Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

School teacher?

This week was insane.. honestly insane. :D 

To start I went on cambios with Elder Evans and he had told a school that he would help them out and teach english. And so while we were walking to the school I was thinking that we would just be helping out another teacher that is already being paid to teach english. Wellp... as you can probably guess... they didnt have a teacher already to teach english and when we arrived we asked the teacher what we needed to do and she said. "i dont know you are the teachers" hahaha so.... needless to say that we taught and taught and taught for like 3 hours. class and class and class. It was quite fun all of the kids kept asking me to teach them swear words in english... Hahahaha. And one moment while me and elder evans had our backs to some students apparently one of them swore at the other and they literally started a full out brawl in the front of the class. Fists were flying and all sorts of other joyness if ya know what ima sayin:D:D

And just another funny story. :D Berkeley you might not want to post this on the internet but... I met this guy while my comp was using the bathroom and we just got talking about the united states and I had asked him if he had ever visited the usa. and he had told he of course but he doesnt have any papers. and so I asked him how he was able to get in with out papers. and he continued to explain to me in great detail that there are 2 places where you are just able to walk in. One in arizona and the other in texas. I had a good laugh about how he explained that it was so easy and then I got his information and setup an appointment with him for the next week to teach him... yeah not to interesting of a story but.. still a joy:D:D:D

and I just wanted to write about a freakin crazy spiritual experience this week. I know it is probably just normal for other missionaries but.. here it is:D:D We were going to put a baptisimal date with one of our investigators after we finished teaching the second part of the restauración. And when it came to my part to explain about the first vision I struggled through how to explain how he got into the grove of trees but when I got to the actual vision part things just flowed and after i had finished the appearance of God and Jesucristo the spirit was the thickest I have ever felt in my life I was about to go grab a stick from out side and make a little ice cream snack out of it and save it for a snack for later:D:D (hahah a food joke because there isnt much;D;D) and after that with explaining the authoridad and all the others things that i needed to say next just.... happened... I dont even know what to say... Its times like those that you just sit there and think.. dang.... that was crazy... and the hermana excepted the date to be baptized this next week and we are trying to fit in another one for 2 weeks and another for 3 so... if things flow smoothly we should be helping a few more people enter the beginning to receive eternal life:D:D

and these photos with this email are some that my bud Jacob took. I know there is one of me... awkward... but really he is sitting right next to me and is making sure that I send these photos back home:D:D Honestly i think that this broham has a lot of photographical talent :D (menos la foto de yo) and the others are of my other bud Jehovani who is a freakin boss at futbol. We just went to one of his games and watched him:D:D:D

but this week was good a lot a constructive time and learning experiences:D 
Hasta luego:D:D 

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