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Monday, June 30, 2014

Splish Splash?

This week was a pretty good week. To start off. My comp and I were walking in the rain like normal. And this time it was raining a whole lot. And we had to head to the church for an interview of another investigator of some other elders. When we got there did what needed to be done and then for the end of the day we had to walk all the way back to our house. I wasn't complaining in the slightest I find that walking in the rain really makes the day a WHOLE lot better.  So we are just strolling along my comp and I and like normal trying to throw each other in a puddle so they get soaked. And we finally arrive to... Well I think you could almost call it a highway. And to go to the church and to come back we always have to cross this road that is always packed of cars commin by. (I personally like to think of it like a little game of frogger) but this time was very very different because my comp went down the road a little but more and I was just thinking"what a crazy little man why are you going over there when here is the best place to cross?" And there was actually something that I had not paid enough attention to. Because there was a really really big puddle In front of me and I really didn't see how deep it actually was. and you might be thinking that I stepped in the puddle and got my knees wet, right? Hahaha wrong. I was thinking to myself...  "Right after this car I'm going to cross. " and right as the car passed... That huge puddle of water that was in the street suddenly was up and in my face and had drenched me from head to toe. And right after this moment my comp was just laughing up a storm and that is when I realized that i was going to walk down the road a little bit more so that we could cross with out getting more drenched than I already was. So I can honestly say that puddle water In Mexico... Does not smell or is very clean water to put all on your clothes. So probably stay away from the whole Mexico puddle water.  

Another thing that happened would have to be pretty a good experience would be making friends with some broham that works in un puesto de carnitas its like a taco stand but they sell all part of the pig. and this last week as we have made ourselves better and better friends with him he has started asking us if we have tried somethings and pretty much all of the things that are there in the taco stand i really have not tried. and ya know i thought that a good taco consisted of: some meat, some pig skin, and some bacon. but oh little did i know when he started to give us a little bit of kidney (i hope i never have to eat that again) and some NANA which i still don't know really what it is... it just had a weird texture and with a good salsa. MMM don't even get me started. but we have made friends with this man and we believe that he is going to progress really slow but ya know not everyone is going to be ready in the 4 weeks that we set like some people say :D but ya know we are doing the work of the Lord and not the work of man. 

and.... hm... we do have some of our investigators that are progressing we are trying to help a man to get divorced so that he can get married and baptize his son because that would be pretty cool to really help a whole family start the path to being sealed in the temple and having them continue in the path from which they can be not only a family here in the earth but forever so that is one thing that we are really pushing for right now. 

oh and i am going to send this picture that i also sent in another email that is of an elder in my district. we were coming back from the church and while i was paying for the ride he went back into the back and just sat like a man of success and i just thought to myself dang if there is a face of success it sure would darn be that one. so how could one pass up a moment like that to take a picture. and this is the picture that left out of this moment so that was pretty good if you are askin me. 

Haha so... That is pretty much everything awesome that happened this week:):) we did a ton of contacting this last week and not one of the accepted us and a whole bunch of other mission joy:)

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