Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

The weeks keep rollin like the salt keeps cookin?

This week.... man what do I even want to say bout this week.... Needless to say it was a heck of a lot less entertaining than the last... well... My whole time in mexico. :D This week was actually quite relaxing:D:D Not to much happened and I got to be the senior companion while my comp went and taught with other people.

First this week I learned the lesson (yet again) that a mission kinda sucks... Honestly. My relation with my comp is flowin swelly but the only thing is that now he has found a new way to make me feel like I am still worth nothing. Because people here like to ask questions that are insane. Like who was my second brother twice removed that liked to eat chocolate cake in the pre-earth life? And then when I respond that I have not a clue my comp always enjoys to tell me that I have been a member my whole life and I dont know this? Yeah as well as if something does not flow smoothly in a lesson apparently it is always something to do with my lacking in obedience. But other than feeling like I can respond to any question that I am asked with out being mocked.... Things are flowin GREAT:D:D:D

But like I said this week was a bit slow... :D (I wouldnt mind if more weeks were like this) The only thing that happened that was interesting was me and this other white boy that just got here had intercambios and we got lost in mexico city (in my area) for about 40 minutes:D So it wasnt that long of a time of being lost and it was quite an adventure:D:D As well as during that time with the other Elder we were chased by a drugged lady down the street so... This week no guns, blood, or shattered windows. Only a drugged lady who wanted to chase to american boys. 

But one thing that was awesome about this week was the fact that I got to do intercambios con the other Elder from utah:D:D (Im not going to say his name because I am going to save my mom an hour of searching where he lives and what kind of rice he likes to eat ever 17th of november:D:D) ((Love ya mom:D:D:D)) And that day we taught 5 lessons and receive 3 new investigators:D So that gave me hope that I have come far enough to teach lessons and receive investigators (Given 5 lessons is still lacking of the 8 we are suppose to teach) ((But you always need to improve in something right:D:D:D))

The thing that I really have learned this week was the fact that during my whole life I never really gave sufficient thanks to my mother and sister who are always there for me and have always been there for me. Thanks mom for everything that you have done and I dont know how I could thank you more for everything (given I am in mexico and the only thing I can do is type home every week...) And Berkeley as well thanks for everything there is only one person in this world that would be creepy enough to dress up as me for Halloween (that was a sarcastic comment). But really Berkeley thanks for everything and cant wait until we can make our next betos run or attend our next concert.:D:D:D

The nice thing about learning a language and doing missionary work is you really have no time to be full of your self because if  you do anything to not have the spirit with you, There is not a chance that you can speak with even a tiny bit of clarity. This is another thing that I have learned while being here in mexico. obedience (#garydunn) . Because with out this obedience I dont know how I could speak or teach people and have them learn from what I am sayin. And I am just going to apply this into the rest of my life. Because in all things if we are not obedient how can we expect to receive the blessings or help that we need from our Padre Celestial if we are not doing what he has already asked us to do. 

and in this email there are some photos of our apartment (right now we have a ton of fruit because this man just gave us about 60 pesos of fruit) So life is hard but good:D:D:D and one photo that was a mess up of the photo of the week:D:D Because my comp was having a hard time with the rack focus:D (Sheesh those little guatemalans I thought everyone already knew about rack focusing and using the natural light to make your photos pop more;D;D;D;D) Love my comp.... well... Yeah:D:D:D:D 

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