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The drowning Y the miracle

This week was a good one. Because it we got the work necessary done and God gave us the chance to baptize. But the thing I want to talk about is when the daughter was in her interview and I got the opportunity to talk with the mother. And she is so glad that her daughter is getting baptized because this lady was baptized when she was a child and then withdrew from the church for 30 years. So she wants her daughter to get baptized and have another type of life than like the one she had. And so... I talked with this woman about how it's never too late to come back to the church. And we talked about this because she was worried that it was too late and that she couldn't come back to the church. And as we continued to talk to me and my comp explained to her that what she was doing right now (helping her daughter prepared to be baptized.) is a very good thing. And that life is like the dream of Lehi and the rod of iron. The best thing is to find the rod of iron grab onto it and never let it go. But if we do it let go of the rod of iron it will still always be there but we might have to fight against the mist so that we can grab onto it again. It was a great opportunity to be able to talk with this woman and she really wants to be active in the church and in the Gospel. So.... Yah that would be todo.

And I would love to share an experience about the baptism that we had this week. And what makes this baptism interesting is that this little girl was a little bit terrified of water. And we thought that we would help her out a little bit by passing by her house the day before the baptism so that we could practice with her what was going to happen.  And so we practiced and we assured the little girl that nothing was going to happen that she was not going to drown. And so. When the day of the baptism came she was still really really really really really really scared. And so as my cock did the ordinance of the baptism everything went great. And as she left she was saying that she thought she was going to drown. But my comp  did the baptism or did the ordinance very very well and she had nothing to fear. But when she came out she kept telling her mother that she thought she was going to die that she was not going to leave the water alive. I just left and thought to myself that's funny. But that's normal if someone is going to be baptized and they have a fear of water they normally feel like they are going to drown into the abyss. But after all is said and done. She got baptized and is happy. And didn't drown.

And the other thing that I would like to share is a freaking awesome experience that me and my comp had the opportunity to experience. So me and my Comp we're at the church after the baptism of the young girl had just ended. And our leader called us and told us that we had to find some new people that wanted to hear the missionary lessons. And honestly me and  my comp we were tired and we wanted to sit there and just empty out the baptismal font and we decided that our leader was giving us good revelation  and so we left the church and went to find some new people who wanted to listen to us. Our district leader had told us that we should go back and talk to the people that were not in their house the first time that we had passed by. And so me and my comp we're thinking who we would go and visit. And an idea came into our minds and we thought of a woman who we had already passed by her house like four times and she had never been there. So with this direction of the Spirit we went to this house for the last time and we knocked on the door. And me being tired and really wanting to go to sleep I thought this woman is not going to be here we are wasting our time. And right in that moment an old man who could not hear very well opened the door and there was that woman who we had a contacted in the street back two weeks ago and not only her, but her mother and her two kids. And when she saw us she told us that we should come on in and sit down and share our message with them (and really this moment was like one of those moments that you hear in the MTC because normally no one ever was you to share your message.). So we sat down and we shared a absolutely beautiful message and they loved it and except the old man (he is just old and very grumpy) but the rest of the family love the message and the all the want to keep preparing themselves to be baptized. And so we invited them to church and they said that they would do everything possible to get there tomorrow. But. They never came. But it was a great experience because the whole family was there sat upon the couches and was ready to hear our message and it was a great testimony builder and a great mission experience yes. It was great. That's the story. But that is the experience that I had this last week.

Oh. Another cool awesome thing that me and my companion are going to do it tomorrow is we are going to take the bomb pill. Because we have some major infestation of bugs in the stomach. So... This should be a great experience for us tomorrow.   

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