Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bendiciones con tiempo?
(Blessings with time?)

Well.... this week was unbelievable fantastic:D:D:D To start i just want to say that the one thing that i learned from Elder Hernandez is that hell does not last for ever:D:D Yupp... that is all i learned from him in 3 months:D:D But my next comp is freakin sick! His name is Elder Lee and he is an American:D:D I have never worked harder and never been more satisfied with my days of work:D:D (Given i still don't do much) :D I am learning all the things that i should have in the first 3 months of my mission.

But first i just want to write about the baptism of Laticia:D:D Hahaha man we really had to work hard for her to overcome her fear that the Jehovah Witnesses have given her. Because firstly we swung by to her house to finish teaching her what she was still needing to know and reminded her that she had her interview in 2 days. And when we were passing by her candy stand the next day she told us that she was going to be leaving tomorrow way early and not going to return until next tuesday. Hahaha we felt like she was not telling the truth so we asked where she was going and thats when she told us that she really didn't need to go anywhere. She told us that she did want to be baptized but her sister and some Jehovah Witnesses are feeding her pure fear of her decision to be baptized. We just told her that if she still felt good about it she should continue on with her decision. And that she should not be doing this decisions for anyone but herself and for her own good and if she felt like it was the right thing for her to do:D:D And so after that we peaced out. And now passing the time of her interview and coming to the day of her baptism. Hahaah this day was by far one of the most interesting days here in mexico. So we had to wake up early to walk to the church to clean and start the boilers. But as we were walking to the church we always pass this section of where there is no room to walk on the sidewalk so we always walk in the very side of the road. And this time right before we got back to the spot where we could walk on the side walk again a combi flew by and the mirror nicked my shoulder. (and the mirrors of the combis are only about 4 to 5 inches away from the combi itself). and right after it had passed i looked to see what in the world had just happened as I had never been hit by a moving vehicle before. (cuz that was a little bit interesting to be almost hit by a combi if ya know what i'm sayin:D:D) I decided to look and see if he had hit me on purpose or if it was an accident.  After checking out the situation and seeing he had enough room to have not hit me... :D the good old fart (well he probably was a young whippersnapper):D He had about 10 feet that he could have gone even 1 foot more in the other direction and he could have passed us just fine (well... me:D:D) but ya know..... i guess that satan just was trying to make sure that Laticia wasn't going to be baptized.  Being hit by a combi wasnt going to stop us.  After that little joy of an experience, we arrived at the church and after much difficulty got the boilers running and cleaned the baptismal font and then we started our journey to the house of Laticia. When we arrived we started to knock and knock and...... waited... we couldn't understand why she wouldn't be here when she wanted nothing more than to make this agreement with her father in Heaven yesterday.... and so... right as we were about to leave she came walking around the corner.:D:D hahaha so we asked her how she was and she told us that she was doing ok..... so we asked her why she isn't doing really well.... and she told us that she just got done visiting with those Jehovah Witnesses and she always feels down after talking with them.... and when we heard that we were like... pues... fetch... she is probably going to tell us that she does not want to do her baptism still... but then we asked her.... so... are you still ready for your baptism that is like... right now? (it wasn't exactly like that:D:D) and she told us heck yea. Hahaha so we let her grab her stuff and we headed to the church and baptized that lovely old lady:D:D:D

The next thing that i want to write about is the day that i was talking with another elder of the fact that i have never given a blessing before. And we were just chatting up a storm when we were waiting for our comps to come out of a meeting. and he was just telling me that it is not as bad and with practice it will come and that i should not worry:D:D hahaha and really when he said that with practice it would come i don't know if he knew that this practice would come today right after that moment of talking with him:D:D:D So me and my comp just headed to the food and after we were almost done talking the mom of the family asked if we could give her a blessing. So clearly we did. And right after that the daughter came up to us and asked if she could have a blessing as well. (given she is not a member) and so in this moment my comp turned to me and said your turn.. a la fetch.... i couldn't tell him that i had never done one before in my mission so i just took a deep breath and used the power of the spirit and gave a blessing with all my heart. and after that the brother came and asked if he could have a blessing so my comp gave him one. AND again after that the hermana that is not a member asked if i would give a blessing to her dogs... (um.. is that even allowed???) So we told them that we cant bless the dogs with the laying on a hands so we just blessed the dogs with a prayer. and when i was in the middle of this prayer the lady pipes up and tells me the dogs names were more than just "the dogs of this hermana". So after that blessing of the dogs the sister who is not a member runs over to her neighbor and says that there are two elders giving free blessings (because apparently others charge for blessings?) but then we continued to give like 6 more blessings and after that i felt like i had gotten in my practice that the elder had told me earlier that day. and when we had left the house i explained to my comp that i did not know how to do a blessing before that... he looked at me and said.. well... ya learned quickly then:D:D hahaha yeah that was a fun experience..:D:D

But that is what happened this week... not to many things but... the important thing is that Laticia got to have her baptism and that was the highlight of my week:D:D That and changing companions:D:D:D So... adiós hasta la siguiente semana :D:D


  1. So great to hear of your experiences, Elder Anderson. I especially love to hear of the baptism of Hermana Laticiai (I think it is...). And I love to hear the Spanish, too! :)

  2. Elder Anderson, it's so great to hear of your experiences. I love to hear about Hermana Laticia and her baptism. But I especially love to hear the Spanish!! Estoy aprendiendo el español y me encanta leerlo. Adiós ahora, y hasta luego.

  3. Hello Berkeley, I found your blog while searching the Mexico City Southeast Mission. Is that the mission your brother is in? My daughter has been called there and will leave the Provo MTC on January 20th. I'll have to tell her to look for him. He is hilarious and a very talented photographer. Impressive!

    1. Yes, that is the mission my brother is in! That's wonderful! What is your daughters name and her district number? We would love to send her a package in the MTC! Does she have a blog? We would love to read hers!