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The contacts?

Something that happened this week that we have not seen in a really REALLY long time is that we received eight references today from the members... that was a pretty freakin sick moment. Because in this area I have a bit of time and almost the whole time that I have been here we do not receive support from the members,  but this week I feel like me and my comp were really able to connect with the spirit and be able to put the lesson that we were sharing with each member into their lives and they really felt that we care for them and I believe that is what really changed this week. Because as we show more love for the people and for the hard things that they are going through they are going to think that if we pay attention to them and that their preoccupations are our preoccupations then they are going to give us their friends that need that same blessing in their lives and I'm not just meaning two missionaries listening to some problems but really showing them how they can find peace through the gospel of Jesus Christ. So yeah... That was one cool thing that happened this week. 

And another thing that happened would have to be... When we contacted this lady who sells bread in her bread store. Because the first time that we contacted her she was not really interested and didn't want to come visit our church nor did she want to even own a copy of the Book of Mormon. But over the last 3 weeks we have been passing with her and getting to know her little by little and we didn't even try to talk to her about the gospel. We would just pass by and talk about how her sales were going and how many kids she had and all that jazz and one of the coolest things happened this week. So we pass with her just like any other day and we talk with her about the sales again and all of the sudden she just asks us... So. Where exactly is your church ? Because I would like to go and see what really is taught there and ya know... Just to get to know. And at that moment my comp took the opportunity to pull out a Book of Mormon and when she saw the Book of Mormon this time her eyes light up and she was so happy to take it into her hands and start to read it. So...  Until right now she still does not want us to come by to share a message but at least she has a Book of Mormon and is accepting little by little. So that was  just a  cool little experience or miracle that me and my comp saw this week. 

Another really cool experience that I was able to participate in this week would probably have to be when I did divisions with another elder in my area. And we were really going to focus on the contacting in the streets that day. And so we were going pretty good contacting and getting rejected (ya know the usual) but we were walking down a street and I just got that good feeling like... Hey yo bro I'm gunna bees talkin to ya. And so i saw this man and knew that I was going to contact him. So I started the contact and decided to take the Book of Mormon route in this contact and it just so happened that right where I contacted this man there was a group of people off to the side of the road (and you know like all good contacts in  Mexico you just so happened to start the contact right in the middle of the road) and when a car came we had to move off to the side of the road and we just so happened to come right into the group of the other people on the side of the road . And when we got over there I just was like "HEY HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD ABOUT THIS BOOK?" And clearly que no they had not. So I was like "come join in and listen a little bit about what the Book of Mormon is. " and so that changed my one person contact into a 4 person contact and right when they started to listen a guy just so happened to leave his house and we just so happened to be right out side of his door. So I just thought to myself ya know why not. And said to this bro. " hey come on over here and listen to a little bit of this" and that turned my 4 person contact to a 5 person contact. And you would think it stopped right there right? But HECK NO. And when I started to teach how Jesus was baptized in a specific way to put the example for us and we have to follow his example that is when the guy who came out of his house had his wife and little 10 year old girl come out looking and wondering what in the world is going on right now.  Having two white boys in the ghetto of Mexico and a crowd of people standing around listening to a message about the thats not normal:D:D:D  so when I finished my message that had started out as a simple one man contact but transformed to a 7 person contact. And I would love to say that everyone accepted us but.... Only like 4 accepted so.... which i would call a miracle in the streets of Mexico:D:D it was pretty awesome to see the spirit work inside of these people living in a non peaceful world........good time if you be askin me:D:D  almost like the story that we learned in fhe over and over and over and over

The baptism of this week.  i don't have much to say but... it was a great experience and that we were able to help this lady over come her difficulties and they are one step close to becoming an eternal family. we are now just focusing on the dad because he is the only one who has not be baptized......... yet.

and that is it for this week :D:D:D

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