Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pictures from the MTC

Gray still doing his jumpergram pictures even while on his mission!

At the Provo Temple.

Walks to the temple. 

 Chillin at the Provo temple.

 E L D E R S

 Gray's companion, ELDER LEE



 Gray still manages to get awesome pictures of the sunset, even while in the MTC.

 Elder Anderson and Elder Lee

 Look what my mom put in my suitcase! Thats what I get for not packing myself!

 She is the closest thing to a "Girl" allowed in our rooms! 

 One of our roommates went home so now she has a bed of her own!

When you open your suitcase and she is looking up at you! 
We will sign her head and hide her up in the tiles on the ceiling!
When you come to the MTC if you find her, sign your name and hide her again!

 Head and Shoulders Above the Rest!

 Your Mother is watching!

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