Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014



This week was quite the adventure... and the adventures really just never seem to stop ending... ya know is it just to much to ask for a normal week? one that I could come here to the computers and just tell you guys that nothing happened this week? hahah well... maybe that day will come but...ya never know:D 

But to start out I would just love to explain what the title is of this week:D:D ya i'm pretty sure that you could figure it out because ya know this last sunday Elder Benitez and me finally broke a 6 month no baptizing streak here in the good ole area of Pantitlan:D So ya know you could take that as a success that happened this last week:D:D hahah and so on saturday i had divisions with my DL and we went with the family that we were going to be baptizing the next day and everything went so well and they are ready and it was just to swell eh? but we decided that we were going to make elder Benitez think that everything just fell through that in realized that we are not going to baptize this girl tomorrow and we had everything worked out in our story and so we fed this lie to Benitez and i thought that i had lied to very very well right? but after like 2 hours of us playing him i finally just told him and he was like " i knew it!!! haha you lier! i knew you were lying from the start elder Anderson because you stink at lying man" BAH!!! WHY DO I STINK AT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah... well... i tried... ya know... its what counts... maybe one day i will be good at lying... but... up until today... still i cant lie worth crap.... hahah yupp:D:D:D:D 

Lots of people have the chicken pox here so after a few days of thinking I have zits on my back and on my chest and now up my neck and that there seems to be more after I pop them i know i don't need to go on accutane again cuz...... I have chicken poxD:D: even though I got the shot:D:D maybe it will keep some of the dangerous people away.....i wish:D:D:D  still out teachin:D:D:D 

So... yeah and the next thing that ya know was quite a surprise that happened was when me and my comp went to look for this contact that we did in the street. and when we knocked on the door no one came out at first and so we were just about to leave and then i just had the feeling that i should knock one time more and right when i knocked on the door the door flew open and this guy was just there (and ya know just to set the mood this guy was one of the scariest men that i have seen here in mexico:D) and so he had his left hand in the doorway and the door was covering his right hand and his right shoulder (an important piece of information) and he just jumped straight into this little speech of how he was a cop and how he was not just only a cop but a cop of investigation so that means that he has worked so hard to become this person and how it was really strange that there were to boys knocking on his door and that we needed to have respect for him because its not easy to become someone who has as much power as he does and many things like that but he said all of what i just typed and more in a matter of 1 minute so this man was just flying with his words and the power and force that he was speaking this words just struck fear into my soul (you know what i am trying to say... i hope...) and then he just changed his focus directly at me and just said "hey you are not from around here why are you here and what are you doing at my door" (in words it sounds such weak sauce, but this man could have been the son of satan i'm tellin ya man... i probably wet my pants or something like that..... ) and the only thing that i said to him was and i quote "i'm from the united states, were are missionaries and we preach the gospel to help other people have a better perspective in live, please don't kill me." (yeah... the please don't kill me probably was not necessary but... in the moment i felt like he was going to shoot us or something...) and then he responded very firmly like he still wanted my soul (Potato, patato right?) with "ok... well you don't need to fear the police because we are only here to help" (and i could only think yeah bro you with you last words you kinda destroyed every bit of confidence and trust that i would ever have in you right there at the beginning.) and then I reached for the pocket in my shirt to grab a card that had our number that he could call us if he ever needed anything and when he saw me putting my hand in my pocket he was like "what are you doing!?" (all forceful and still very scary like... scaring the freakin crap out of me scary) and I just told him that here was a card that we have that has our number on it in case you ever need help with anything or would like to hear a message (but at the same time i was thinking ya bro i'm reaching for my SHIRT POCKET, am i really able to hide an explosive or a gun in this shirt pocket?!?!? sheesh cool your jets) and then that is when my comp just said ok... well... nice to meet you but i think that we need to be headed out.. and he extended his hand to shake this mans hand and the dude said "ok one moment" (brought his left hand from the door way and reached behind him and then stepped out a little bit with his right hand and said "ok... sorry i just had to change hands with my gun" BAH this brohomie had his gun in his hand ready for what ever and was ready to kill sheesh... i mean.. do we look like assassins? with a gafete that says the church of Jesus Christ? but... yeah... after that we got out of there as fast as we could because.. ya know... i don't really want to be shot and i would like to live to see the sun rise tomorrow... but.. ya know we lived and it became quite a fun story right?

hahah and i would just like to type something of an update of the english classes that i am giving:D:D hahah soo.... i have just continued to teach these english classes right? and so... this last week i taught them how they are able to conjugate verbs and put them into simple sentences. and as i was teaching them to write i was helping them with their pronunciation. and hahah let me tell you. when a mexican speaks that is trying to learn english it is one of the coolest things that i have ever heard in my entire life!!!! I just told them "Why can't I have an accent like that? I want to speak english like you!!:D haha. teach me how to change my accent!! :D:D" that gave them a good laugh to say the least:D:D  but yeah.. that is really all i wanted to say about my english classes because they have awesome accents and they say they want to speak english more like me and i just tell them that they should not want that because they speak english so cool that i want to speak english more like them:D:D:D

oh yeah.. um... well... i'm pretty sure that its pretty obvious to everyone that i'm not the best spanish speaker in the world or the best teacher in the world so.. this is going to come as a shocker to everyone.... I just found out today that in 8 days i will be receiving a newbee.... yeah... i'm pretty sure that you can assume with those words that i will be training someone in  8 days.. oh great... well... we are going to see how this goes right? 

well... these are some of the  coolest things that have happened in my life in the last week:D:D:D I hope you ejoyed them and I look forward for this next weeks adventures:D:D:D

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