Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Life in the MTC after a week... Well it didn't get much easier... but with the power of constant prayer and no time to even worry about all the information things have been flowin pretty well. I have recieved about 10 letters from random people saying that they are now posting instagram pictures daily to carry on the @graydenpapers "legacy" that is cool. But we have taugh one test investigator tottally and the first time we had a complete script, the second time was the same. But the third time we went in there and took nothing but the power of the holy ghost. (sounds weird but it works and helped and taught the investigator what was needed and it may have not been exactly what we planned on teaching but the investigator got what he needed:D) We had one elder in our district terminate his mission completely and another in our zone have an incident that required him to go the ER. So it has been quite the eventful week. As well as we have just received that we are going to be teaching not one not three but 2 investigators now. Oh..... Great. It is just like a maze with a surprise around every corner. :D a good surprise though. Thanks for all the letters and emails from every one and keep on pushin' while the day is.... There.. Yeah. Peace

Elder Anderson

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