Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Continually Going

Fech man.. this week has been a blast from the past right? Hahah probably not but.. ya know its been swelly enough. :D 

To start I just wanted to write about an experience that I thought was pretty funny:D:D So we have this appointment with this hermana that we had put a cita with her just the day before (and don't you find it funny when you talk with the people the night before and then when you go to their house the next day they some how always had something "come up" like "i needed to visit my family" kind of crap or "sorry i forgot":D:D:D) and so while we are arriving at her house we hear some freaking sick music that was just blastin right? and so we knocked and knocked and knocked  and I saw someone through that crack of the door look at me and then run back into the house hahaha so that is just normal right? so what we decided to do next is just pure genius:D:D:D I turned to my companion and told him that we need to call the hermana right now because i just saw her look at me and then turn back into the house:D:D:D So clearly we whipped out our phone and gave that lady a phone call:D:D:D And as the phone was ringing we heard someone turn down the sick beats that were blastin in their house and someone answered the phone (it just so happened to be our investigator that I saw in the door crack:D:D:D) And so we just quickly asked the hermana that we were passing by her house and that if it was all ok if we passed by to share our next lesson. :D:D And her response was priceless. "oh hermanos i'm sorry I actually not home right now but can you pass by tuesday?" hahah clearly hermana yes we can pass by tuesday:D:D And after we hung up we heard someone turn back up the music to its original state and that is when we decided that apparently that we just need to pack up and head out:D:D:D but i just  thought that this experience was quite funny that some people just have the worst excuses in the history of "my dog ate my homework:D:D:D" 

The next pretty sick experience that I was able to be apart of was awesome:D:D:D So we went to the house of one of our other investigadores and in this lesson we were presenting her the Book of Mormon. And so the order that we were going to go in was my comp was going to start out and finish up the last part of our lección anterior and then i was going to pick up from there and explain about why we have the Book of Mormon and the blessings that come from the reading meditating and asking our father in heaven if it is true right? Well needless to say that the beginning went freakin smooth and right before it came to my part I was kind of flipping bricks because i needed to talk not only in one tense but needed to switch tenses and how i spoke (which needless to say is kinda hard... well.. for this white kid. ) but then i was just like what the heck. Im just gunna speak and who cares right? (well not the kind of who cares like i didn't want to try because i want nothing more than for the messages to come across smooth and sound good and all that jazz right?) And so as I started i just talked and explained what i knew right? And it was freakin sick all the words and insanely hard things that I alway just have problems with outside of the lecciones just started to flow. I don't know what it was honestly. and i was just about to enter the next section of what i was going to talk about with the book of mormon and I just had a feeling that I should share my testimony so clearly i did. And fech son of a mother I have not felt that spirit that strong since we invited one of our other investigadores to baptize herself.  And after that I just felt like it honestly didn't matter what i said or how i said it because they all ready have been feeling what we are trying to explain and that is how it should be the Spirit doing all the hard lifting and you just guiding it. 

And to end I just want to include one experience that was.... well.... needless to say... freakin scary. So we continually visit one of the members here. And one of the nights that we were their we were just sitting there talking and i just so happened to understand the words "evil spirit" "children" and "in our house" so i just put all those together and asked you have evil spirit children in your house. and um... well. they told me that it happens quite often when they will just hear laughing of little kids in their house and things will be moved around and how they have seen some of the kids hiding underneath some of the beds and all that joyful stuff right? Well... we all know how i am just probably one of the most manly men out their when it comes to scary movies and things like that right? (the most sarcastic sentence ever) I am probably one of the biggest wimps ever when it comes to scary movies. So when i heard this that kind of flipped my bricks of wanting to be in that house:D:D And so the next night the family was just headed out to do something and my comp needed to use the bathroom really bad so the family just told us that they are going to head out but we can still enter and use the bathroom so clearly with my comp about to explode we ran in and i sat my self on one of the chairs as he ran to the bathroom. And the whole time while he was in the bathroom I was learning of how all the experiences with scary after life children were probably true. With the complete silence and the just perfect amount of darkness with all the other factors of the house adding to that. And since many of your know how I am with scary movies with the lights on you can only imagine how I was feeling in this moment where I was not watching a scary paranormal movie I was freakin sitting in one. :D And yeah that was a fun experience as well:D:D:D 

And thats alls I gots:D:D:D Have a great week ladies and gents:D:D:D

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