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Monday, June 16, 2014

Run n Gun...Right?

i have been sick for a long time and i am starting to improve. sickness and not being able to eat make for a pretty tired missionary but i have only eliminated exercise and not any of the work so i am not very behind.  you don't want to be sick as a missionary:D:D:D 

it hasn't been long since i was standing in front of the  hospital when a man put a gun to my head because i wouldn't give him any money. and my life was spared and we know missionaries are protected when they are doing what they are suppose to be doing and this last week goes to show the importance of me and my comp being at the meeting instead of at home at our apartment cuz the lord blesses those missionaries who are obedient:D:D

So this week me and my comp left for our meeting on Thursday and we left all fine and dandy and we went and prepared our selves for the next week. But the thing is when we were coming back from the church, right in front of our house there were a whole lot of police. and we were wondering what in the world was going on. and when we got in front of our house we saw what had happened. because there was a girl about 20 years old in front of our house and two guys came up to here and told her that she needed to give them her gold necklace and when she told them no they pulled out a gun and shot her 3 times through the ****. and while we were passing i'm assuming it had happened pretty recently because they had already gotten the body away but the ****** of ***** and all the blood was enough for me. but in that moment i didn't take a picture (believe me i wanted to) but i didn't want the police to think that i was part of it. and so i finally got a picture after everyone had gone and they had put a cross where she had died. so.... does that mean i should just stop dressin so darn classy? hahah yeah thats neva happenin. :D:D: but yeah here is my small story for this week :D:D i will write a lot more the next week :D:D but this was my adventure for this week :D:D so yeah right out side our house. in the picture you can see the wall of our house. 

We spent our p-day buying fruit so we can start our diet. the spots on the floor are not dirt, it's getto life.

        one of the elders in my district posing for the world cup that everyone is crazy about here

 These elders in my district don't want to do the diet so they were happy to get the treats from your package:D:D:D

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