Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014


wellp... this week is going to be pretty short in the whole writing thing. . . . . but i'm just going to cover the unusual that happened this week and maybe some other things... ya know... if i feel like typing... :D:D but just a quick run down of the whole jammywham eh? so first the coolest thing that happened this week would have to be the earthquake that happened. and we got our first flash flood AND my comp had to go to hospital so yeah... that would have to be the unusual that passed this week. 

So.... i'm going to write about the flash flood that happened this week. So me and my comp were in the street just walkin (like always) and i had a feeling that i should stop to get my umbrella just in case it started to rain (it has not rained here in like. . . 4 months.) so i went and grabbed it. and not more than 15 minutes after started to rain. . yes, it started to RAIN!!! and ya know when it starts to rain all the people are in their houses so... you really can't contact. and because that this week is Easter week a lot of the members are out for vacations. but luckily we found a member that was in their house and right as we entered their building the rain stopped and we entered their house and shared a message. and when we finished right as we left not more than 2 minutes later it started to rain.... yet again.... and so as me and my comp are just walking in the streets with the water up to our ankles. my comp was wondering what in the world i was doing as i am just singing "i'm singin in the rain" but yeah it was a pretty good time. and i learned that the water that falls from the sky here tastes just as horrible as you would imagine. and this story i believe ties into another story of how my comp was in the hospital. 

SO.. then as me and my comp were just studying in the morning until 12 like we do everyday but this friday was a bit different. because in the morning we were just studying personally and at first i thought that my comp was shaking my table and trying to get my attention. and then all of the sudden i felt like i was going to fall over out of my seat. so my first thoughts were: man i need to drink more water so that i don't faint. and when i stood up i felt the ground move beneath my feet and just thinking... AM I DRUGGED? i looked at my comp and asked him.... is the ground moving? and that is when the ground started to move more and more and more and the tables started to shake as my comp told me" get in the door way its more safe!!!!!" and i just had to say "bro we have to get into the street if its anything like the movies some freakin sick things are going to happen. " so as we were going for the door of our apartment it was hard to put the key in the hole because the door was shaking and my hand was shaking and those two really aren't a good combination. :D  and when we got into the street you could only see everyone filing out of their buildings and into the streets and people running all over the place screaming and crying and telephone poles falling and us trying to stay on our feet (it wasn't insanely
strong but it was sufficient:D) yeah.. i gotta say that it was probably one of the coolest things that i have experienced in my life.  :D I can't really explain it cuz it's a feeling that i have never felt before in my life. and in the end of all the chaos and craziness only a few light and telephone poles fell down and no one was hurt. so thats good. :D hahah yeah... 

oh so the day after the earth quake my comp woke up feeling a little bit sick. but waking up and feeling sick here in mexico is just like waking up and you hair is a mess. it just happens.. and often. so we really didn't thing very much of it. but as the day went on he started to tell me that it is starting to hurt more and more with every hour just to breath. and that is when i just thought to myself.... um... this is not good... it should not hurt to breath. and so i called my DL and he came to my house and at this point elder Ovalle was in bed and could not move and every breath that he took was killing him. and so my DL called the ZL's and they came to our house and called president and told him that we were going to take my comp to the hospital. and just so this whole story is not like 10 and a half hours long.... we finally made it to the hospital and the got us in after like 2 hours of waiting. and me and my DL and one of the ZL's we were waiting out side as the doctors were doing the tests on my comp. A QUICK SIDE STORY. and while we were waiting for my comp a man on a bike came by us and started asking for money to see if we and help him out and one thing that i have learned from my mom that you should always listen to the spirit when someone asks for money. because he is the one that is going to tell you if they really need this help or not. and in this moment i just felt like i should not give him money. so i told him"sorry man... i got nothing right now" (which was kinda true... i only had 18 pesos.) and after i told him that i turned my back to him and started talking to my DL again and all of the sudden the face of my DL just turned to stone and he stopped talking to me... and i was just thinking what the heck is going on with him... so i started talkin with my ZL at that point. and like 15 seconds later the guy on the bike went away. and that is when my DL asked me.  "did you know that the dude on the bike pulled out a pistol when you turned your back to him?" and with just complete shock i responded "um... no? i really just didn't notice." and my DL told me and my ZL "are you serious he had the gun pointed at you and elder (ZL) for like 10 seconds and then all of the sudden he just packed up and left." and i was just thinking... man.... we have to be in mexico where a man can pull out a gun in front of a hospital and not have a whole swarm of police on him. SO that was a small miracle that i was not in the stretcher next to my comp:D:D:D:D:D:D hahah kinda funny eh? YEAH THAT WAS THE OTHER SMALL SIDE STORY it makes me wonder what angel he saw that scared him off. i would like to read the letter he wrote home to his mother that night. then we might know what made hime leave without shooting me in the head.:DD....angels?  has to be there certainly werent any police to help.

when my comp left the hospital and they gave us a list of medication that he had to take and so we decided that we would call president so that he could send us more money so that we could afford this medication right? that sounds logical. right? so when we call him and tell him that we have no money because it didn't come 3 days ago like it should have and we asked him if he could send us more because no one has money. he told us "to go find money with the members or other missionaries because the money is not going to come before next thursday:" WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!  my comp has an infections in his throat that extends down to almost his plumones and we are going to wait for a whole week for the money to come? so finally i was just thought man... i am just going to pay for this medication from my home funds because my comp cant wait a week for this so i was going to need to get to a bank. and so by the time we got home and got my comp into his bed all the banks were closed and all of the places that sold this medicine were closed and the doctors told us that he has to start his medication as soon as possible and so me and my ZL went looking for a place and we looked for like... 1 hour and we found nothin... and when we were walking back to the house wondering what we were going to do we found the Hermana Irma Morales (my investigator) and she asked me why i looked so worried. and so i explained what had just happened and what kind of medication that we needed  and we were not sure where we would find it because all the places are closed right now.... and this is where the miracle happened:D:D:D she looks at the paper and looks at me and looks at the paper and just started to chuckle a little bit. and then looks up from the paper and tells me . well... its kinda funny... but back about a month ago remember when i was sick? yeah... well i didn't have the same thing that your comp has but they gave me these two medications that you need. would you like me to give them to you? I was just thinking to my self... you have got to be kidding me! how is it that our investigator has the medicine that we need in this moment. angels are watching out for me. so clearly i said SI and asked how much i would need to give her for these medications and she just told me that its all good you have helped me enough with your words and i don't need these anymore. so she gave them to us and we headed back home and gave the medication to my comp and yeah... He lives happily ever still. :D

today for pday we didnt get invited to play soccer with the rest of the district because my comp likes to tell the president things that are not whole truths.  he seems to like attention from trying to share information about other missionaries and what they are doing in a twisted way. because of this we try to keep him from only reporting me to the president and not the whole district. it works better that way so he only thinks i break rules (which i dont-and that drives my comp crazy) but i have come to see that people who are insecure like to say things bad about those who are really successful. last week he must have said something about me because the president asked me if i was lying about my numbers....I AM A HARD WORKER and it seems to shock people we are having so much success but if you work hard the lord really blesses you.......i knew for sure satan was using my comp and my pres to discourage me from working so hard but i just couldnt let it get to me. i may not be baptizing millions but each street contact and each lesson i teach..... i know the people feel the spirit.... and that is why satan wants to stop my success. i know it is important to always know where you stand with the Lord as you may never know who will question your integrity 

and the two photos are of my version of "Singing in the Rain" Mexico style:D 
ps....the rain tasted terrible:D:D

wellp.. that's all.. yeah.. 

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