Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hahahaha this week was an adventure in and of itself. Well... at least i believe it was... 
(Because still i really can't understand what in the world is going on. :D)

So to start out pretty much this week was a flop when it comes to literally all your appointments falling in a day and those people that you do visit are to afraid to introduce us to the man at the end of the street because "He is a Catholic". So that pretty much how our days were flowin. Practically walking all day and contacting people in the street just searching for new investigators. And finally when Saturday came rollin around we just were not so sure how well this day was going to go because looking back at our past success in the week (hahaha yeah thats a joke because we really didn't have any ;D) but as i had just found this name of where this less active lady lived we thought that we would just give her a visit and see why she has not come to church in a while. And as we show up the lady looked so grateful that we had come by. when we asked if her and her husband had time to hear a message she told us that her husband had a lot of work to do so they didn't have time to hear a message. but the hermana told us that there was a less active that is really sick and that she would like a blessing. So she went with us to this house of the less active that i have never met in my 3 months here in this area. AND COME TO FIND OUT! she isn't home... but i had just learned this last sunday that only about 1/8 of the members of our Ward actually go to church so i knew that there were a ton of less actives here, i just don't know where they live. So i asked the lady if she knew where anymore less actives lived. And that's when the lady just went off pointing and showing us house after house after house that had less actives and that is not even all. She ran into 2 people that she knew in the street. And she introduced us, got us an appointment, bore her testimony about all the blessings that she has received and how she wants the same for them and their families and that's why she was presenting us. So... pretty much with that lady in that hour we found about 10 families that are less active and, on top of that, the 2 investigators that she set us up with. So after that time in the day we just continued to work and now it's like 8:30 and we needed one more lesson. So we headed over to a family that is close by our house and... they were not home..... but we found a guy that was selling bread in the street so we started to talk with that lovely child of God and come to find out that he has actually been searching for a church that just "feels right".  And he told us that he was interested in hearing a message from us right now (what a coincidence ((however in the flipping world you can spell that Word :D))). So we taught the lesson that we needed and got another investigator. And now we are feeling pretty good with our work that day. But as we were heading back to the house I remembered that I didn't have milk for the next day. So I quickly swung by a store to buy milk and... They were out.. Crap... So I remembered Elder Hern√°ndez talking about a store in a street that we never walked on before. So we quickly ran to the store I bought my milk and right when we were about to walk away a man just came up to us and asked us if we are in some sort of spanish program here in mexico (because, given, 2 white boys in Mexico kinda stands out if ya know what I mean). Hahaha nah... we told him that we are missionaries and we then asked him how long does he want to be with his family and kids. And that's when he explained to us that he would like to be with his family for as long as God will allow him to be. And he continued with how he is really frightened of dying because after this life there is just nothing. So we explained to him that our message is to help people come closer to Christ and how he can have his family forever. Hahaha and then he asked us,"So when can you guys come over?" So... that was quite the adventure and kind of a Best 2 Years movie experience because in that moment i just wanted to get food.  It turned out to be that we got a new investigator because of my indigestion :D:D Hahah it's inspiration. Nah... more like indigestion :D But yeah.. we ended that day with like 10 new less active families and 4 possible new investigators :D

Oh yeah... and my comp was santa at the Ward Christmas party:D:D

and during church an old investigator came to church and said he was ready to be baptized! so we made sure that everything was all good and he is getting baptized next Sunday :D

And yupp... that's just about it ladies and gents. not too much, but just enough. 
Hasta Luego:D:D

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