Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

El Guardia
(The Guard)

Well... I really don't have very much to say this week... but... yeah.

So.. the most exciting thing this week has to be the fact that i am now teaching english classes (but like for reals. i know that i have said i have been teaching english before but those times were only at the houses of investigators and members). Its pretty sick, i'm not going to lie. How did i get this opportunity? well... my district leader is going to be headed out at the end of the transfer, and he has been teaching these classes for the last 4 months. so he just came to me and said "bro. ya gotta teach this." so.. yeah... this is how i got here:D:D and my district leader has been teachin what ever he could think of week to week. so i took the book that my comp uses to study everyday and i started the class over from step one and going to build them up step by step. but... yeah... we are hoping for a showing of at least 8. and... yeah... 

and haha my comp found this sign in the road that said no proselyters (haters gonna hate, but my spelling is the way it is:D) so... clearly we just had to take a picture in front of it:D:D in the picture is my comp on the right and the comp of elder greenwood on the left:D:D:D.

haha ok... and the other picture just about killed me. so i first have to explain something about mexico city. so... always in front of mcdonald's, a market, a bank, a baby toy store, and just about anywhere else you can think of there is a man with either a shot gun or just a huge machine gun. and so elder greenwood was taking out some money and there was a line of like 20 people outside and the comp of greenwood just goes inside with him and poses like all of the ridiculous men holding the shotguns and i just about died and in this moment i just had to take a picture. because this was one of the funniest things that i have seen here in mexico:D:D sorry if there is a bad glare... but... i didn't want to get robbed:D:D

the last picture like i'm fouling him but..what eva... this is our zone playing soccer against another zone and we kinda kicked trash. 

um.... yeah.. and all of our baptisms fell but 3, so we are hopping that we can keep them going strong. because out of 7 progressing only 3 are of the chosen:D but... yeah that is all of my life... here in the mish. 

so... have a great week:D:D

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