Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


Well... this last week was an interesting one:D:D we worked and worked and worked until  it felt like I was living a scene in the Best Two Years. it is good to be a trainer so you can set the pace:D:D So probably the coolest thing that happened would have to be the two baptisms that we had the opportunity to participate in :D The first baptism is of a young man that is 20 years old and he probably is the bees knees. we found him because he was going to seminary and he was already reading a crap load in the book of mormon and he practically already knew everything that we were teaching him so all we really had to do is wait for the 4 church sundays that people have to go to before they can get baptized:D hahah but something funny or.... ironic... i don't know but its... something:D:D so we were at his house the day before his baptism and he is telling us that he has a cold. a really bad cold so he does not think that he will be able to baptize himself tomorrow. and i was like... uh... crap... this is not good... so we just started to chat and finally he was like alrighty i will baptize myself tomorrow. and when we arrived for the baptism i found another missionary putting blue dye in the water (ya know.. ya do what ya gotta do so the water can look appealing for the people who are baptizing themselves. right? because who wants to get baptized in water green) and that is when i was SO surprised. because i put my hand in the water.... and um.... yeah.... it was freakin cold!!! oh man... i felt so bad for Miguel when i felt the water... cuz he is sick and this could only make it worse... but... then i just thought that maybe he might be a bit more sick but the ordinance that he is going to make with God is something that is going to last with him forever:D:D so that was pretty awesome. and yeah... the baptism went great. I had my son baptize him so that he could have his first baptism. :D:D 

hahah and the other baptism that we had the opportunity was with an absolutely fantastic lady :D:D her name is maria and this was probably one of the most fantastic moments i have ever had here in mexico :D because after so much time working with her and her doubting and telling us no to what we are saying she finally received the answer that we have been telling her that she would receive if she just continued on. :D:D oh man... i don't even know how to express how happy i was for this lady:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!! like when she left her interview with our DL she just came up to me and was just bawling (with joy) and was like can you just please give me a hug? BAH THAT FREAKIN KILLED ME!!!! Cuz I was as happy as she was.  I just told her that i really cant. . . . but yeah... it was a fantastic moment:D:D and at her baptism she called me her angel for everything that i had done for her (well... i really didn't do much... really... it was all the Lord.) and the patience that we had with her and yeah.. it was such a fantastic moment i really cant tell you how awesome it was. Because i have never really felt so happy for someone to make this covenant. yeah.. it was a sick experience :D

haha and i just have one more thing that was freaking funny that happened. so... during the nights my comp sleeps really light and he wakes up really easily. and last night (i do not remember what happened at all.) apparently i woke up in bed and sat up and started talking with my comp. and apparently as he told me we just had like a 10 minute conversation about the mission to what is life like in Guatemala. and at the end i just told him... ok thats cool... night:D hahah sorry that just freaking killed me to hear that i just woke up in the night and started talking to my comp. but yeah... so...... cool story bro. right? 

well that is the hi light of what happened this week... we worked fechin hard this week. had 17 new investigators, a couple baptisms and a crap load of lessons, 47 to be exact, sixty contacts, 7 less actives at church........almost as good as  "The Best Two Years".......and i still got told to do better or go home?  what? is that the south american way? i hope to get up the guts to tell my DL that the Lord is pleased so why doesnt he go home:D :D so i hope things will get better for my DL's sake but as for Me and the Lord.... I think we are doing just fine :D I love feeling the spirit and the satisfying feelings it brings here in good ole mexico. remember to always check with the lord to find out where you stand with him or life could destroy you:D:D

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