Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

#lifeisswelly #petecano:D

Sorry if this letter is short but... I was just typing for the last ever and it crashed so.... Yeah.... 

In the other letter I had written about my companion and how I am trying my best to serve him and it just is not working, but I guess it is best that the computer crashed because I don't want people to think that I just a complainer. :D:D But I do just want to say that I am trying my best and that I have learned so much spanish is the last week and life is... Gettin there:D:D I love this gospel and I am teaching way more:D:D:D

Um... so pretty much me and my companion were walking home from the church and we saw this drop of blood, like the kind you see while someone has their hands cupped over their nose:D So like regular human individuals we decided to continue and follow this trail of adventure:D:D And you won't believe what we found:D:D We saw this puddle of blood about a 1 foot circle that looked like someone had taken their hands away from their nose. But don't you worry ladies and gents, the trail of blood does not end there:D The trail of blood continued to head down the side walk and go around this corner:D:D SO.... Clearly.. Me and my companion crossed the street and didn't continue to follow this adventure just waiting to happen...HAHAHA NOT A CHANCE!!! Of course we continued to follow this trail of blood:D:D So as we came around the corner I beheld probably one of the largest puddles of blood I have ever seen in my life:D:D I was about to ask my companion if I could borrow his cell phone so I could call Peter Pan and tell him to go find the Lost Boys (Hahah I thought that was a good one... Haha right? Find the LOST BOYS? Hahahaaa..... yeah... umm.... cough.. :D) And to have peter pan tell them that they need to bring their swimming suits because ladys and gents we have a pool here that is just awaiting to be used:D:D No, but really, it was a huge amount of blood... I am just going to think that someone spilled their carton of grape juice and.. yeah:D:D

AH!!! And I have another story about guns and gun shots (I don't know why I always have a story about guns n stuff but... yeah here it is:D:D) SO me and my companion were walking to an appointment to an investigator and we needed to go down this other road and right as we turned this corner the guy just started to unload rounds into the dog that was sitting there... and I am not just saying like he unloaded one round into the dog, I am meaning he was unloading everything he had. And while he was just unloading he was screaming his guts out, and as far as I could tell he was not in the right mind. And so in the moment I was quite scared because 1-this man was just unloading into this dog and 2-I wasn't sure what he was going to do next.  So me and my companion just quickly and calmly... well... Kinda calmly:D chose a different route:D:D And that is my gun story for this week:D:D:D 

I got the opportunity to speak in church this week:D:D Hahah it was actually really funny. Like 10 minutes before church started the 1st counselor came up to me and said... Elder Anderson you are speakin on Missionary Work today in church. And my first response was just a laugh:D: Hahaha because I don't know that much spanish to go up and just speak with out any preparation:D:D And... Um.. Needless to say that my small laugh did not sit well with the 1st counselor. He just said... No. You are speaking elder anderson. This is not a joke.. So... needless to say after that I realized that this wasn't a joke and I found a couple of scriptures and thought of a experience that I could share.. I honestly was not scared at all:D I don't remember what I said, but people really did enjoy my talk. Maybe they enjoyed it because every scripture that I choose or experience that I shared was about how to help people have hope and learn about the blessings that they are able to receive if they follow things or do certain things:D while on the other hand my companion likes to just iron the negative into people. :D So.. that was my experience with having to give a talk in church:D My talk was almost 12 minutes and it really put into perspective of how much I have learned while I have been here. Needless to say, It really helped me receive a boost that I needed:D:D:D

Hahaha and I would just like to end this letter with how people, members, elders, and investigators are asking me all the time why I am always smiling. And I always tell them that this isn't my time. I am here to serve the Lord and if I am not feelin 100 percent that day I am still going to make sure that I change that before I leave our house, because I am not here to mope around and be mad, because if I am mad I may miss a opportunity to get a new investigator:D:D

So... This is my letter for this week:D:D I had almost 2 more paragraphs for this week.... but they were deleted when the computer crashed:D:D But.. Just remember missionary work is for everyone. If only people will live the principles of the Book of Mormon and the commandments of this gospel that is missionary work in and of itself:D:D

#lifeisswelly. :D #petecano:D

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