Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Taco Surprise!

so this week i have some things that were kinda funny. 

I will just have to start with the most funny thing that happened. Well.... i'm not really sure if you could say it was funny or just plain not smart. So me and my comp we were finishin up a day down here in the land of tacos and undercooked meat and we thought to ourselves.... man we gots some good hunger right now. and right in that moment we passed this freakin sketchy taco truck :D and i thought to my self... that is just amazing!!! you just don't see a taco truck every day of your life. and me and my comp went and bought some "white girls" (gringas) which are so freakin delicious. and the salsa that this man put on this gringas was freakin amazing! and we thought we had won the lottery because not only had we just discovered this new location where we can buy this amazing little piece of food. but it also fed the beast that was inside of our stomaches :D and all of this joy came back to attack us the next day. Like my comp said... la comida entró bien. y después... salió bien mal. the food went in good and then... left really bad.. because me and my comp woke up the next day and that is when all the joy and when this wonderful discovery of the night before became a nightmare. because me and my comp were so extremely sick that we could not even leave our beds. and well.. i don't really want to express much more of how much joyful fun was that day but all i have to say is that a good old spicy salsa of habanero might peak a little bit and taste good on the way down but... as it comes up... goodness gracious. it just hurts :D so after that day we were able to get our selves on our feet and  got back down to the work load. so yeah thats just about what had happened this week. 

but the other story that i had was wellp.. kind of funny as well. so... for the last little bit i have had an ingrown toenail. and i had been going to this doctor near our house for so many many many months trying to get it taken care of when one of our members found out and saw my toe and told me that it looked absolutely horrible. and i told them that the doctor that i have been going to has been telling me every week that it is getting better. and that is when this man kind of made fun of me. and said. .. well... if that looks better i would have wanted to see it when it was "bad". and so he took me and my comp to a foot doctor  to have her check it out. and when i took off my sock she was just very very shocked of how bad my toe looked. and she asked me... how long have you had this like this? and when the member dude chirped in and said. well... he says that its getting better. and the foot doctor just laughed and said the same thing that the man told me in his house. and finally the lady took out the rest of the ingrown toenail and i have  been healing very nicely since then :D:D:D sometimes the right dr makes all the difference, at least I am hoping it does:D:D

i still haven't met the president and his wife officially:D:D i am hoping to soon cuz this mission has affected me big time and not in a positive kinda way all the time:D:D you said the new pres and his wife seem positive and it would be nice cuz it would be like being at home:D:D you just don't know what you got til you don't have it no more:D:D my new definition of home:D:D peace:D:D

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