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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Cell Phone

So... we got two great stories comin... well... ya know what i mean. We usually go and help out this hermana. (God bless the lady because she is just about the greatest woman that i have ever met in my whole life. ) we usually go to help her out deshacer queso. because she has her puesto of quesadillas. Because during the day we help her out to deshacer queso and usually one time en la semana we go and help her out with cooking all of her orders that she has coming in. and it was just yet another normal day here in the ghetto as people had the craves for their quesadillas. And so as master chef (haha lie) i took the first shift to cook the food. and to cook the food you prácticamente are deep frying with two spatulas. and i do have to say that it is the dopest thing that i have ever done here in mexico. and then i was the turn of my comp. and as a national chef he pretty much wreaks face with cooking these bad boys. But the reason why i am even sharing this message is because of what happened. Because he was cooking away and one of the quesadillas slipped from the spatula when he was trying to take it out of deep frying it. and it caught the oil perfectly and i would have to say that a small wave came out of that fryer and went  right on to his hand. and boy o boy do i tell you that he quemared himself pretty darn bad. and one of the hermanas clientes started to chew her out and i just told the man how it is. (take this out berks) Oiga carnal, no vendríamos si no quisimos ayudar a la hermana. entonces basta. gracias. Haha nah its just a joke. I said it a bit more kind than that. More like. hey bro... we only come here because we enjoy helping out the sister she does not make us stay here or anything so its really not necessary to get angry at her. but yeah that was pretty much this event. my comp has had to keep cleaning his hand because it was not to nice of a burn... 

but this next one is the winner of awesome things that have happened in the night time well... probably next to the man throwing a rock through the window but this was pretty awesome. Me and my comp were just about to enter into our house so we could rest for yet a whole nother day here. Right as we  we about to enter this man runs up to us and starts to talk and asks if we could prest him our phone. and i was like... HECK YES (because the phone that we have does not work work at all.) and when he was using it i want him to just take off with that phone and never come back with it. and that was a real let down when he gave the phone back to me after calling his girlfriend. but that is when this whole story gets freakin dope. because he started to talk to us about how he does not have a job and how what he does for a living. and ya know like all the people that i find myself getting to know he is a contract killer for a living haha what a joy. and so we kept talking to him and he kept throwing punches in the air to show us how he took down some people but don't worry he assured us that he was not carrying a gun. because he told us straight up and then he unzipped his jacket and lifted up his shirt and spun around to show us that he was not packin. And he turned to my comp and said... ya know.. you look like a tough man. the next time i get a job i will give you a call. hahaha and my comp tells the guy. Well... actually we don't kill in our religion. and that really surprised the man. and from there we continued to talk about what we do as missionaries and he pulled out his phone and asked if we could put our number in his phone so that we could visit some time and talk a bit more about what we do. so right when i got the phone in my hands he took off running! and i just thought to myself... man. this dude stole this phone and now just put it in my hands and there is probably another man that is coming for this phone thinking that i stole it... haha that is what when through my mind but the dude was just running to the store in the corner to buy some smokes. and then he came back to continue to talk to us about his adventures and how he wants to become like us and how... well yeah. and our whole chat with him ended when his girlfriend was calling us back and i looked at the phone and told him. the call is for you. that is when he took off running with our phone (i was practically in heaven because i thought he was stealing it... but then....) and at about 10 paces out his turned around and threw it back to us.... darn. and yeah we entered our house and ya know did what tired missionaries do. slept. 

and well... this is short but.... yeah. we had no one to go to church because everyone had bailed on us and we had yet a whole nother week of nothing to show for our work. but as we were walking in the street i had the feeling to touch the door of this man that we found in the street drunk. and when i touched it he opened the door really sober and i asked him if he would like to go to church. with a very sure response he went back on and pulled on a jacket and came with us. i'm not going to lie. that was awesome. but that is pretty much all that happened in this week. short and sweet and to the point right?  there were other things that passed this week but not as adventurous. 

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