Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014


So we don't really have much time today because we have to go say good bye to some members but... this will be the last monday that my comp has in this area. and then i will be going to train again:D haha as we have been going around with the members saying good bye they have started to tell me that i should look around to buy my house because i already have 7 and a half months here and after my child comes i will have 10 and a half months. but it should be quite a good experience because the last time i trained it was a whole blast fun of joy but the only problem i think there might be is... that i have already contacted the majority of the people that are in the 6 streets of my area. So i have decided that i will contact the people that i have already contacted and when they tell me that i have already have talked to them i will just have to act like that was another person. :D but it should be an adventure. 

oh... and this last week we have been in a trio. because some elder had to go home so president put us all together. and i'm not going to lie it has been a little hard trying to juggle 2 areas at once. but tomorrow everything is going to change and cool down a bit. :D Soooo. thats it. we gots to head out. :D See ya another time eh?

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