Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

The weeks.

This week was an interesting one. . . . :D:D:D 

but this week i was in my area for a max of 2 days. because the zone leaders have been sending me to each place so that I could help pick up the encouragement of some elders and the attitude towards  contacting people in the street. I'm not saying that i'm a good contacter and for nothing am i saying that i have had success. but it has been a good time as i have learned that contacting is just trying to make a friend and applying the gospel to what they need (and you can probably tell me... thank you very much for saying that yet again, but really that is what i keep learning week after week.) 

And something that i have really been learning this last week is the fact that i really have to be careful that the people that i am teaching are learning to have their own testimony and that they are not just getting baptized by my testimony. Because this week i was only in the area 2 days, 1 day at the beginning of the week and 1 day at the end of the week. And when i came back some things really shocked me . That many people had told my comp that he had visited, like less actives and some of our investigators, had told him that they were going to stop going to church and all that jazz if they take me out of this area. So that was a shocker and I have most definitely have learned (not that i have forgotten) that i really am not that good of a teacher and helping people get their own testimony. But i guess that God already knew that and we have been informed of the changes that are going to pass tomorrow. And I am going to have the opportunity to stay here in this area for at least 2 more months :D:D:D That is probably the blessing that i have to fix the problem that i have created here in the area (as in my investigators were sad that i was peacin out). 

But... as for this week....the only thing that is going to change is that i will have a new comp tomorrow.  So we will see what is going to happen.  

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  1. "i have learned that contacting is just trying to make a friend and applying the gospel to what they need" I love this :)