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Whats rumblin or crumblin?

Hahah this week was a boss n sauce:D:D Hahaha yay for christmas with no familia right?? hahaha nah it wasn't that bad:D:D:D We just made our time useful like studying and doing things that we needed to do:D:D:D 

But to quickly just explain a little bit about our christmas... we woke up and we heard all the bells of santa just leaving the roof of our house and all the mice were singing "It's a Small World" and we  just knew that if we left out beds in that moment that santa was going to take all of our presents and replace it with coal so we stayed in our beds and just waited out those sickeningly long 10 minutes until santa left out roof. and when he left we came out of our beds being carried by all of the happy little singing mice..... hahah yeah right.. it was more like we became rebels and slept in just past 6:20am and gave ourselves sufficient time to prepare to do some exercise and then we ate breakfast, showered, talked for a bit, and then we just barely got around to being able to open up the presents that we had there:D:D Hahah, and that was a pretty good time i'm not going to lie:D:D But after we opened those up we did some more p 90 x and then could think of nothing to do in our house ( because we have to stay in our house because of all of the drunk people in the street.) so we decided to do some practices and i read about 3 chapters in the book of mormon looking up and learned every word that i didn't know as i went. and then... we ran to eat (at the members house i skyped from on Christmas Eve) and as we were coming back from eating we were walking in the road and we walked through one of the street parties that were going on, they had bigger basses than i have ever seen or heard in my life. you won't believe what song came on right as we were passing by, yeah...you guessed it. it was electronic trap:D:D:D Hahaha so right as we passed the basses that were bigger than me, the drop hit and honestly shook the houses around us and the doors on the cars and... yeah that was pretty sick:D:D:D (almost died) hahah not really we lived:D:D:D  And then we came back from eating and did another session of p 90 x and then i read some more in the book of mormon and learned some more in the fountain of eternal knowledge that i need to know here in mexico.:D:D  and... yeah that is about it... hahah needless to say it was a very very very good day;D :D:D:D And then yeah... we just worked and worked for the rest of the week.

One of our investigators believes he is a werewolf:D:D And yeah.. i don't know if i can say much more, but it is always interesting to talk to him as he is always explaining that we probably should not come over to his house when it is close to a full moon because he always wakes up in the night and feels his mouth and nose pushing out and becoming more like a snout and his feet growing and yeah.... but he is progressing really really well. He has been searching for a church for about 2 years now and he came to church this last week and loved every bit of it and i even had the opportunity to talk to him and answer one of his questions that he had during one of the classes so.. yay for understanding and being able to respond to a question! 

You know that guy that i talked to you about how he just came to church and he was not baptized? Yeah so we baptized him this week and that was a great experience to be able to do. especially when the water heater is not working, i tell the guy that the water may be a bit cold right before we enter;D;D Hahaha yeah... needless to say he was a little shocked when it was freakin freezing:D:D Hahaha but i just told him to bend his knees and I would rip him out of the water as fast as i could:D:D:D So i did the ordinance and pulled him out as fast as i could and well... he was gasping a lil bit, but he was really happy in the way that he felt and I was glad for the opportunity to do the ordinance right this time.:D:D:D so that was a great experience to be able to do that with a friend:D:D:D

and hahah something funny that happened this week:D:D so right before christmas i had not cut my hair in about a month and so right after we taught this lady who knows how to cut hair we asked her if she had time to cut our hair right now. :D:D and so as it comes to my turn to cut my hair the only thing i tell her is that i just want it shorter so i look more like a missionary:D:D hahah and with those instructions she just went to town and after she got done i was very pleased with it. it was definitely very different than any hair cut i have had before:D:D:D:D so we left and right when we left her house my comp turned to me and said, "she gave you a VERY mexican looking hair cut." So.. right now i am rollin in mexico trying to convert people with a hair style that is very close to theirs:D:D Hahah now all i need to do is grow out a mexi stache:D:D 

Today is my p-day and I had the best day I have had in the four months of being here.:D  My companion and I spent our entire p-day making, baking and frosting cakes with our Bishop.  I took cooking for many years at Lone Peak and always volunteered to do the dishes if the girls in my class would do the cooking.:D:D  I can see I gave up the best part of the kitchen.  But I am making up for all the lost years of cooking at Lone Peak here in Mexico.  I never thought I would consider myself a "baker" but I am truly a natural.:D:D These New Years cakes is how our bishop helps support his family while he goes to school.  I loved having the chance to help him help his family, even though my family wondered why I hadnt emailed all day:D:D:D

This Saturday we get to travel an hour and a half to attend a sealing at the Mexico City Temple.  I am hoping that by some small miracle I will get to see Keaton De jong and Ali Ball. :D:D:D So far Heaven has smiled upon me many times here in Mexico and I am hoping for a major miracle to see my old pals.:D

well.. this week was really good and... i can only look forward for this upcoming week to try and make it better than the last:D:D:DD God speed and good luck:D:D:D Les amo mucho:D:D

This picture is being posted without Grays permission.  He was given this poster for Christmas from his district leader and doesn't want anyone to think he isn't focused.  Please don't say anything to Gray about me posting this, but it was just too funny not to share! (The prophet's picture is on the other side:D)

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