Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014


phew.... just give me two jumps and a kitkat because i need a break.... this week was probably one of the most... well... growing experiences that i have lived here in Mexico. only like... 2 things happened this week. so... here they are.

so the first experience that happened was when we were taking this lady to a guided visit of the church. (something that we do here... i have never heard of them in the US.. but.. maybe that's just me...) but so we brought this lady in and all we do in these guided visits is explain the day of rest and why we partake of the sacraments. but overall we start with a hymn. and we ask the people just to sit and relax while us (the elders) sing for them. and so me and my new child (it' s what they say when you training.... so... i have a kid.... yeah... weird...) started to sing for this lady and after we finished the first verse this random guy just walked in the doors of the church and heard us singing and after like... 10 seconds he quickly rushed up to the piano and started to play the song that we were singing.. hahah that was so sick!!! the spirit is always pretty freakin strong while we are singing for the people when we are in the church but... when this man just decided to walk up and started to play that is like when the freakin tower of babel just came down and the spirit just hit the lady in the face... well. that was a little graphic... but yeah.. and did i mention that this lady has not gone to church in like 30 years and after we had finished everything this lady was so shocked at how many blessings that she is missing out on by not going to church. (and just to finish this she did end up going to church this last week:D:D:D)  so.... YES for going to church for the first time in 30 years!!!!!! :D:D:DD:D:D

hahah yeah... and the other story that i have to tell is that now that i am training it seems like every moment my dl's are just looking for ways to rip into me. it is hard for me to hear I am not doing enough. i was raised that we should focus on what we HAVE done, not what we HAVENT done.  we taught 41 lessons this week and had five investigators in church and 8 less actives in church.  I felt like the Lord had really blessed my new comp and i to have touched so many with the spirit that they would want to attend church and to continue feeling those same feelings we left them with.  according to my dl our 41 lessons werent good enough, even though it was five more than anyone else.  this week i have come to realize that my numbers are "good enough for the Lord" but that is hard to get that across to someone who is from a country other than my own who keeps telling me i havent done enough as i am walking out of church.  it is so important to look to the Lord to find out if He is pleased with your work or you could get discouraged when other kids your age tell you your arent doing enough.  i think this young missionary needs to change his approach or he may end up having some unsuccessful children someday.  he needs to point out the positive and not focus on the negative. i am sure we would be more successful as a mission if we did this.... this is something every missionary needs to learn. the minute i start to think I am not doing "good enough" I know exactly where that though came from and it can go back to where it came from.  

now they have set the standard for me and my comp that we have to find 3 new people everyday. so we have been contacting like.... (insert something loco.) and well... to be honest we have not had much luck with the numbers... but we were lead to this lady.  when we were going to go visit a family we swung by their house and this lady walked out and started to talk with us and told us that the lady and the family that we were looking for are not home. (oh.... darn.... ) so we just started talking with this lady and after a bit of time we got to go in. we just started talking with her and i asked her a few questions and all of the sudden she just opened up and told us what is going on in her family and how she does not know what she needs to do and practically everything that she could have told us... she did. so we started with our first lesson and we had learned that she is catholic. so we were just teaching to her needs and at the very end of the lesson we asked her if she will prepare herself so that she can be baptized. that is when she asked us if her baptism was valid. and so i asked her in what way was she baptized? and she told us that it was two elders like us. and she even had a picture of her two elders who baptized her. (bah in this moment i was not a very happy camper because she is like a golden investigator and was accepting everything perfect and at the very end to find out that she had already been baptized....) and so i followed up and asked her how long ago were you baptized? and telling me that it was like 5 years ago. and then i asked her have you ever heard of Joseph Smith? (and followed by other questions) i found out that this lady was baptized ... so... now i have this amazing lady who i need to teach everything but don't get to do the ordinance.... she is a very nice lady and is really willing to learn and i'm excited to teach her what she needs to know so that she can really do what she needs to do to receive the blessings of the baptism that she did:D:D:D

but... yeah... that is my week:D:D:D I'm training... we didn't baptize this week... but we did have many people feel the spirit and know that the Savior loves them and thats why i am here...... and it's true what i heard about training. Your new comp is like a baby. (in the way of like... You have to show and teach and guide him in everything.) i was just thinking that since my comp already knows Spanish it would be easier for him to catch on.. or that he would already know stuff... but.. haha no:D:D but it's fun and an adventure:D my comps name is Elder Ovalle from Guatemala. pretty cool dude I'm not gonna lie:D:D:D kinda reminds me of my little brother Hudson:D:D:D

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