same place right? :D Hahah so we woke up and literally we split up the teaching half and half I had to learn how to teach some things that I had not even heard of yet. (Which was an awesome experience:D:D) And then after we had got done planning and doing outlines of our lessons we went out to our first cita. And!!!... They werent home... and the story just gets better after that. So... after our cita was not there we... got... LOST. Yeah thats right. Two weros en mexico who dont know where they are. Yeah so needless to say that we walked probably every calle that there was for 5 hours looking for a house that our citas were at. (And yes we asked people on the street and they very kindly guided us to the next calle where we found nothing.) So... Luckily after we had walked all day my companion remembered how to explain to a taxi moto how to take us back to his house. So... I did not do very much teaching that day but... It was an adventure:D:D Oh!!! and if you look at the pictures that are attached to this email you will find out that we had found the MYSTERY MACHINE:D:D Haha the things you find while you are two white boys lost in mexico city looking for the houses of your citas:D

Oh... As well as this week we got the opprotunity to baptize Jonathan David Hernández Delgado. And he chose me to baptize him. That was quite a fun experience. :D So me and Jonathan walk down into the font for the ordination and everything goes smoothly and here in mexico they close the doors to the font before you leave. (did that make sense??) And after they closed the doors I started to leave the font and clearly a 10 year old boy who has not had it explained to him that we do not canon ball back into the font would just follow me to go change right?? Ya.... no. Good ol Jonathan used the steps to give him enough force to jump out of the water and canon ball back into the font. I honestly didnt know what to do... :D Hahah because I thought that it was just common sense that you dont do that. So... Trying to hold in my laughter (not meant to be sacreligious) because I have never heard of someone canonballing back into the font. I quickly went over to Jonathan and told him that this is not meant to swim in and do canonballs. But I guess that was just a different way that he was expressing how he was feeling. Hahaha:D So after this we go and change our clothes and yeah... I dont know how many people heard what happened or maybe they heard nothing because I hope they had already started singing:D:D

and.... hmm... oh yeah. My companion got sick and lost his voice so... Haha funny thing. Guess who has been teaching our lessons for the last 3 days. Yeah you guessed it. The Holy Ghost. Haha no but really. When he lost his voice I just had to learn what I needed to say and yeah it is true what I said didnt have the smooth flowyness to it as when my compañero says it. But... Needless to say that our lessons are much shorter and we have been teaching more and I have learned so much more spanish in the last 3 days.  #baptismbyfire. :D 

Oh hahah and I just wanted to add in real fast that I dont know why people pay for really expensive protein shakes and weight loss products. Because all I got to say is that I should start selling the diet and exercise plan that we are on:D:D Let me explain how I would sell my product:D:D:D First... eat a piece of bread in the morning after you have worked out for 20 minutes (wont explain specific workout because each person may vary:D:D) and then go and walk all day eating one fantastically delicious meal with a member of your community (but not eating to much because they still need to feed their family) and then continuing to walk all day teaching lessons and being filled with the food of the scriptures:D:D and then repeat for about a month and ya know what. #nofat #sixpack(not) #starvationnation:D:D (Hahah #starvationnation that one made me laugh:D:D:D) No but really like today I have not eaten in since yesterday at 3. So I am curious of what we are going to do when fast sunday comes along:D:D Because we fast everyday:D (Berkeley... Dont show this paragraph to mom. and mom when you probably already read this dont send a box of food. Or... Yeah. We are alive and doin just fine:D:D:D)

And to end I just want to say my advice for anyone that is going to be learning a language. 1. eat as much food in the mtc as you can because you only have that luxury for about six weeks and if you are going to mexico or some other place you will lose what ever weight you gained. guaranteed. And. 2. Be fluent now. yupp.. those are my two points of advice :D:D 

So... Good luck and see ya next week:D:D

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