Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


Sheesh... You would think that this mission just could not get any better!!!! (Like that is for sure serious) This last week was the bomb! I could not have had a more fun week in my life!!! Ya know how I was havin problems with my companion? Yeah well... After 7 weeks of serving that little mexican... Oops.. I mean that little Guatemalan one day he just changed and things just started flowin. So I guess that this is proof that if you serve your companion or anyone in general that is could just possible take like... 7 weeks for that service to sink in and possibly change them:D:D But other than the fact that me and my companion are flowin swelly. Some really crazy things have happened this week. Both spiritual as well as more exciting crazy stories... Well I don't know if they are exciting or just ordinary... So... yeah:D:D 

This week was amazing week spiritually for me. I really don't know what to say about the experiences that I have had this past week. Because anything I say will not do the feelings and the power that were in those lessons. But all I have to say is that with every lesson that I teach and every principle that we teach it really strengthens my testimony that this message that we are teaching has so much power and truth behind it. Each time and everything new that I learn really helps me apply and see how if we are able to continually increase our faith and will follow what we are told and what we know we should do deep down then there is nothing that we cant do in our lives and there is no reason why we cant have joy here as well as after this life. :D So.. I really wish I could just speak face to face to everyone about the spiritual experiences because they are so huge and so much fun and an honor to be able to experience them. The people here just have so much faith and honestly have taught me so much about just being happy with your family and outside of that not much else matters:D 

So to start... My companion needed to go to the dentist for his tooth. and when we arrived there my companion needed some anesthetic. And ya know that is regular every time you go to the dentist you need some sort of pain killer right? Well... My dad is a dentist and my whole life I have known this stuff to be as "tingly gell" no one ever told me that this so called "tingly gell" was a needle of medication the size of freakin.... (plug in your own descriptive word). Ya know what Im sayin??? Sheesh!!! Well... Yeah I thought I would just inform the world that this so called "tingly gell" or anesthetic is a freakin huge needle. Yeah.. Nothing more special about the dentist:D:D 

Oh hahaha and so me and my companion were walking to our next appointment and every tuesday there are this huge markets that take up the whole street and they sell everything! (I have still yet to find a pair of raybands) And just a small side note.. I have some pretty good friends in these markets they are always informing me when the next movie has just come out and what kind of glasses they are going to pick up next week and haha yeah needless to say I got some friends in these markets of the streets (which may be black-markets but ya know who knows:D the stuff is cheap and new:D) And I don't even buy anything from them:D but as we were walking through the markets to our next appointment, my companion was ahead of me and all of the sudden this guy just literally comes out of no where and asks me if I speak spanish or english . I respond to him that I speak a little bit of both. And then he continued to ask me who was the creator of the earth. Psh, I'm thinkin to myself that's an easy one. And when I  give him the answer that is was Jesucrist antes este vida, he did not like that answer at all and then he grabs me by my shirt and pulls me really really close to his face (a lot closer than I would have wanted to be to this man) and then starts speaking all the english he knew. Which was that I was a stupid american and some words that I will not repeat because they were not very nice or up lifting. :D So during all this I thought that I was going to be punched by this man but I just admitted to him that yes I guess that I am stupid (hoping that it would satisfy his anger) and after I had said that he let me go and told me that I knew nothing and just walked away. :D Haha and after that moment I learned a valuable lesson. 

The only people that are impossible to teach are those who are unwilling to learn. 

Yeah pretty obvious i know but if you think about it the only way someone is unteachable is someone who is not willing to learn:D 

As well as during the day of the dead me and my companion are headed back to our house and we see this group of friends carrying this boy down the road towards the main road in which we were walking on. And as they arrived in the middle of the road they waited until one of the huge busses was about 15 feet away and they literally dropped this boy on his back right in the way of this bus! (These buses don't stop for like... anything.) So i thought that this man was goin ta freakin die ya know? But don't worry between the skreeching of the brakes of the bus and his barley having enough time to get to his feet and literally dive out of the way he did live:D So.. I don't know if this is some game that is really popular down here in mexico or... no se all I know is that I would rather not participate in this game.. if ya know what i mean:D 

And another story of how me and my companion were coming home from our weekly district leader meeting and we have to take a combi (which is like a van type of vehicle:D) and as we are about 15 minutes before we are going to get off at our stop this little motor cycle cuts off our combi and of course the driver of the combie had to pull over and say some words of encouragement to this man as well as some words of rejoice that he was able to shoot that gap in time:D hahaha heck no they were just a cussin a ways and sayin words that I have never heard before:D and this is where the story gets good:D As we are driving away I look back at the man and he bends down and picks up a rock and chucks is at the combi and shatters the back window. Haha it was so freakin exciting. Because one that I was covered head to toe with glass as well as I was the one that was hit by the rock when it came through the window:D (Ok maybe the rock did hurt and was not very cool to get hit by and maybe I got some cuts from the glass but other than that it was awesome!!!:D) Yeah... So.. That is my combi story:D:D 

And as well as this week I learned how to make pizza, pan dulce, and pastries. :D It was just a freakin blast from the past:D Yeah... there are some pictures that show how it was:D So... Im only gunna say that I just may change my career to bread and pastry maker because I have never had so much fun doing something:D Well... Maybe making videos and taking pictures is a bit more fun but... Hmm.. Who knows:D 

So this is a brief over view of what happened this week:D I am loving it here. I love this mission because all I have to do is go to peoples homes and help them receive more joy. :D And with every word that I learn in spanish the more fun and the more I am able to help people realize that honestly all they need is to complete a few laws of God and things will flow so much more smoothly:D 

Pues... Hasta luego. Y buena suerte esta semana:D:D  

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