Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

somethin in english please?

This week...well, i'm not going to was pretty smooth. chosen what we find in the street, teachin english, some muggings...and, yeah what ever the hecka else i can think of.

So today i am going to start with the escogido (chosen) that we found in the street. So.... just to start we were talking with a sister and just trying to suck a reference out of here but... we just ended up talking about the movie night that they were going to have. right as we were just ending, this man comes up behind me and grabs my shoulder (and needless to say, if someone comes up behind you and grabs you like this man grabbed me...well, it means one of 2 things: 1. that some angry racist mexican saw you and is coming to murder you and your hopes of being a successful garbage man or 2. it is a member that has a reference for you that is a fechin escogido (chosen)!!!!!) and so... thanks to God that it was a member that wanted to give us a reference because i really didn't want to die. but needless to say it really scared the rayas out of me. But then the man turned me around and asked us if we were the missionaries for this area and i just told him...No sir we are the jehovah witnesses... haha nah, not really, but i wanted to because what kind of question is that? i already have the badge and there are two young kids dressed in nice clothes in the slums of mexico...who else could we be, drug traffickers?  but yeah he continued to tell us that he had a reference for us and took us right at that moment and we walked probably like 500 ft. there was this lady just standing on a corner and he walked us up to her and presented us to her and she was so shocked to see us. As she said "this must be a sign from God". so we set an appointment with this lady. the guy told us that he would be there for when we set our appointment with her :D 

now i want to jump to the moment when we were giving this lady a guided tour, or when we show the investigators the church when there are not any members there. So we show up and i start with the dia de reposo (day of rest or somethin). she is the type of lady that works like crazy, and needless to say, she is a very very successful woman. she always says that she has her most success over the weekends, but as i was explaining the day of rest and how it is a commandment and all the blessings that she is able to enjoy. when it came to the point where i needed to commit her to do guard the commandment i asked her and she just accepted it with such ease and really that was such a humbling experience. but that was not even the craziest thing. so at the very end we took her to the baptismal font and we put a date with this woman:D:D FOR THE 1st of March!!! at the very end she was not very sure if she would be ready for that date because it is really soon and there are a lot of things that she needs to learn (words of this woman:D). but that is when my comp invited her to pray about it every night and we assured her that she WOULD receive an answer. but on top of that he invited her to pray about it right now in front of the baptismal font and she finally said that she would offer the final prayer. as she started to pray the spirit was so freakin strong, and at two points in the prayer she stopped for what felt like for 5 minutes as we just sat there soakin in the spirit (i'm pretty sure if i was wearing glasses i would have had to de-fog them from the thickness of the spirit:D:D) then finally when this lady finished her prayer she looked up at my comp and then me and said... well... i'm getting baptized on this date. I would like it to be sooner but i know that the date that you guys have set for me is the correct one. she told us that 3 or 4 times during the prayer she tried to open her eyes and look at the baptismal font, but she couldn't because it was just an overwhelming white and that she just could not get over her feelings of the peace and quietness that she felt. but... yeah.. that is my experience that is really short of the chosen lady that found us:D:D

so the story of the mugging and teaching english kind of go hand in hand. So me and my comp found this investigator that is old and that she has not been taught in like 6 months. we go in just to visit her and see if we can get her to come to church and all that jazz...right? then she turns to me and says... you speak english right? (and again why do people ask me these questions? 1. i'm white 2. i speak spanish like an american 3...... i'm white. :D:D ) ((i know there are white people in mexico that are mexican. i live here so i have seen them.)) and so i told her.. why yes. yes i do speak english. she continued to tell me that she has been studying english for the last 5 years and she spent a year in the states and she still knows so little. and then she asks me... how long have you been studying spanish? and.. well.. lady... i have been speaking for about 4 months... that kinda shocked this lady...i'm not going to lie. but then she asked me how she would be able to learn or apply her english. and you know what i told her. "sister... i'm not going to tell you this because i think you should pray....but, really the best place you can practice your sentences and what you want to say is in prayers and start to try and think in english because you have to take out the middle step of translating." and "a great place that i have learned a lot of spanish is in the book of mormon. I have one in english that you can start to read if you want." (double thumbs up for a sick way to give this lady another book of mormon:D:D:D) and yeah.. so i was just teaching this lady and helping her with this book that she had of english and all of the sudden all of these huge guys just started to run by her door. they all started to tackle this guy and began to beat him up. that is when the lady that i was teaching english to ran over there then turned around and screamed at my comp and me that we need to go back into her house and i was like...yupp lady you don't need to tell me twice, because i don't want to get the crap beaten out of me like this dude.:D:D but after like 5 minutes, everything cooled down and the kid didn't die (always a plus to live another day). we finished up with the lady, i taught some more english, and she said that she wants to come to church and that she has some more time to listen to our lessons!! yes!!! awesome!!!

well... yeah... thats about it... i'm in a pretty calm area... so.. nothin too crazy. 

but i just want to explain these pictures:D:D so one of them is the photo of the week. but we went to the mall for the birthday of elder Olds and we found this box that was probably the coolest thing that i have seen this week:D:D:D so clearly we all jumped in and had these random people take our picture. then i was just like "what the heck greenwood hold me!!" then he and I took the other picture:D:D:D hahah good times... good times.:D:D:D yupp that has been my week:D:D 

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