Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

E. N. G. L. I. S. H.

phew!!! throw me a towel cuz i'm sweatin.... hahah not really but... really. we are only getting started into the season of heat and roasted chickens and i'm already dyin (bah darn english.... why is it so hard to spell in english.... i still can't speak spanish but to spell spanish is a heck of a lot easier than english let me tell ya...) but this week man... i thought it was going to be a week of just sitting at home drinkin iced tea but... ya know... then i realized that... 1. i'm mormon and we don't drink tea and 2.... that i'm in the mission and sitting at home really isn't an option.... but this week was sick:D like my comp... well not really he is doin just fine. 

but to start i just want to tell about a story that happened this week that really was freakin crazy!!!!! so we have been contacting in the street like donkeys and ya know we have been seeing some of the fruits of our labors. so we were going to teach this family and when we entered they offered us something fast to eat before we began our teaching. so we got to know these people that are so fantastic and so welcoming i was so sure that they were going to progress so well!!! and so when i usually start i ask the family what i can ask for them in the prayer (what every missionary does right? ) and when i asked this man what i could ask for him in this prayer he told me that i could ask for the health of his wife and that she always would have the best that would be for her. and that really just shocked me straight up... because they have been married for like 20 years and usually more marriages here that i have seen the husband is like... make me a sandwich woman and don't have respect. so when he told me to ask for his wife i was like dude... i respect you so much what a man (thinkin this in my mind of course...) but what a man right?!?!?! and that is only the beginning of this adventure. so we started with the prayer and right when i ended the prayer the spirit just came in so strong and i just thought to my self... man if they cant feel this i don't know how much more God can do to show them that this is the truth... but oh boy was i wrong... me and my comp were just about finished with the lesson and usually i find myself praying that the spirit will be able to stay with us the entire time in this lesson i found my self praying that if God could take away a little bit of the power of the spirit that was there because i don't know if it was the reaction with all the spicy that i have been eating but really i was feeling pain of how strong the spirit was there in the room and the faces of the man, his son, and his wife we of complete shock or awe with what we were saying and the power that was in the room and when we finished and i did the baptismal invitation the power and feelings of the spirit were only even more! it was awesome to say the truth. and ya know after i did everything probably the most smooth that i have every done an invitation baptismal ya know what he said..... a solid... no. oh man... that took me back.. and threw me for a loop because i have never felt the spirit work so hard with someone before in my mission. but he was solidly set on his no and normally we try to convince the people to say yes but this time i just felt like i should respect his no and when we were leaving he was like... but i really do respect what you guys are doing. i would like to invite you guys back to eat barbacoa. hahah heck yeah we are headed back with this brohomeie!!! :D so yeah... that was my experience with the most powerful lesson with the spirit that i have felt in my life. and about half way through the lesson the son who has like 10 years of age left the room and can back out when we were leaving and gave me a photo that he drew that had me and my comp with the words; my best friends; oh man... can this family get any smoother? or could this day be any better? but we still had one more lesson to go to.

so while we were going to our last lesson after this family i got a call from the lady that who we were going to go visit that she is going to have a family home evening with some new investigators and if it's all good if i teach the lesson and the activity... and i was like.... um.... sure? so in the 5 minutes that we had walking to her house i came up with a lesson in what i was going to teach. and you know what that lesson was? yeah you guessed it... it was the paper cross story:D:D hahah how funny that i thought that i was never going to use this story in my life and here i am using it for a family home evening. and while i was finally ripping the airplane to make the paper cross the suspense was so much in the room and with each piece that i unfolded was a little bit more pressure to see if the missionaries would be able to stay if they could find this paper cross with one straight rip. and finally when i unfolded the paper cross every ones mouths just dropped open hahah i'm sorry but i kinda laughed a little because the shock in the faces of the people was priceless!!! :D and then i finished up and we set an appointment with these 3 investigators for tomorrow and things should flow well with themD:D:D: but yeah that  is what i wanted to share with you guys bout the paper cross story:D:D:D 

and... well... i received my first job offer here in mexico. who would have guessed. but we got his call from an investigator and she told me that in her work they don't have people to teach english and so we went when we had a free hour (which was weird because we never have a free hour) and i went and taught english hahah how funny and when we finished the boss of this english company came up to me and was like... so when can you come back. .. we will pay you. hahah i just told him that i would love to come back but i wont accept money. and as long as i can invite the people to listen to our message that we bring, i will teach english:D haha he said yes and so i am now teaching classes of english in the church and in a business. as they say..... finding investigators in unexpected places. :D

and.... we ate pig intestines.... whoa! there is another blessing to not eat that again:D that did not sit well in my stomach... to say the least... but yeah... oh and nancy the mom of johnathan, the first person that i got the opportunity to baptize? yeah... she finally decided to get baptized!!! yay!!!! my dl couldnt get after me too much this week cuz i out taught him. I taught 50 discussions gave 5 church tours, had 60 street contacts, added 7 new investigators, and had three previous ones and had 4 less actives at church:D:D i am exhausted but glad to be working harder than ever:D:D

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