Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014


hmmmm...... not much to say about this last week but... ya know some powerful stuff. not a lot of cool things but sufficient to write about:D:D:D

so..... i would just like to start out with telling a story that just about killed me with laughter (laughter is with a t right?) so me and my comp were passing by this ladies house and after we got done teaching her she asked us to give her a blessing and clearly because i am training my son i am going to give him the chance to anoint this lady with the oil right? so my son takes his oil and parts the hair of this lady and starts to pour the oil so slowly and so care fully so that so little will leave and so that so very little will leave the aceitero and right as just one little drop is going to leave i don't know if he had a small hand spasm or... who knows, but right as a small drop was going to come out his hand twitched and he dumped the WHOLE ACEITERO ON THIS LADY!!!! i wish someone had a camera in this moment because if someone took a picture of my face i would have probably won the award of the most shocked and disbelief face in this world in this moment because i just have never heard of someone dumping the whole aceitero on someone.... and then after 5 seconds (the time it took me to process what in the world just happened) i looked up at the face of my comp and hahah i just can't explain how fantastically unique that this moment was:D:D:D and after he had anointed this lady it was my turn to give her the blessing. and as i put my hands on her head that was just drenched with oil i gave her a blessing that was to her needs and then she thanked us for the blessing (and for the extra oil that my comp gave her that she was now going to use to cook her dinner after she rung out all of the oil from her hair) and we left. and when we got out side i just had to ask my comp what in the world happened in there:D and as he explained to me.... that as he was preparing himself to pour the oil he had such a strong feeling of the spirit that his hand went numb and the spirit took hold of his body and dumped the entire bottle of oil on this lady. hahah i just had to give this moment a good laugh and tell my comp that i don't think that the oil works in amount. hahah i told him that the one drop is just as powerful at the whole bottle and that it's probably a bit more comfortable for the person if they don't have a head full of oil:D:D and then i just told him not to worry that these are the things that he is going to remember after his mission:D:D:D and that he is doing great and not to worry :D:D but yeah..... it was a pretty good moment that i honestly have not seen yet in my mission:D:D but yeah... :D 

hahah and another good story that happened back a couple of days.:D:D so we were going to this house of an investigator to eat because she invited us:D:D and when we get there she gave us some of the most delicious taquitos that i have eaten here in mexico and then she comes up to me and says "elder anderson you HAVE to try this food. it's one of my favorites and i'm sure that you will like it." Do you want me to tell you what it is now or after you have eaten it? ( i have learned if the people tell me that it is better that they tell me afterwards what i am eating just so that i am not imagining this pig intestines or stomach or heart or brains or... who knows what it could be.) and so she puts this piece of chicken looking lump cooked in bread crumbs or something and tells me to eat up. and as i took a bite into this lump (i really can't describe it any other way...) i got a mouth full of bread crumbs and crumbled up bone with a whole lot of pig fat. and as i am trying to eat this with a smile on my face this lady looks at me and asks... "how is it?" and having this thing work its way down my throat i told the lady... "this probably hast to be one of the most delicious things that i have ever eating in my whole mission. it is just so rich i have never tried anything like it before. what is in it exactly?" and she explained to me that she really loves the fat of the pig so she just buys that and cooked it with the bone because there is more flavor. and i'm not saying that i just lied to her. but i was just trying to compliment her with something that she has made and that she enjoys. :D but yeah... that was an interesting moment. i have never eaten straight up pig fat before:D:D:D

well yeah... that's really all that happened this week. but probably the coolest thing that happened would have to be general conference. because after 6 months in the mission i finally understood a little bit more of conference than the last time:D:D:D so it was more of a spiritual uplifter than just a session of six hours of learning spanish words. i really enjoyed conference. Because when you teach the gospel all day everyday to be able to watch conference is like... six hours at the movies:D:D ps i loved the movies as you know:D:D

and... things are moving pretty well here. we have quite a few people that are listening to us and are progressing pretty well:D:D:D  i especially love the two people we found on the street while we were out doing our "contacting" the one lady is an older woman who has turned missionaries down many times over the years as I approached her she told me that she wasnt sure why, after all these year, she was going to let us come and teach her. she has come to church three times now and loves it :D:D street contacting is the greatest:D:D i wish I could let all the other elders know she is coming to church that she turned down so many times before.  they would be thrilled to know:D:D so we will see how things go this week and the weeks to come:D:D:D well... that is all. yeah... 

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