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Forever Stuck.

Haha The last week here in the MTC has been quite the experience. :D I mean it was full of some completely awesome times as well as sometimes that I wish did not have to happen. First off we (Elder Lee and myself) were able to have the opportunity to head up to salt lake and get our visas from the constable. That was a pretty fun time. And I was just called to be the district leader for our remainder here at the MTC (The one thing that I didn't want to be). I didn't want to be the district leader because everyone in our district thinks that it is a roll of power and that I am "above them". LAME if your askin' me. But ya know it is what it is. Spanish is coming along great! I mean as great as 3 weeks of spanish is. But we are teaching as well as we can and I don't ever feel like I have learned anything until I look back and see that it was just small and simple progress. Personally the best time of the week is P-day (because we wake up and go to the temple in the morning) andsunday because.... Not sure probably just the 2 most enjoyable days here at the MTC. Oh and tuesday and wednesday are pretty good as well. :D Because Tuesday we have a devotional and twice already members of the twelve have come and speak to us. And then Thursday is not to bad because it is P-day Eve. What other place than the MTC do you get the opportunity to have a holiday and a P-day Eve. I mean Its practically candy. 

Oh! HAHA something funny is I just read in Elder Hewetts E-mail that he is getting a companion that is waiting for his visa, and an Elder in our district just got re-assigned to Long Beach california while he is waiting for his visa:D and he was in my room while he read me his re-assignment. So... Elder Hewett have a fun time spreadin' the word with Elder Leoneti he is a fantastic person:D

I also had the opportunity to host Elder Butters on wednesday. That was pretty sick. It was awesome to get to talk to him and feel his excitement!:D The only downer thing is that he is living on West campus. So... Elder Christiensen and myself will not get as many opportunities to visit with him as we would want to. But ya know life keeps goin' forward you just choose how to live it. 

This week our district only had one bad moment. I don't say this to complain. I just say it how it was and just to let ya know what happened this week. It was when our teacher Hermano Voyack (Hombre de santanas) came back from California. I really enjoyed him before this incident, because he was not mean but wasn't rude and he really pushed us. :D But on Tuesday he came in after we were teaching Toby (Hermano Voyack) and said to our whole district "Do you guys even know how to teach with the spirit?" Yeah... Ouch... That was a stinger. And then he continued on to say that we can't just teach the Gospel we have to see the needs of the investigator and then teach then what they need to hear. (Which is what I thought we were doing right?) But afterwards I went up and talked to him and said that all of us are just trying our best to learn how to first try and get our message across as well as improving on our "conversationing talk" and the response I got was... "You should talk with your hands and use items in the room to explain the message and apply it to your investigator. Just start trying or maybe you shouldn't have even come here in the first place" Double ouch... So I just walked away from him and.... Yeah just continued on with my day. :D Because why worry about his problems when I just needed to keep movin forward:D But that was the most eventful thing that has happened this week. :D So... :D Life just keeps on rollin':D

OH!!! So in our district we watched some Mormon messgaes that maybe we could tell our investigators to go watch that would apply to our lessons and while we were watching them I wrote anther hunka junk of a thing that is kinda like  the end of my farewell talk. I decided to name it.


They awake... 
Feeling the void of something that once was.
Unknowing, un-remembering... Utterly lost. 
Not knowing the past, nor the future. The present is their gift.
Learning to adjust to the new while forgetting the old. 
The plan I will provide shall be the path. 
They learn. Grow. Discover.
Finding right from wrong, light from dark, left from right.
Pain, Sorrow, Guilt... Joy, Relief, Gladness.
The Choice. Its up to them. The path is set.
They walk. 
All while I wait. I'm Far but close.
Always Here. Always Listening.
All I do is for them.
Trials and hardships I will give.
All in hope that they may grow. They see so little of how it came to be.
The gifts that I give and time that's spent draws us closer.
As the sun sets and again they come close to feeling the void that once was.
Only now... Knowing, believing, and forever following...
Although some may have never really understood WHY I let them go.
All the pain and sorrow.
One day they will know. 
That I let them go.
So that one day they may...

So... yeah... Berkeley feel I hear that you have stared a blog about these random hunka junks that I sent home so... Feel free not to post the embarrassment above if you feel the need.I know that it is not really that good but.. Ya know.. You do what you can to entertain yourself and still stay close to the savior.  

I would just like to say thanks again for all the letters that everyone sends. I don't have much time between teaching and learning learning a new language... But I will eventually respond to all your letters (Berkeley:D:D)

Oh... And for the record.... Berkeley I don't miss you yet (;D).

Audios y bueno suerte hasta proximo semana. (Ummm not sure if that was what I meant to say but... It was worth a shot.) #mygrammern'spellingisnogood. 

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