Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

I just got your dear elder letter that talked about all of the kids and what they wrote to me. I will take as many emails and letters as I can get. It has been insane here. I mailed you guys a letter that I wrote after the first day... And man was I such a child. Because I was just so up beat n' crap. Yeah. Its really not bad here but it is crazy hard. I mean we have already learned how to pray, door scene/ entrance, bear our testimony and all sorts of other things all in Spanish. That was all in the first 24 hours. As well as they told us that we will be teaching our first investigator today and we have to talk to him for a whole 40 minutes and teach him a lesson. And by the way that whole lesson is all in espanol. I was so worried last night that I wanted to puke because I didn't want to mess up and that is when I decided that I was going to pray in english and ask to be calmed. And boy oh man O chilli did that wish come true. I felt almost instantly that I was not so worried and I found out that I am just going to go in there and give it my all and if we slaughter it.... Oh well...  My Prep day is on Fridays while I am in the MTC. And I would love to be written just so I could read other things in my minutes of free time that we have here so I could have an escape. We arrived here on Wednesday and I feel like we have been here an eternity. That's probably because we have learned so much. But in the last couple of days I have never prayed so much in my life... I practically prayed every second of the day and that brought me comfort. And then things changed when our teacher told us that it would be nice and very helpful for us to learn Spanish if we promised to only pray in espanol.... Yeah you can thing what I am feelin.. I wasn't sure if I can do this anymore because I was not able to express my feelings to God and what I am thankful for how he has already blessed my life. But then I decided that I would say all of my morning prayers and... Well just mainly all of the prayers that I vocalize in espanol. And the rest of the millions and millions of prayers that I just say inside of me in English... I know Ima rebel. Sorry for takin so long on telling all of ya who my companion is I just wanted to say the random junk that I have been thinking about for the last 2 days. His name is Elder Lee and pretty much is the I'm pretty sure that he is a boss n' sauce because he enjoys what I enjoy. He played basket ball for davis high and asked if I knew nick emery. Which I did. I said that he was kind and is such a cool dude. We hit it off well.  I can only think that this is the doing of The Lord because of how he knew that I would need a new compaion in order to have the courage to make it through the hellish place. (Hellish in a good spiritual way:D)  We have an hour to write emails and I am going to only take up about a half an hour of it and send this email to you in hopes that you read and are able to email back. I will be on again for about another half an hour and see if you were able to see this email.
Congrats to Keaton on his mission call!!!!!! I'm so excited for him!!!! Don't let him read this letter because I don't want him to know how crazy hard and stressful the MTC is. Let him just stay in his happy bubble of serving a mission for a while:D:D:D
This little section is to Dayton because I asked him if the showers were public and he said yes. What I thought he ment was that the showers were like a cattle shower where it is just a bunch of ment sitting there in a room all naked and showering.... Nastay.. Im' glad that he is wrong. Because the showers are public but they have curtains and some privacy:D and the showers WORK unlike my shower in my room. :D:D:D
And another side note... I went to the doctor today and asked about my ear cuz it es no bueno.  He told me to come back at 1:20 and he will see what is goin down. I tried dads thing he gave me for my ear with no success. And am unsure of where the antibiotics are. :D:D so... Oh well. And... I thought that I would just let you know that this is WAY harder than california and that people said that it would come with time of where I would be missin you mom.. Well that time has come fast and heavy. I love you mom for all that you have done for me as well as for the times that we would go and get drinks from mcky Dee's
As well as we were told that the first talk that we have to give is in all espanol. No first time english go. Just jump into the deep end and go. Yeah... Make sure that you send me everyone's email so I can email them. And make sure that I get Garys as well.
I will be on after lunch to see if ya got this. I'm expecting that you wont but... Have a good week:D:D and thanks for the letter.

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