Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

This week was pretty sick. I have learned my lesson that if i have any baptisms planned i will NEVER write home until after they are baptized. because I know that is just some sort of boasting and because of that God takes all of those baptisms away...... so... yeah :D We did a heck load of contacting this week.... Did some divisions....  some birthdays passed.... no baptisms.... um... yeah. this week was... pretty wonderful. 

So.... i think i will start by explaining about the divisions that we did this last week. So i did divisions with Elder Young. (a freakin champ if you ask me.) this elder is not wanting to stay on his mission and so they put him on splits with me for a day so i could try and help him change his mind.  the mission asks us to contact 15 people in the street every day.  forSo me personally i kinda enjoy contacting so I do 25 to 30 every day. because.... hahah i don't know.... you get to meet some really weird people and some really nice people at the same time :D And usually when we are contacting in my area about 3 out of 45 contacts that we do accept us. but i don't know if we just struck gold or if it was pure luck or the power of God was with us... i have no idea or maybe the Lord doesnt want this elder to go home but we were teaching a whole crap load and didn't have to much time to contact so we only contacted like 24 and out of those 24. 8 People gave us an appointment (and yeah i know you are probably thinking that.... yeah great Elder Anderson... you got an appointment... but were they actually home when you went back to check for them?) and!!!!!!..... I am here to tell you that when they went back 5 of the 8 was the right address!!!!! WHAT A FREAKIN SUCCESS!!! :D ahahah that was a great time. So yeah... that day was a real booster for both of us. by the smile on his face when i introduced him to a talking parrot that we were trying to teach to say elder, you would never guess he was so unhappy and wanted to return home. i have a testimony that hard work can be fun and if you do more it can bring you more happiness.  this kid was the coolest kid i have met. i am glad the president thought i could help him change his mind. two americans are great together and we all feel like going home sometimes:D:D

For cinco de may i cooked for my zone.  i cooked horse chunks, cow chunks, pig chunks and a variety of street animal chunks with a seasoning.  it is freakin sick when we put it in a tortilla. Cookin like a boss n sauce. its called AL PASTOR. its a little bit of every meat that exists.  

one of the members has this cool iguana for a pet. i was on splits with the DL and we stopped by their house so he could see this monster...some might think this is a chupacabra but its not:D:D:D

my mom wants pictures of real mexico so i am adding the blood bag.  thats real mexico:D:D:D

The birthday celebration of my DL and Elder Young who I went on splits with.  i have the greatest zone:D:D:D  

This is me and my DL teaching our zone about how to teach the sabbath day.  it was kind of the president to say that if it wasn't for what elder anderson was doing with all his street contacting the zone would be sinking:D:D  glad he is happy i am working hard because my companion cries because he thinks i am working him too hard but if you dont work hard you want to go home:D:D:D when the president asked me if i would be a DL i told him no because i don't like the numbers thing that they have them push:D:D probably didn't go over very well but i can think of way better ways to motivate than numbers of baptism:D:D:D

I went to the el centro today and the other elders were walking got just a little ahead of me when four guys surrounded me, i thought, they are going to kill me and i am all alone. then one of them asked me if i spoke english and i said no just spanish, then they said i looked like an american and i told them lots of people look like americans in mexico. they said they knew i was an american and i told them i knew i was a mexican and ducked under them and ran :D:D i so didnt need to get killed:D:D 

um.... yeah.... that is about it for this week :D:D:D a whole lot of humility and pain :D:D:D hahah but thats a mission right:D:D:D the joys come... but slowly :D:D

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  1. I love how Gray just tells it how it is, even to his mission president, and I love this letter.