Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Teachin' n preachin'

This week was better than the last few that have been flowin:D 

The great part of my week started on wednesday. We had intercambios and  I was with Elder Evans in my area. We had quite a bit to do because we just had an old investigator attend church this last sunday and so me and Elder Evans were going to go and visit her and put a date for her to be baptize. But ya know always things don't go as planned right?:D and so.... we arrived at her house and.... she wasn't home... fetch... :D but its alls good. :D so after that we headed over to another new investigator that we were meeting for the first time. :D this was quite the experience because before she didn't want to hear from us at all but she had given us the permission to teach her daughter. And over the last 2 weeks she has seen such a change in the life of her daughter that she was wondering what we were teaching. So... she set up a time with us and we taught her and invited her to be baptized and right now things are flowing swelly with that family. (right now the dad still does not want to talk with us but.... its only a matter of time. Ya know?:D) and after that lesson we had just enough time to run over to yet another investigator that earlier in the month I felt like we should talk to him and so... I just walked up and tried my best to converse with this manhomie (which... to say the least was rough. :D:D:D) But right now he loves what we are teaching him and all I have to say is it is practically like magic when I am talking with someone in a lesson or when they need help with something because I don't know if they are using easier words than the rest of the world of if I am just striking it easy with being able to understand them:D:D Nah its just a fact that the gift of tongues is real and with out it I could not teach at all. Pues.. After our lesson with freddie. We had just enough time to teach one more lesson and honestly I had really enjoyed that day because it was a day that I was not afraid to open my mouth and have what I say be laughed at. ya know the usual. :D:D 

But the next day was just as good :D I know right what is this gambling? Two good days never come in a row. Well... at least not here:D:D But I just want to write about one experience. So we had gotten this reference and we went and visited her and usually you have to talk to people and slowly let them start to trust you for them to tell you what they need to hear.. well.. I just want to say that we barley had enough time to introduce ourselves before she just laid it on us. Man she told us exactly what had happened in her life and... I don't want to say much but she has been through a lot. So we started to teach her about the Gospel of Jesucristo and while we were about 3/4ths of the way done her daughter walked in as well as her husband. (And usually we invite people to be baptized the first lesson ((unless we feel like it would be better to wait one more lesson))) and I was thinking to myself... How and I suppose to invite the father and the daughter to baptism when they have not even heard of our whole shpeel. And in that moment I just got the feeling that it honestly does not matter if they have heard the whole thing or not the spirit in the room in this moment is the same right now as it has been the hole lesson. So I just knew that it honestly did not matter if they have heard the whole lesson or not because they could just feel all that we have taught in one moment. And so with that I put all my fear that they just would not accept our invitation and just went for it. And honestly it is one of the most beautiful experiences when you invite someone to baptism. Because this is going to sound weird but... they really can not say no. It is not the words I use or my fancy way of persuading them to say yes but it is honestly just the power ( I can't think of any other word that i can describe it but pure... power. ) that is in the room. And as well as when I need to teach something or commit someone to baptism or... anything before I start to teach i don't think about what I am going to say or anything. because if I start to think about what I am going to say I just get myself confused with all the conjugations and their needs and tying... well... everything. so I honestly just don't think of anything and just listen to my comp with what he is saying and after he wraps up his part I just... talk. And i don't know how to explain it. The words just come. I mean if people don't believe in the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues I can see how this sounds crazy but honestly words that I have never used before just come to my mind and I am not going to doubt that thought and I just... Go with the flow if ya know what i mean:D:D:D  and so after that they all said yes to the invitation to be baptized so me and my comp were pretty stoked. and while we were leaving their house we alway pass this lady in the street that is vending stuff. And i had the feeling that I should talk to her like... 3 weeks ago but I was to afraid to talk to her because I didn't know very much spanish. (given things still have not changed I still don't know very much spanish but I just don't care anymore I just speak:D:D:D) and so while we were walking by her again I just had the feeling that I should talk to her again and sheesh when you get that feeling of the spirit you just can not deny it. And so I just stopped and started to talk with her. We told her that we were missionaries and that we would love to share a message with her. And she said that she would love that and that she has wanted to talk with us for about 2 weeks now (fetch ladies and gents when she said that, It really hit me that I was about 2 weeks late on talking with this lady in the street.) and to come to find out that her mom had just been ran over by a camion about 1 month ago. And that she has just been looking for something to make her feel more happy. So with that we talked with her a little bit more and set an appointment for the next day. So this day was quite the experience as well:D:D:D

and just real quick update on the lady who sells stuff in the street. We recently have put a fecha with her to be baptized this 14 of diciembre. as well as we should have a baptism this saturday of a girl named estefani if we are able to get her and her boyfriend married this week she will be baptized this saturday. as well as we found another reference and we are planning on putting a fecha with him this week and as well as Rosa we are hoping that we can put a fecha with her for either the 7th or the 14th as well. and the family that we are teaching right now(with the husband and the daughter who walked in) if things flow well we will be able to baptize them the 21st. And as well the mother of Jonathan Delgado because she ends her schooling in like 7 days and we are going to put a fecha for her probably for the end of this month. So.. these are just the hopefuls I know we are able to baptize them all if we just can step up the work a bit more. Ya know? because right now 18 lessons a week just isn't cutting it for me. Even when 6 of those are when I teach by my self with another Elder in my area during intercambios. But... needless to say.... nowhere to go but up from here eh? (yeah... i know i used eh. they use it a whole junk load here in mexico eh?)

and the photo that is with this letter is of nothing special but... the fact of after 3 hours of studying and preparing for the day this is what it comes down to :D:D A paper with a few escrituras:D:D:D 

but things are going better and better I would just like to end with the fact of that 
if you are ever prompted by the spirit to do something you should freakin do it!!! Cuz you don't know what blessings it may bring in your life. I have learned that it does not matter if it is your thought or if it a thought that was put in your mind by the spirit because if you are living your live correctly your thoughts and the thoughts that the spirit will put in your mind are similar. I love this gospel and the opportunities to learn and experiences conversions in other peoples lives is amazing!!!! You just don't get to experience these kind of miracles in any other point in life and.... I would just like to end with answering something. Honestly if you are looking for something to read every week that is going to be life changing spiritually I would read someone else's blog because right now.... shesh I will right about the experiences that I go through when I am able to understand them:D:D:D That is why I wrote about all the gun shots and puddles of blood and all that jazz because I was not able to understand what was going on in the lessons. But I do want to write more about the lessons in the future so in time with the more spanish that i learn i will write more spiritual experiences yo :D:D But... 

The church is true and the book in blue. See ya next week. (well... write ya next week. :D:D:D)

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