Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Livin well or barely livin :D:D:D

So... this week was.... good. :D Full of spiritual experiences and all that jazz. 

We are teaching this lady that I had contacted in the street. Remember her? yeah well she is havin a rough time right now because some Jahova witnesses alway go and visit her after we have just finished teaching her. And the lady right now is really confused because she loves the church and the members are really kind to her when she came to church with us. But when the Testigos come by to teach she tells us that all they do is bag about how if she continues to follow this path that she is condeming herself to hell. (Shesh... thats a little harsh right?) and right now our investigator does not know what to do. Because she feels great and like she can do better than and strive for the celestial kingdom when we talk with her but when the other lady comes and visits she just destroys her and tries to make us sound like we are from hell. But after she was done telling me and my comp all this I just had a feeling that I should tell her that she honestly has the power to decide for herself. And so I just decided to tell her exactly that (with the joke of the spanish that I know you can only imagine out it came out;D;D). I explained to her that no one can make her believe in any religion. It is one of the wonderful gifts that through that plan of Jesucristo that we honestly have the power of albedrío. And as well as she does not have to just hope that she can find out what is right for her. Just like we taught her in the first lección with us that along with her albedrío that she can communicate with her Padre Celestial directamente. And whatever she feels is right for her we are going to respect that. so.... as of this moment she is still strong with her baptismal date of the 14th. And I always find it funny when we are passing a bus of testigos de Jeova and that they are always to angry at us. Because we are only 2 boys that only have 18 to 21 years and we are able to convert more people than the whole bus of them put together. So.. I don't know if that already speaks of something that this church is true or are they wearing blind folds? :D:D  so.... yeah life is flowin swell. .:D:D:D

As well as another experience we were just teaching a family how to speak english and just having a good time in general right? And when we were wrapping up I just had a feeling that I should take a moment and share a scripture with the mom. I almost doubted the feeling but every time that i have doubted that feeling it has alway come back to bite me in the butt. So I just thought to myself that I was going to go for it right? And so I just picked a scripture that I had read that morning and shared it with her and explained why I really enjoyed it. Its not like this moment was anything hugely spiritual.  It is just another example of how it does not matter if it is you or the spirit prompting you to do something if it is right it does not matter what is the source you or God. :D

Oh.. and we are teaching this family that the father is having a hard time walking because he has 2 wounds on his legs that refuse to heal. The doctors want to cut off his legs but he refuses. While we have been teaching him and it has really made me realize all that I have good in my life with all that is in his life right now and he is still able to stay... well somewhat positive:D:D  While we teach the family I am always humbled and grateful for the time that we are giving to share the gospel with them. :D (Its difficult to try and progress them because he literally cannot sit up otherwise he starts to bleed out of his wounds again. So i don't know how we are going to pass that small difficulty :D:D)

Hahah and I do want to write about one small funny thing that I have gotten to experience a couple of times over the last 2 weeks:D:D So our bishop knows how to speak a little English and he has started to call me to practice more and more of his English:D:D And every time that this happens I am dead asleep and it is usually around 11.30pm when the bishop calls and he just wants to well... chat:D:D And i am not going to complain :D:D Because i am always looking for ways that i can speak that much more english:D:D But usually he just wants to share the latest scripture that he has found or some of the homework that he has for college or a spiritual experience::D:D So.. Needless to say that i never know when the bishop is going to call:D:D haha well... that was this week:D:D

I know some of you have mentioned I should only write about spiritual things but I do want you to know there were very spiritual sides to the adventures I shared. I shared them so you would know that I was being watched over and being kept safe by a higher power than my own.  When you serve a mission in Mexico City you must be in tune with the spirit at all times or you may never return home:D:D
Doctrine and Covenants 89. Learn it, love it, live it.   :D:D:D So..


Elder Anderson


  1. I do not know who is telling Gray he needs to write only spiritual stuff but tell him I said I love his letters no matter how he writes them and he needs to write what he wants to tell about. Just my opinion,

  2. Me encanta leer tus experiencias bellas. Muchas gracias para compartir las historias y tu testimonio. Pero algunas veces escribe usted en el español, por favor, élder Anderson. Nos vemos más tarde.