Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Slip n dip?

Hahaha ok.... so this week went pretty well. we found some new investigators and some new less actives and ya know some dunkin in the baptismal font, and..... yeah.... not to many cool things but ya know... whatever. 

Hahaha so i just want to write about an experience that was freakin cool this last week. so we are at this house of some new investigators and as we are teaching them about the 3 commandments first because they had a ton of questions and really we just felt like we should share the 3 commandments first so.... we did:D and one lady had a question of tithes and another had a question of the law of chastity and the other about why we don't drink. so ya know... teaching about the 3 commandments was just like... killing 3 birds with.... one stone? :D and as we were teaching the they accepted everything so well and the spirit was there and yeah the things that usually that go while we are sharing the things of God. so it turned out that this man was struggling with the word of wisdom and the same with one of the other ladies that was there. but the man told us that he would stop drinking if his mom would stop drinking coffee. and so they both agreed. but here is the catch. the lady well... has quite a bit of years here on the earth so... she was forgetting some of the things that we were saying to them. and so when we finished we gave them a commitment that they would not drink coffee or alcohol. and so we finished with a prayer and started to talk  a little bit just about life after the lesson and all of the sudden this man looked at me and my comp and gave us the be quite signal and then he went into the other part of the house and brought back a huge jar of coffee. and he put the jar of coffee in front of the sister and he asked her... hey mom do you want a cup of coffee. and she told him... well... no. (and then i was just thinking.... YEAH WHAT A CHAMP.) and then she continued... you know i dont drink coffee at night because i cant sleep. and so her son continued with the question... and so... would you like me to make you a cup of coffe tomorrow morning? and she told him "you would really do that for me son? yes that would be perfect". hahah and i just had to quickly jump in and ask the sister. "wait... hermana... i thought you just told us that you were going to stop drinking coffee so that you are more capable to receive the blessings that God has prepared for you?" and the look on her face was a look of surprise and meditation as she told me "yes i did just promise my God that i am not going to drink coffee now," then ya know i just had to follow up with "then why did you just tell your son that it would be perfect if he made you a cup of coffee tomorrow morning?" hahah and the shock that was on her face was priceless as she turned to her son and said "why would you trick me like that you know i want these blessings and that we are trying to stop drinking alcohol and coffee? get this coffee off of my table and out of my house!" haha we all had a pretty good laugh me and my comp and the children of the sister:D:D but yeah. she is pretty freakin cool sister.  

oh and i just wanted to share our experience with our baptism this week. so his name is miguel. and everything was flowin freakin awesome with him and he was progressing really well. but... we had a small problem.... we were teaching him with his aunt and his mom didn't really know that he was listening to us. its not that we were trying to hide the fact that we were teaching him but his mom is never home and miguel nor his aunt told his mom that they were listening to us. . . . yeah... since that miguel is a minor, we had to ask permission from his mom so that he could baptize himself. and so ya know it just to happened that we found ourself... or.. excuse me... i found myself in front of miguels door because my comp nor miguel wanted to talk to his mom... and i was just like... yeah this is cool guys you push the dude who cant talk this language to try and convince this lady to let you get baptized. so i knocked on the door and his mom came out and i just asked her... hello i'm elder anderson and we have been sharing our messages with your son and he has decided that he wants to get baptized. but since his is a minor we have to make sure that it is all good for you if he baptizes himself. and then she looked at me... waited for a few moments and.... her response was quite a shocker. she told me... "NO. absolutely not. i will not even consider it for one moment. " and ya know.... usually i would be a little freaked like... we are going to loose all of the work that we have just done but this time it really hit me. that this church is so true for the fact that this lady is not going to allow him to be baptized and its not the work that we have done but its the work of the Lord. and so after like 3 minutes of spirit filled talk the mom of miguel invited us into her house because as she told me "we really cant be talking about this kind of thing in the door." so we passed into her house and we got talking again and she was still very against him getting baptized. and thats when i just decided it was all or nothing right? I just told the mom of miguel that the message that we share is true and i'm and 100 percent sure that miguel has seen changes in his life for the better and the fact that i am here i'm mexico is a sure fact that what i am saying is what i know is true because if i was just spitting crap i would most definitely not be here in mexico and that i know that this date for this saturday is the date that God has chosen for miguel. and then she asked me " this saturday... miguel has to be baptized this saturday?" and i just told her  "hermana... it's not my choice of what day that miguel can be baptized. me and my comp have prayed and meditated, and we have fasted for miguel so that we can find the date that he should be baptized. hermana this date is not a date of man. it is a date directly from God." (and as i was saying this her facial expression changed from a hard direct look to really interested in what i was saying) (( and i just felt that i should directly jump into talking about the book of mormon.)) and i know that of what that we share is true because of the miracles that i have seen in my life. and hermana as a representative of Jesus Christ i promise you that you could find the same type of joy that your son has found through this message that we share. and all of this starts with the wants and desires that you have in your life hermana. and here in my hands i have a record of what we share and while you read it (yeah notice that i use while ;D) you will feel something that you have never felt before in your life. and i would like to give you a copy of this book of mormon along with a brochure of the Restoration..... (i explained a little more).... but hermana will you read this book if i leave it here with you? and she told me "yes i really will". and just to make sure that she really had the desires to read it... "well.. hermana i want to leave these things here with you but if you don't read this book its going to really kill me because i know of the blessings that come in this book and this brochure. but i don't want to force you to receive these blessings... i'm just here as a representative of Christ to tell you the truth but hermana. do you really have the desire to read this book and this brochure?" (and her response was so sincere it almost shocked me....) "yeah i would really like to read this book so that i can really find out how i can find this eternal family that you talked about and what do i need to do so that miguel can be baptized this saturday?" and yeah... that was a pretty cool time with the power of the spirit. my spanish is horrible but the spirit is powerful... :D:D 
have a great week :D

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