Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Just a week.

well... this week was not too successful i'm not going to lie... but there will be weeks like that and i look forward to the next week. 

so... this week no one died, we didn't go to the hospital, there wasn't an earthquake, and we didn't baptize......  but yah. :D 

the coolest thing that happened this week would have to be the fact of us finally putting an appointment for this lady who has been coming to church for a heck of a long time. and really it possibly was one of the most powerful moments that i have had here in the mission. we finally go to the point of all the tingo and tango and then she told me that she wants a few more weeks so that she could really feel an answer but we had just prayed to our padre celestial and the power that was in that room  was making this lady just cry and cry and cry and man.... i really can not every explain to you guys how powerful this lesson was. i knew she knew it was true and i knew again because of how we felt:D

And.... yeah. we found a family of 3 and it's going to be rough because the mother does not believe in God.... but some thing that i have been working on for the past ages is really teaching with my eyes and my heart. i know that sounds cheesy but really it works. Because while we were in this message the mom of the family who does not believe in God told me.... "wow the things that you are telling me are completely contrary to the things that i believe and the things that i know are true. but really i can feel your passion Elder Anderson and more than your words i can really feel what you are saying and can see it in your eyes." So.... YES a missionary like me can make progress:D:D 

but yeah:D we are working and.... that's just about it:D have a great week Y'ALL :D

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