Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

well.... ya know when you just wish for a week that was just a solid week without to many experiences where you just want to hide in your bed and not leave until the next full moon? yeah well... this week was not one of those weeks. this last week was just pure solid i'm not going to lie. So... i'm just going to get started :D

firstly... me and my comp were just walking in the street (isn't that how all my stories start?) and this lady came up to us and said "hey weren't you guys suppose to pass by my house like... 3 days ago?" and well... to be honest i did not recognize this lady for the life of my 3rd cousin... and so my comp said... "um... i don't think so... you have already talked to elders like us?" and she was like "yeah they gave me a brochure and i told them that they should pass by my house so that we could talk more about the word of God." and in this moment i was pretty confused because i don't remember that we had passed by a house to see this lady. and so i asked what her name was. and when she told me we remembered exactly who this lady was. yes we had talked with her and yes we had passed by her house and when we knocked on her house that is when the crazy loco man left his house with the gun (ya, remember that story?). and so i asked her... "you don't by chance have a son that lives with you.... do you?" and she was like... "YES and i heard that you guys had a not so good encounter with him..." and my comp said... "well... He gave us a little bit of fear to say the least." and that is when the lady said... "yeah... but i would still like for you to pass by and for us to talk about what you guys had told me before." (and i had wanted to ask the lady... are you really going to be there this time or are we just going to our death threat again? haha... yeah... but i didn't cuz i didn't think that it was appropriate...) so we snagged another quote with this lady and we are going to pass some time this week:D:D Fingers crossed that we don't DIE;D;D

and the other story that i want to tell about probably was one of the most powerful and sad moments that i have ever experienced in my mission.... so me and my comp were just pretty much wrecking this day to say the least. teachin and preachin with power and just feelin good, right? and while we were just coming to an end of the day we went with this lady who has... well... to say the least. she has many problems in her life.... like difficulties with health and a whole load more... (a very nice lady to tell you the truth) so we entered her house and we started to teach our lesson that we had prepared about prayer. and that is when she just opened up to us and told us everything in her life. in this moment and while i was listening and trying to feel exactly what this lady needed, i just felt the most sad and sorrow that i have felt in my whole life for someone... and so now with the spirit so thick and me feeling so bad for this lady and yet still so much respect for her for how much faith that she has, even though with all the difficulties that she has. so... this is going to be weird to type... but in this moment I just felt a little bit of the pain that this woman had (clearly i was just imagining it or something because i can't really feel this woman's pain) and i just wanted to cry for her because all of the faith that she has and still all of the suffering.. and when it came to my part where i was going to share a scripture of my choice, a scripture popped into my head that i knew would be so perfect for this lady. but for some reason i knew if i shared this scripture i would just start to cry (because of everything that just had added up during this lesson and the power and strength of the spirit that was there)... so i quickly thought of another scripture that i knew that i would not cry but i still felt like i should share the other one... and when i flipped to the second scripture right before i started to share it my comp gave me a small nudge and when i looked at him, he didn't move his head or anything, and i just felt that he knew exactly what scripture that i was thinking of first. (and now i'm thinking oh great... i'm going to freaking weep in front of this lady....) And so i knew that this scripture was exactly what she needed to hear and so i flipped to it.... and as i started to talk... man... i have never felt the spirit so strong in my whole life.... i just knew that this is what this woman needed to hear in this moment and... well... like i said that i just knew that i would cry if i shared this scripture... yeah well... I just started to cry. (and it killed me... i just thought man.... I'm becoming more like my mom!!!! Crying in times like these...) and well... that was the most awesome experience of this week... because i just felt good and the spirit was there so freakin strong and i really felt like we shared a message that really helped this lady out. and well... yeah.. that's about it:D::D:D haha what an ending, eh?

and hahah well... i would like to end with an experience that practically just killed me:D:D in a funny way:D So... we had a tournament this p day and we played against another zone in futbol. we invited so many members and so many fans from other areas so it would be... ya know... just something huge and way fun, right??? so we started and i was playing mid, so i was running up and down and up and down. and while we were playing (which was a freakin blast!!!!!) Some of the fans started to yell at me (that were from out side) Hahahaha and really... it just killed me. :D the first question was "Elder Anderson how old are you?" and i was like... um.... i'm 19... (thinking... excuse me... i'm trying to play some soccer? hahah not really but ya know just weird questions right?) and they just continued with randomly weird questions like... "where are you from?", "what ward are you in?", "how much time do you have until you end your mission?", "do you have plans to come back?" and i was just thinking to myself... who do you think i am? a free dating website??? (and i am still convinced that this is just a huge joke that just started with those two girls in my ward that came up to me and asked me for my autograph as justin bieber... and now it has spread to the whole zone.) ((because really... who asks questions like that to a missionary? do they even know my purpose???)) hahah yeah... but that is not where this story ends... so after some investigators from another area invited some of us over to their house to eat with them.. and ya know they fed us really good (even though we lost......) and ya know i had finished talking with some of the adults and went to find my comp because he needs to pack his bags so that he can go to changes tomorrow. and when i went out side my comp was sitting with another family and missionaries and when i came up he said to the girl who was sitting across from him " yeah just ask elder anderson for yourself that he was a model before the mission" and i was like..... "NO. heck to the no. i was not a model before the mission. i was just a regular individual before the mission, I did nothing and ya know... ate hamburgers like every other american:D:D:D" and then after that i was like... "hey benitez we need to go so that you can pack and we can get to changes on time"... and so as we were leaving the daughters of the family that had given us food were like..."hey... can we get a picture of you?" and i was like....."um........ yeah?" so this girl comes up to me and grabs my arm to put around her and i was like. BAH! fetch, i can't do that. sorry i really cant, i'm a missionary. phew... saved my self from that one and so... we took the picture and i left as fast as i could and i turned to my zone leader and said... when is this joke going to end???? he laughed at me and we just continued on our way:D:D:D  (i'm still convinced that this is a huge joke.)

and the pictures are of the story that i told about the family that we ate with. the other one is some photos of me and greenwood and my comp. and the other is of me and my comp at the field we played at:D:D:D

well... this is what happened this week and... yeah... i have changes tomorrow and i will be training a newbee... so... we will see how this goes with a spanish kid who knows nothing of how to be a missionary and a white boy who cant speak spanish... hahah yeah... peace:D

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