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The magic in NO

So... this week was a good one. Well... hahah yeah... here we go. I am still trying to figure out why some weeks we are just rocking socks and some other weeks well... not so hot... :D but ya know. that just the way things are. So this week we had success in the whole baptizing way but not in the finding new people....  But ya know.. i don't know if i mentioned that Elder Lee is in my district again. ya it's kinda the best thing that has come into the pantitlan boundaries. So i got to do divisions with elder lee and that was a freakin booster :D 

Oh... and i got a pretty good story...(well... i thought it was good....) So. a young little man in our ward asked me for a book of mormon so that he could give it to his teacher in school. and so already knowing that me and my comp do not have a single book of mormon in the house in this moment we went looking for a book of mormon. we went to the other houses of the other missionaries. and after a long walk we finally found one. but by this time its dark outside and if you are walking in the street at 6 there are some really freakin.... (well. so say it in a nice way they just are not all there because of the substances that they are taking into their body.) and so normally we cross the street and try to avoid them so that nothing passes if we walk by them. but ya know, i had never seen anything happen in all the time that i had passed by them and in this moment i decided that they looked really suspicious. (this could be a story where we should always listen to the spirit.) so i felt like we should cross the road like we always do but then the lazy part of me said. "well... nothing has ever happened before so... why don't we just walk by them now?" and when i thought of that i thought to myself. "yeah we are not going to cross the street because we have already walked like 10 miles today and i'm tired". (great excuse right? ) And so my comp was in front of me and he passed by them just fine but right when i started to pass this man he jumped up and started screaming and he grabbed my so freakin hard. (1. the man scared the freakin crap out of me because i didn't know a drunk man could move so fast. 2. that man probably was not all there but MAN he had a freakin grip. ) As this man scared the whole world out of me i ripped my arm from his grip and picked up the pace. and as he started to follow us he was screaming "HEY. come back!! aliens! take me with you to heaven!!!"  That gave me a small laugh, i have been called many many things here but never aliens. So i guess there is a first for everything :D and i give the man kudos points for being original :D BUT. what we can all learn from my ignorance. that it does not matter in what moment or where we are we should alway listen to the spirit because i had the feeling and being a tired missionary in mexico i decided not to listen because i was being lazy. and almost got my face eaten by this man who thinks i am an alien. 

Um... let me think if i can think of something else that happened this week... cuz i know i am just killing my family with all of the hunka junk that i write in these bad boys. OH. so i really only have one more story. So i did get the opportunity to baptize 2 people this week. that was a very fantastic experience :D Yes i know we were suppose to baptize the whole family but... we have had a rough time with the mother... (she is a tough cookie but... a couple more weeks and God will help her have those feelings that she needs this baptism in her life.) and the dad wants to wait for his wife so that they can do this baptism the same day. (now that is respectable) and this day was very very interesting. probably because of all the things that have happened with this family. I always love seeing the changes that the gospel can make in a family. Probably one of the coolest experiences  that i had the opportunity to be present would have to be when the son offered a prayer. and really it was probably one of the most amazing prayers that i have ever heard in my life. because after he finished the spirit was there so strong and the whole family was crying. (as i was thinking to my self.... so... should we just end with a prayer cuz i don't know if we have already had enough spirit for one lesson.) and as things just started to change in their lives and as they had the opportunity to partake of this baptism. and here are 2 photos of their baptism. 

so this last saturday and sunday was stake conference. and the stake conference was not to cool but the cool part was that my convert of 1 month got a letter that she had the chance to say the closing prayer. and this lady when she offers her prayers i swear that they are so sincere and so true of how she is feeling. Because we all know that in a prayer people usually start with. Our dear kind a gracious Heavenly Father. and i always thought that was great but then i heard this lady start to pray and i really enjoy how she starts out her prayers. if she is praying in the  morning she starts out with "Good morning Heavenly Father" or in its at night she starts with "good night Heavenly Father" and that has really just stuck with me... i'm not quite sure if there is one apostles that has said that we have to start with our dear Heavenly Father or something like that so that is why i think how she prays is perfect and is so original and exactly how she feels in that moment. Because after years of praying we kind of just get in a habit of saying some things because that is just what we have always said and i can loose the heart felt meaning as we pray. That is probably why how my convert prays hit me so hard and made such an impact. so lets just say that she rocks socks with her prayer to end the conference.

and just end i would like to say something about the contacts that we have to do everyday. because there is one elder that told me something that really hit me hard. so usually when you are contacting you do everything you can and if the people say no you move on. but  this elder told me that when the person says no the first time that is really when you show all you know about how they really NEED this in their lives. So now every time when someone is going to tell me no i'm just going to think to my self.... "perfect. now we are actually getting somewhere. and you are telling me no because i didn't say the right thing that strikes your fancy." because every person should say yes you just have to follow the spirit and find that need that everyone has. 

so.... yeah.. nothing to crazy. but that was my week and the things that i learned. yup. not much but just enough. 

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  1. G looks so happy! What a great looking family!