Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friday, August 23

Week 3 or... 2? Who knows.....

The last week has been absolutely insane!!! I mean I thought that eventually things might begin to start getting easier. But... They did:D:D Haha you thought that I was going to say that there is no hope here in the MTC. But I would like to say that there is hope here in the MTC. Even though it is not easily found. :D I mean I have found it in the last week through reading my scriptures on Monday and on Thursday was rough because the investigator we taught in the morning I didn't understand at all.. And then I found out that the whole morning that I had forgot to pray... I KNOW RIGHT?!?! I mean I even ate food unblessed! SHEESH... What is this world coming to? But we were singing a song before we started our second session of 4 hours in a class room. And I would love to tell you the song we sang but... I cant remember the title.. Because it was in Spanish. But somewhere in that song I just started to feel better and feelin' more up to teachin our other investigator that night (Mario). In that lesson we taught Mario that he can talk to his Padre Celestial whenever he wants even when he earthly father can't be there for him. And it was amazing because you can't just teach someone what is right. You have to ask the right questions in there so the investigator feels involved and will discover the answers that you want them to feel by themselves. Because if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man how to fish you feed him for a life time. So by letting Mario discover what he needed to know through the guidance of the spirit he was able to feel like he was the one who is finding answers thus creating a close bond between him and Heavenly Father. Elder Lee and myself really needed that good lesson because studying Spanish and being limited to what you can teach because you don't know the vocabulary to tell what you really want to tell is lame and hard. But ya know... What eva. Spanish has been going really well over the last week. Last Saturday we were told that we were not focused enough and needed to push ourselves further and faster and go into the lessons with more faith than knowledge. (Believe me we had no knowledge so it was complete faith with teaching our beginning lessons). But after that little lecture I decided I needed to pick up the pace. And over the last week I was able to memorize 120 verbs 17 different phrases as well as memorize our purpose solidly and almost have the first vision down word for word, and can teach the first lesson with an investigator pretty solid.. I am able to understand completely what someone is saying if they talk mediocre slow and only talk about what they like or questions about the gospel. Yes that means if you asked me how to get to the bath room I would just sit there and stair at you blankly because I only know how to ask where the bathroom is and teach you how to follow Christ. So... There is still so much to learn... I will start being a lazy missionary once I feel like I know everything about Spanish and the gospel (which we all know 2 years isn't enough to learn everything about the gospel so no worries about me being lazy:D:D:D) We had another missionary head home this week. I feel like with the age drop down to 18 boys feel like they need to leave right after high school and head on a mission. And I would personally have every boy coming out a high school to think about going right after. :D:D But don't just come on a mission because everyone else is going.. If you are not ready wait until you are. Because I have seen some missionaries that were not ready to leave their family and just break down. The MTC is a great place. Its like a purgatory. If you can survive it you are strengthened and continue to move on. But if you aren't... It eats you up and spits you out:D:D:D:D HAHAHA yupp:D:D I have come to learn that with out the power of God and the pure truth that the Holy Ghost can testify to people sharing the gospel would just not be possible. Our district was told this last week after some boys in our district did some not to mature things. That we are not reporting to our teacher everyday if we are good or not. We are reporting to God every night about if we have served and put in our all today or not. :D I thought that was a cool way to put it. Because its the truth. You can get away with quite a bit here at the MTC, but its not the mission president or the MTC president that you are reporting to. Its your Father in Heaven that you committed yourself to for the next 2 years. :D Oh and speakin about headed out for 2 years... Elder Lee and myself are headed up to SLC on Monday to get our VISAS! :D So.. I guess we were meant to go down into Mexico and convert the drug lords... Or... not. But things are hard but well. Have a great week:D:D:D:D

Elder, Anderson

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